Juggalo moron lawyer attacks spelling and grammar – threatens site shutdown over the word holocaust

This is they types of juggalo morons that comes here – making threats and claiming ICP and juggalos are invisible while their new clothing line launches at wallmart….

I’m currently in the process of getting information to build and complete a research project. The way I see it so far, (BTW I’m a juggalos #educated #get some real insults #spell check illiterate fuck) if u don’t like us that’s dandy, we don’t care, it’s a huge part of the claim of being the most hated band/fan base in the world. Ur fueling it with the bigoted half brained insipial thoughts. How many groups have u ever seen go back into hiding cuz u threw a shitty made video up and said we were a gang? which just so the records straight was dropped because the FBI failed to follow proper procedure. I’ve never once heard of a successful extinguishment of any groups by being a raging cunt on a web page no real number of people have seen. Let alone comparing this act to a holocaust just cuz u don’t like us? We have entire albums depicting the brutalization and disembodiment of people that act like this yet u don’t see us making copies of the lyrics and shoving it all over the web. By technical legal standards a case could likely be drawn based off that name for a page as being a threat. It would be my suggestion to do as I’m doing, do ur fucking homework or back the fuck off. Stop spraying shit about the things u don’t know or understand. Stop fabricating your own facts based of hallucinations that uve created at ur own will of what we are. I don’t know a single juggalos that A flies around on these sights being immature and acting as tho they never evolved, equally so, non-juggalos your claim to fame in this is that were all some dumb gangster fuck-tard community yet u spend hours and hours and hours to do for all tense and purpose nothing except keep us obvious. In the early 2000’s we went underground and virtually became invisible because reporters pulled there cameras out of our asses and we went back to the shadows where we feel at home. If ud stop pulling gas on the flames I would burn out and wed all go our own way. Equally so we can make case of numerous things that people follow habitually be it TV, sports, teams, or yes bands that’s would make most people look like total degenerates. Every single one of us on th is ball of mud we call home have skeletons and secretes and it isn’t th e worlds duty to make that shit public. I’ve never gotten on Facebook or google or anything and had ICP shit jump out into my lap in some horribly offensive manner. I’ve never had an ICP song interrupt my jams when I haven’t meant it too. None of it. Even today in our heightened popularity in the media u don’t just trip over us, we remain out of the way. Its people like you that make us enjoy this music, its ur words, your attitude, all of it that makes us love what we’ve chosen to follow. And would u stop poking the wild animals and feeding them peanut butter like a dog as an earlier poster said wed stop trying to bite u and wed go back to the woods where were happier in the first place. I can promise of everyone would shut the fuck up and drop the cock fight of this topic in a month ud never hear about it again. Rant concluded. BTW. Mmfwcl FAM. Whoop, fuckin’ whoop. And have a wicked awesome day the rest of u.

Man pleads guilty in Juggalo-related attempted murder

One of the Insane Clown Posse followers charged in a beating, stomping and burning of a fellow Juggalo outside a Hebron-area home pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder Friday.

Cary Edwards, 36, of Hebron entered the plea in the August incident that included trying to remove a hatchet man tattoo –– associated with Juggalos, followers of the Insane Clown Posse hip-hop duo –– from Zach Swanson, 31.

Paul Hurst, 33, of Hebron is also charged with first-degree attempted murder and related charges in the incident, and has a trial set for April 7 and 8 in Wicomico County Circuit Court. Hurst and Edwards were living in the same home as Swanson at 7290 Rockawalkin Road.

Sheriff Mike Lewis said in August both the suspects and the victim are Juggalos.

The assault lasted from about dusk Aug. 3 to about 4:30 or 5:30 a.m. Aug. 4, Wicomico County State’s Attorney Matt Maciarello said Friday.

Under Edwards’ plea, Maciarello said the state will recommend a sentence of 30 years with the remainder of a life sentence suspended, and 5 years of supervised probation for him. However, the court can impose a higher or lower sentence.

Edwards will also have to testify truthfully at Hurst’s trial, Maciarello said; Edwards’ sentencing was postponed until after that happens.

Edwards’ attorney, Assistant Public Defender David Owen Weck, said Edwards recognizes how what he did impacted ongoing pain for Swanson.

“He thought it was the right thing to do to take responsibility for his actions,” Weck said of Edwards.

Maciarello said at about 6:45 a.m. Aug. 4, a Wicomico County sheriff’s deputy responded to Peninsula Regional Medical Center, where Swanson had been brought with injuries including cuts and bruises, black around his eyes, a broken nose, internal bleeding, burns, broken ribs and a lacerated spleen and liver. One of Swanson’s arms later had to be amputated as a result of the assault.

He’d been brought to the hospital by Edwards and another resident of the home, Samuel Schwartz, Maciarello said.

At about dusk on Aug. 3, Edwards and Hurst confronted Swanson about disrespecting Tabitha Schwartz, who also lived in the home, Maciarello said a trial would have revealed. Testimony would reveal members of the household were also mad at Swanson in connection with household chores, he said.

