Portland hates juggalos – Group of Juggalos Is Terrorizing North Portland Businesses

portland juggalos

Business owners along a trendy North Portland thoroughfare arrived at work recently to find some unsavory fliers taped to their shop doors and windows instructing them to vacate or else face what local news outlets ca​lled “sexual acts.” The fliers—flimsy white sheets of printer paper embossed with bold, black text and clip art images of clown faces—ominously declared: “YOU HAVE BEEN TARGETED BY THE JUGGALO FAMILY TO GET THE FUCK OUT. VACATE OR SUCK OUR DICKS.” So far, no group—Juggalo or otherwise—has taken responsibility for the fellatio threat.

As many as 14 businesses were targeted, but no one—including the Portland Police Bureau (PPB)—has been able to track down any leads.

“At this point, I don’t know if it was just a temporary moment of some guys having fun or what, but there haven’t been any sort of follow ups or anything like that,” Bruce Kehe, a spokesman for Hopworks Urban Brewery, a bar on N. Williams Street that got slapped with a flier last week, told me. “We’ve been in the neighborhood for three and a half years now, and we’ve been really well received in the time that we’ve been there.”

But local and national media grasping for a motive have taken to ges​turing toward the idea that the supposed Juggalos are angry about the breakneck pace of gentrification in North Portland that’s centered around the intersection of N. Williams and N. Shaver Streets. Newcomers have displaced minority communities and low-income families and are driving up the cost of living, the story goes. Juggalos are generally working-class folks, so they want these interlopers to “get the fuck out.”

At a quaint print shop down the block from Hopworks on N. Williams, a woman named Melissa was unsure why the shop had been targeted, since the fliers had mostly appeared on newer businesses. The print shop, she said, had been there for seven years. “Don’t you think that shops like this could be seen as part of a larger project of gentrification, even if it’s been here for seven years?” I asked, glancing at the stacks of thick eggshell stationary with fragile outlines of Oregon and small hearts dotting Portland. “What do you mean ‘shops like this?'” Melissa responded. “It makes me wonder,” she continued, “are the [culprits] new to the neighborhood?”

Gentrification is always an easy way to explain urban unrest. That’s especially true in this case, with all of the businesses targeted leaning toward the trendy, glorified aspects of the city you’d expect to show up in Portlandia: a minimalist coffee shop with sharp-angled furniture, a yoga studio, and a store with a mixture of pristine vintage Pendleton sweaters and aged cocktail paraphernalia.

But local Juggalos don’t buy this narrative. They’ve even gone so far to posit that the feds are carrying out an elaborate f​rame ​job on them. Hundreds of commenters on the True Juggalo Family Facebook page have intimated that the culprits are nothing but imposters trying to sully the good Juggalo name. “Its the new gen of juggalos that give us older ones a bad fucking name and is a reason we r watched by the fuckin fbi and im sorry im not n a gang im part of a family,” ​wrote Samson Colvin. Another user posted a picture of the group’s iconic Hatchet Man holding a rose where a meat cleaver usually is.

According to the Portland Juggalo Family, the de facto local affiliate and an obvious first choice for suspect, the fliers were an amateurish ruse. I asked for comment, and a man named Greg who responded via a Facebook message said that the group is upset to have been associated with the crude fliers:

“Aye man I’ll say this, those ‘Juggalos’ that did that are either fake, or they are doing shit in our name making us look like we are criminals, they are nothing but little punks who probably got nothing better to do than make more people hate us, and it’s a disgrace to our family name, all we do is sit around, chill, hangout with one another, party, or relax but it doesn’t mean we won’t protect one another, when I see my Juggalo family I look at em as a brother or sister, and those ‘juggalos’ doing that shit need to leave our family name out of it, because I sure as hell know they aren’t a real juggalo, all we is, is family.”

For their part, the police more or less back up the Juggalo’s sentiments—both in Portland and elsewhere. According to a spokesman for the PPB, local law enforcement has “no reason to believe the threats are legitimate and are encouraging area residents and businesses to be aware of the flyers but to operate normally. We do not have any history of Juggalo activity in Portland to any significant degree.”

None of the businesses I spoke to reported any follow-ups or other malicious activity in the neighborhood, aside from a spike in car break-ins. But the message of love and togetherness being offered by Juggalos nationwide in response to the fliers suggests that any self-respecting Juggalo is unlikely to stoop this low.

Juggalo Civil War – Insane clown posse 3:24 house of wax is a twiztid diss

Civil war in the land of the juggalos

Some nitwit juggalos think this is an esham diss HAHA

Guess what nimrods its a twiztid DISS .

