Abk Medicine Bag Raid Footage

More footage of the juggalo raid at the abk medicine bag tour
This is just hilarious i hope the police lock them all up and get that punk that swore at the police just doing their job.

http://www.youtube.com/user/OldschoolLo has posted more raid footage this time of him and other juggalos swearing at police .

Icp sells the same album 3 times – abk medicine bag



You’re one step closer to getting your hands on the latest release from Psychopathic’s own Hatchet Warrior, Juggalos! As of September 28th right here on hatchetgear.com you can pre-order your very own copy of ABK’s Medicine Bag which is set to officially drop on October 19th! This is the best way to guarantee that your copy of the album will be on your doorstep once it’s released! No drivin’ to the store, no lines, no worries! Just grab yourself a pair of headphones and kick back to the mystic sounds of Medicine Bag.

Don’t forget that extra Psychopathic flavor you’ve come to know and love! There will be THREE versions of Medicine Bag for you to pick up! Red, Blue, or Green? Which one will you snag? Each album will include two special bonus tracks, different for each version! In addition to that, when you combine the booklets of all three versions it creates an exclusive ABK Medicine Bag poster!

ABK always tears it up in the studio and this release is no different! He’s bringin’ some bangin’ beats mixed with the lyrical madness that could only be creepin’ around in the head of a Hatchet Warrior.

Pre-order your copy today, ‘Los and ‘Lettes!

selling the same album 3 times for 2 extra tracks icp fans are more stupid then ever also this inflates sales by 3 times making it look like there are more juggalos world wide. Is this the end of Icp???