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Juggalos are a gang – FBI

Tucked in the FBI’s 2011 gang-intelligence report, between ominous write-ups on cross-border human trafficking and organized crime in the Caribbean, was a short section warning about the growing menace of the Juggalos.

The facepaint-wearing, Faygo-drinking followers of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse were a “loosely-organized hybrid gang,” the FBI said. Though their crimes were “sporadic” and “individualistic,” the report claimed, their “gang-like criminal activity” seemed to be on the rise. Law enforcement should be wary, the FBI said.

On Monday, Insane Clown Posse, better known as ICP, and a group of self-proclaimed Juggalos, who derive their name from an ICP song called “the Juggla,” experienced what could be a fatal setback in a years-long legal battle to shake the FBI’s designation.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that the FBI’s decision to call the Juggalos a gang wasn’t a “final agency action” — government jargon for an official, legally binding rule — and therefore couldn’t be challenged in court.

The ruling threw out a lawsuit brought by ICP frontmen Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope in 2014 alleging that the FBI’s findings trampled their constitutional rights and caused a venue to cancel one of their concerts at the request of law enforcement.

They were joined in the case by two Juggalos who claimed that the gang designation had gotten them in trouble with police and two others who said it jeopardized their military careers. All the plaintiffs said they had never knowingly been involved in a criminal gang.

The appeals court found that the Juggalos failed to show that the FBI’s label had resulted in legal consequences. The FBI report was just an annual gang-activity report presented to Congress, the three-judge panel wrote, and did not contain any marching orders for other law enforcement agencies.

“The various reputational and personal harms suffered by Appellants in the present case may be the practical consequences of the Juggalo gang designation,” the court wrote, “but they are not a direct or appreciable legal consequence of the Juggalo gang designation.”

JUGGALO Child predator get caught by creep catchers and freaks out.Bonus! He calls his mom for help

juggalo Child predator get caught by creep catchers and freaks out.Bonus! He calls his mom for help

Look at his lovely hatchetman jersey

Nick Principe says something mean about juggalos – juggalos threaten his life

Nick Principe said something mean about juggalos , juggalos have threatened his life with hatchets – thanks peaceful juggalos

Juggalo JCW Kevin Gill kicked off keeping it 100 podcast

Firs Kevin Gill botched tons of wrestlers in AAA’s names during triplemania .

On today’s show, Konnan,DI,and Joe Feeney talked about it on the intro. KG no-showed the show.

The previous week, KG spoke about how Dave Crist backed out of a ICP booking, and Konnan gave Crist . Crist said that KG screwed him out of transportation fees and then KG buried Crist on his facebook behind Crist’s back.

KG is now gone, taken off the keepin it 100 from his twitter profile, and not promoted the latest keepin it 100 show.

Juggalo March = is a total failure – around 200 attendees

The juggalo march was an epic failure – as expected and had an abysmal attendance rate for the year long hyped march free concert

The march was easily overlapped by the 500+ people waiting hanging around hours early to go to the trump Mother of all rally

Juggalo gang member with axe – holds radio station hostage until they play my axe by insane clown posse…

Police took a juggalo gang member into custody Monday afternoon after a tense, 3-hour standoff outside the Kiss 108 radio studios in Medford, Massachusetts.
The juggalo – who police have identified as 38-year-old Richard Newton – was quickly handcuffed by officers around 4:30 p.m. after emerging with his hands up from a car that had been surrounded by police vehicles. He was taken away on a stretcher.
Major Police, SWAT Response to Kiss 108 Parking LotMajor Police, SWAT Response to Kiss 108 Parking Lot
A witness told NBC Boston the man came to the area before 1:30 p.m. and asked where the iHeart radio section of the building was. He went into the building and approached a secretary. He requested that they play the song “My Axe” by Insane Clown Posse and displayed a large ax.
The juggalo gang member then returned to his vehicle, by which time police had arrived. He rammed a police vehicle, and then threw the axe out of the window, but it did not hit anyone.
Police Try to Apprehend Suspect in MedfordPolice Try to Apprehend Suspect in Medford
Police try to apprehend a suspect in Medford, Massachusetts after he went into the iHeart radio building and approached a secretary. He requested that they play the song “My Axe” by Inside Clown Posse and displayed a large axe.(Published Monday, July 10, 2017)
The witness said the man had several knives inside the car and was also seen drinking beer in the car.
Police continued to negotiate with him by cell phone and through the car window. At one point, he got out of the vehicle and said “I guess you’re just going to have to kill me.” Police attempted to Taser him, but he was able to get back in the car.

T.H.C / H8 Club / Hate Club – Juggalo haters world wide unite

if you dislike juggalos and icp please join the h8 club .…
we are a rap super group featuring The Biggest Hip Hop Supergroup to hit since the Wu Tang Clan and Spanning the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast – with one mission – to end all juggalos.
E2X, Killa-mo 187, Legend, Rob-D, Critty, 2.F.A.C.E Critty, and Mortality Tha Angel Of Death. The H8 Club have been bounded by one goal..Total Hate against the world of juggalo and the insane clown posse. Creepshow is a Sneek Peek of whats to come from the long awaited Debut “H8 Club Volume One” which drops in 2010. Featuring a mashup of sneekpeaks from the album plus a few classics that were “Delackified” for the safety of listeners everywhere. 10 brand new
: “H8 Club is every juggalos worst nightmare, deconstructed and reverse engineered, repackaged as your best friend, H8 Club 4 life”.

Koffinkreep and Killa-mo 187 have resurected the h8 club – with new juggalo diss song death of the family coming soon

Juggalo spy TheBoyBlue91982 responsible for twiztid leaving psy has a rant

Killa-mo 187 IT parody trailer – KM

Parody trailer of Stephen kings IT featuring Killa-mo 187 as KM

The scariest juggalo internet horrorcore rapper from northern Michigan just got scarier …. Pertoskey and Boyne city WATCH OUT

Insane clown posse tryie to set juggalo gang against cops beacause they forgot to book a concert venue..

juggalo gang against police

Insane clown posse juggalo gang against police

One of the lowest moves by icp ever , setting their fans against innocent local police because they forgot to book a concert venue – here is the police response.

Prince William County Police Department The Police Department and Sheriff’s Office have issued no prior statements to the public regarding any concerns with this concert. We do not have the authority to deny anyone the ability to perform at a private venue. It is our understanding that there was a scheduling conflict at the venue, which is in our county, due to another concert already being scheduled on that date. In addition, we learned that the concert was not officially booked at the venue and the proper channels were not completed before the concert was advertised to the public. Either way, this is an issue between the concert organizer and the private venue, not law enforcement. We are not sure where this misinformation was originally obtained.