Freinds become enemies because time surprises you

Those who once idolized suddenly despising you – ESHAM NEVER IDOLIZED ICP – N E V E R

Asked about his influences were suddenly he forgets – Why would esham say ICP influenced him??

Violent J from day one with the painted faces quit ripping us off – Hilarious another example of it not being an esham diss

1. Jumpsteady was the one keeping the peace. At Juggalo day last year he said to keep the peace with twiztid to the entire crowd

2. Talks about how they got painted faces and want to trade places…

3. Talks about ryding with myzery who also has beef with twiztid

4. Bitches out promoting at our shows (twiztid does)

5. All you faggots eating off us (juggalos/twiztid)

6. lets see who stays on our side and is ready to ride…


ICP on juggalos in 1995 vs 2012

juggalos 1995

Juggalos not a gang

Juggalos not a gang

Juggalo escapes the evil of the juggalo cult – drops hatchet and burns shirts / cds – WHOOP WHOOP

This brave juggalo has found the light and escaped the evil and non christian insane clown posse cult

Juggalos boycotting Itunes and Spotify – #‎JuggaloEquality‬

boycott itunes and spotify

Even if you’re not a juggalo this is a big deal. Its censorship,corporate revenue based terrorism,& profiling on a mass scale. If two companies as large as itunes and Spotify can be bullied and threatened into dropping one musical act whats to stop those same advertisers from forcing ICP and Psychopathic Records off of Facebook. If juggalos are a gang I demand that Deadheads,Phish-heads,& moe.rons be given the same label. Why because by the FBI’s own wording on the juggalo gang it can also be applied to the aforementioned. Also I demand Snoop Dogg,Eminem,D12,dr.Dre,nWa, Wu Tang,Cyprus Hill,Eazy E,Carrie Underwood,Toby Keith,Willie Nelson, join Phish,The Grateful Dead and moe in being removed from those services.
Why? Because each one of the aforementioned acts have songs involving and fans that engage in criminal activity. No matter how “loose knit” the fanbases may be some of that base engage in criminal activities and therefore it all of that fandom are party to a gang. Sorry folks thats how easy it becomes now that one distinction is made. Share the hashtag ‪#‎FuckSpotify‬ and ‪#‎Fuckitunes‬ and ‪#‎JuggaloEquality‬. Share the meme anywhere and everywhere. Tweet it up.

iTunes and Spotify removing Insane Clown posse – thanks to pressure to its sponsers


Today it was announced that both iTunes and Spotify will be pulling all Insane Clown Posse songs from their digital media libraries. Fans of the Insane Clown Posse can expect to see all traces of the hip hop duo removed from iTunes and Spotify by mid-January 2015. The details behind the decision were relatively unclear; however a spokesperson from each entity has confirmed that they have been receiving large amounts of pressure from advertisers and sponsors to remove Insane Clown Posse music from their library.

iTunes spokesperson Gerald Hutchinson told reporters, “The decision to remove them (Insane Clown Posse) from our digital library was not an easy one, however at the end of the day we are a business and have to make decisions that are conducive to our earnings and growth.” According to Hutchinson, iTunes has received an abundance of threats to terminate or decline renewal of advertising contracts from several advertisers and sponsors.

Hutchinson declined to comment as to which sponsors and advertisers were threatening to terminate their affiliation with iTunes, however he did make the following statement, “The requests to eliminate Insane Clown Posse’s music from our library have been growing in size each month, it was clear that the issue was not going to disappear.” According to Hutchinson iTunes began to receive threats from the unnamed advertisers and sponsors in July 2014 after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit requiring the FBI to discontinue the classification of Insane Clown Posse’s fan base as a gang.

It is clear to experts and speculators alike that advertisers were not comfortable with having affiliation with a company that provides its customers with music that speaks to gang members and criminal activity. Devin Larson, a social commentator for the Toolson Herald told fans of the publication, “It’s certainly an interesting scenario, on one hand Insane Clown Posse and their fans are protected by the freedom of speech, on the other hand iTunes and Spotify are entitled to make decisions that best serve their business and profits, advertisers and sponsors are a huge part of those profits.”

Spotify spokesperson Kimberly Terrence told reporters, “As a company that does not charge our customers to access music, advertisers are crucial to our business model. As much as it pains us to upset any demographic of our current customers, we simply could not survive without the support of our advertisers and sponsors. “

Though Insane Clown Posse founders Violent J (Joseph Bruce ) and Shaggy 2 Dope (Joseph Utsler) have not yet publically addressed the decision made by iTunes and Spotify, their seemingly loyal fans, referred to as Juggalos, have been very outspoken regarding their dissatisfaction with the decision.  One Insane Clown Posse fan who refers to himself has Loco Chain made the following statement via twitter, “No more iTunes or Spotify, only Pandora 4 me…Why are they not removing GANGSTER rap like Easy E?”