A shovel, lighter fluid and other items were used during the assault, and Edwards also urinated on Swanson, Maciarello said. Charging documents stated Edwards and Hurst had tried to cut the tattoo from Swanson’s arm.


Steve Miller – JUGGALO: Insane Clown Posse, the F.B.I., and America’s Last Subculture

Juggalos are waiting for the new steve miller book – JUGGALO: Insane Clown Posse, the F.B.I., and America’s Last Subculture acting like its going to change people minds and make the whole juggalo family cult/gang more accepted world wide…

The question is who is steve going to interview – how about interviewing Esham … He can tell you a couple wild stories about the Insane Clown Posse and its business practices and what they really think abou their fan base.

Old school juggalo’s thoughts on new juggalos and juggalettes

Im about to say somthing I never could have ever imagine myself saying…..im so fucking….disappointed in ICP….Juggalos as a whole really. The two men that played a huge part in me being the man I am today sold the fuck out…im in every sence of the word fucking disgusted…..thes new day, non smoking peace and love juggalos are jokes….you mother fuckers are jokes…..its a sad fucking day. I’ll leave it at that for now, the topic of conversation has made me sick to my fucking stomache.

Juggalos take disgusting chris beniot sign to WWE raw

juggalos wwe chris beniot sign

juggalos wwe chris beniot sign

Juggalo reinvents the deadbolt

Not a juggalo just a asshole in a mask, who unfortunintly picked a icp mask over any other. …. Soon my lock invention will be done and be able to help stop this sort of thing. My invention prevents deadbolts on doors from being unlocked, regardless if the would be intruder has the key, a lockpick, or other entry tools. My invention will work on all deadbolts to prevent them from being opened while someone is in the house, apartment, etc. And thus prevent unwanted/undetected entry using the doors while you are home. My invention is easy to install, non damaging to the lock or door, and will work on any deadbolt on any door, to prevent unwanted entry and inturn save lifes. … My invention is built and awating the funding for marketing and sells. I may set up a gofundme acount for donation/investments, if enough bodys show real intrest in getting this invention on store shelfs asap to begin to help save lifes. … Fill free to leave supportive comments including your thoughts on setting up a gofundme account for this invention. Thank you family for reading and stay safe.

Juggalos at it again – Insane Clown Posse-Masked Intruder Beats Fort Smith Man With Baseball Bat

FORT SMITH (KFSM) – A Fort Smith man was hospitalized after an intruder in an Insane Clown Posse mask broke into his home and beat him with a baseball bat, according to a police incident report.

The victim told police he was in bed at his home Sunday night on Jenny Lind Road when he heard the front door shut. When he went to investigate, he came face-to-face with a man wearing dark pants, an Under Armor shirt, dark gloves and an Insane Clown Posse Mask, according to the report.

(See the accompanying image of a general Insane Clown Posse makeup job, courtesy of CNN)

Police said the suspect began beating the victim with an aluminum baseball bat while the victim yelled, “Why are you doing this!?” and, “What did I do wrong!?”

The victim said he moved into the home about five weeks ago.

Insane Clown Posse are a Detroit-based music duo whose fans have recently been categorized by the FBI as a gang.

The Insane Clown Posse-masked intruder struck the victim on the back of the head and said, “Consider this a warning,” before leaving the home.

The victim said he called his father, who took him to Mercy Medical Center in Fort Smith. He had minor injuries to his chin, face, head and elbow, police said.

Police said the victim believes the suspect had a key because there is no sign of a forced entry into the home. The victim said his girlfriend is the only person he knows of who has a key to his place.

Juggalo civil war – Twiztid distance themselves further from ICP and Juggalos with new Facepaint

juggalo civil war

Nicholas Damon, Self-Described Juggalo, Wanted for Assaulting Cops and More

A Facebook photo shows Nicholas Damon wearing a Juggalo T-shirt. More images below.

Juggalos — fans of the group Insane Clown Posse — have long decried attempts to portray them as violent. But amid their ongoing efforts to establish a new reputation, self-described Juggalo Nicholas Damon is on the run, wanted for a slew of felonies, including assaulting a police officer. Photos and details below.

See also: Juggalos Fight Back: Insane Clown Posse Fans in Colorado and Beyond Claim Discrimination

Most of the content on Damon’s Facebook page is private. However, his “Work” item reads: “Being a Juggalo isn’t to be ‘cool.’ Being a Juggalo is all about family.”

In addition, the majority of Damon’s photos show him wearing or showing off Juggalo gear. Here’s one example….


…and another….


…in addition to this more standard portrait:


As for the latest incident, the Commerce City Police Department reveals that it took place at about 10:15 p.m. on Friday, January 24, on the 6600 block of Monaco Street, an area seen in the following Google Maps screen capture.

Google Maps

At that time, a CCPD officer pulled Damon over for a traffic violation — and he discovered that a misdemeanor warrant had been issued in Damon’s name.

At that point, the original officer and a second cop called to assist attempted to put Damon in custody. But instead, Damon allegedly backed into the patrol car, resulting in some damage to the cruiser and minor injuries to the pair of law enforcers, before taking off, with the officers in pursuit.

Damon made it to the 8200 block of Interstate 76, seen in another Google Maps screen capture….

Google Maps

…before crashing his car and fleeing on foot. And he fled pretty damn well: The officers have been unable to locate him since then.

Now, the CCPD reveals, a new felony warrant has been issued for Damon. The charges listed include first-degree assault on a peace officer, felony menacing, resisting arrest, vehicular eluding and hit-and-run.

Anyone with information about Damon’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Commerce City Police Department tip line at 303-289-3626. Here’s a look at a recent Damon booking photo.


Portland hates juggalos – Group of Juggalos Is Terrorizing North Portland Businesses

portland juggalos

Business owners along a trendy North Portland thoroughfare arrived at work recently to find some unsavory fliers taped to their shop doors and windows instructing them to vacate or else face what local news outlets ca​lled “sexual acts.” The fliers—flimsy white sheets of printer paper embossed with bold, black text and clip art images of clown faces—ominously declared: “YOU HAVE BEEN TARGETED BY THE JUGGALO FAMILY TO GET THE FUCK OUT. VACATE OR SUCK OUR DICKS.” So far, no group—Juggalo or otherwise—has taken responsibility for the fellatio threat.

As many as 14 businesses were targeted, but no one—including the Portland Police Bureau (PPB)—has been able to track down any leads.

“At this point, I don’t know if it was just a temporary moment of some guys having fun or what, but there haven’t been any sort of follow ups or anything like that,” Bruce Kehe, a spokesman for Hopworks Urban Brewery, a bar on N. Williams Street that got slapped with a flier last week, told me. “We’ve been in the neighborhood for three and a half years now, and we’ve been really well received in the time that we’ve been there.”

But local and national media grasping for a motive have taken to ges​turing toward the idea that the supposed Juggalos are angry about the breakneck pace of gentrification in North Portland that’s centered around the intersection of N. Williams and N. Shaver Streets. Newcomers have displaced minority communities and low-income families and are driving up the cost of living, the story goes. Juggalos are generally working-class folks, so they want these interlopers to “get the fuck out.”

At a quaint print shop down the block from Hopworks on N. Williams, a woman named Melissa was unsure why the shop had been targeted, since the fliers had mostly appeared on newer businesses. The print shop, she said, had been there for seven years. “Don’t you think that shops like this could be seen as part of a larger project of gentrification, even if it’s been here for seven years?” I asked, glancing at the stacks of thick eggshell stationary with fragile outlines of Oregon and small hearts dotting Portland. “What do you mean ‘shops like this?'” Melissa responded. “It makes me wonder,” she continued, “are the [culprits] new to the neighborhood?”

Gentrification is always an easy way to explain urban unrest. That’s especially true in this case, with all of the businesses targeted leaning toward the trendy, glorified aspects of the city you’d expect to show up in Portlandia: a minimalist coffee shop with sharp-angled furniture, a yoga studio, and a store with a mixture of pristine vintage Pendleton sweaters and aged cocktail paraphernalia.

But local Juggalos don’t buy this narrative. They’ve even gone so far to posit that the feds are carrying out an elaborate f​rame ​job on them. Hundreds of commenters on the True Juggalo Family Facebook page have intimated that the culprits are nothing but imposters trying to sully the good Juggalo name. “Its the new gen of juggalos that give us older ones a bad fucking name and is a reason we r watched by the fuckin fbi and im sorry im not n a gang im part of a family,” ​wrote Samson Colvin. Another user posted a picture of the group’s iconic Hatchet Man holding a rose where a meat cleaver usually is.

According to the Portland Juggalo Family, the de facto local affiliate and an obvious first choice for suspect, the fliers were an amateurish ruse. I asked for comment, and a man named Greg who responded via a Facebook message said that the group is upset to have been associated with the crude fliers:

“Aye man I’ll say this, those ‘Juggalos’ that did that are either fake, or they are doing shit in our name making us look like we are criminals, they are nothing but little punks who probably got nothing better to do than make more people hate us, and it’s a disgrace to our family name, all we do is sit around, chill, hangout with one another, party, or relax but it doesn’t mean we won’t protect one another, when I see my Juggalo family I look at em as a brother or sister, and those ‘juggalos’ doing that shit need to leave our family name out of it, because I sure as hell know they aren’t a real juggalo, all we is, is family.”

For their part, the police more or less back up the Juggalo’s sentiments—both in Portland and elsewhere. According to a spokesman for the PPB, local law enforcement has “no reason to believe the threats are legitimate and are encouraging area residents and businesses to be aware of the flyers but to operate normally. We do not have any history of Juggalo activity in Portland to any significant degree.”

None of the businesses I spoke to reported any follow-ups or other malicious activity in the neighborhood, aside from a spike in car break-ins. But the message of love and togetherness being offered by Juggalos nationwide in response to the fliers suggests that any self-respecting Juggalo is unlikely to stoop this low.