– See more at: http://nationalreport.net/itunes-spotify-announce-will-remove-icp-music/#sthash.jJpH0crG.dpuf


Should Australia allow the juggalo gang into the country – Gathering of the Juggalos 2015 ?

Paging andrew bolt , Alan jones , 2gb and Tony Abbott-  Please dont allow this gang into your country ?

Australian juggalos rejoice! Insane Clown Posse have announced that they’ll be bringing their annual music festival to Australia in 2015.

For those of you who don’t already know your ‘Faygo Showers’ from your Spazmatic, the Gathering Of The Juggalos is the masked Detroit rap duo’s very own music event-come-‘tribal Woodstock’, which sees the twosome’s enormous cult fan following (or gangs,according to the FBi) uniting for several days of live music and mayhem. And it’s making its way Down Under next year.

The news comes direct from the mouth of ICP’s Violent J, who revealed their plans during a 42-minute seminar at the recent Gathering Of The Juggalos in Legend Valley, Ohio, as TheMusic reports.

“In the year 2015, which according to my Gucci watch is next year … Psychopathic Records will be putting on a mini-Gathering of sorts in the country of Australia,” declares Violent J (at the 12.30 min mark of the video below).

“We will be putting on a fucking Gathering, so if you want to come and party with us with Australian Juggalos start fucking saving up in your fucking piggy banks for that plane ticket. The tickets for the Gathering itself in Australia will be nice and cheap, because we love you. But for the lane ticket you’re on your own.”

J’s counterpart, Shaggy 2 Dope, added he was keen to once more see “kangaroos jumping around and squirrels with pouches on their necks.”

Juggalos a gang – FBI

A federal judge has dismissed Insane Clown Posse’s lawsuit against the FBI and the Justice Department, allowing the agencies to continue classifying the group’s fans, called Juggalos, as a “gang.” According to the Associated Press’s Tuesday report, U.S. District Judge Robert Cleland ruled last week that because a 2011 FBI report on gangs is “descriptive,” and not ” prescriptive,” it doesn’t break any laws. The group intends to appeal the decision.

Insane Clown Posse’s suit was supported by the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan. It claimed that the FBI report’s classification of Juggalos as a “loosely organized hybrid gang” was “unwarranted and unlawful,” and prompted local law enforcement officials to harass fans wearing jewelry or other symbols of the group. The ACLU of Michigan’s legal director Michael J. Steinberg said this in a statement about the decision:

“The only way to remedy this injustice for all innocent Juggalos is to start with the root of the problem – the FBI’s arbitrary and erroneous branding of hundreds of thousands of music fans as gang members. There is no doubt that the FBI created this problem and the solution begins there as well. Otherwise, we’ll be playing whack-o-mole to stop local law enforcement agencies from discriminating against our clients, when the agencies are just following the FBI’s lead.”

As the AP noted, the classification doesn’t show up anywhere in the FBI’s most recent report on gangs, however, the 2011 report is still used by local law enforcement agencies. The report details criminal activity by some self-identified Juggalos, but even the FBI’s assessment is based on the criminal activity of a small minority of participants in ICP’s fan base.

Juggalos — usually pictured wearing makeup similar to that of the ICP duo themselves — are probably best-known for their antics during the annual “gathering of the juggalos” festivals. The next one is in a couple of weeks.

Juggalos in 2015 – Still a gang

Juggalo refers to the subculture of fans of Insane Clown Posse and other hip-hop groups on Psychopathic Records. Violent J, one half of the duo Insane Clown Posse, coined the word during a concert in 1994 when he referred to the audience as “Juggalos.” Identified more by its image than its sound, the Juggalo music style includes fans and bands that wear scary clown face paint, communicate with gang signs, and listen to violent hip-hop. Since 2000, Psychopathic Records has sponsored The Gathering of The Juggalos, a four-day event in which groups on the label perform hard-core hip-hop and fans watch wrestling matches.

The aggression and violence in Juggalo lyrics has expanded into real life. Some juggalos have made the news with their criminal activity such as robbery, assault, selling drugs, and even murder. Although the Juggalo subculture contains nonviolent members, the FBI controversially officially classifies Juggalos as aloosely organized hybrid gang.