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Their have been quite a few imposter profile’s popping up, saying that their ‘Fam’,

but be warned Ninja’s, their definently not.

These people are uploading really raunchy photo’s and nasty fetish porn photo’s and then tagging us in them,

which in the end causing everyone tagged to either get banned or deleted from facebook.

I saw in another post that they are more then likely from the website ‘Juggalo Holocaust’,

which is nothing more then a website for haters.

If it is them, their name is Juggalo HOLOCAUST…

that is a very series term, wasn’t the last holocaust ment to try and kill of an entire race of people?!

So it would seem that they want to kill us because of the type of music that we listen too, and how we can truely relate to the music,

and not to mention that we treat each other as a big long distance ass family.

Smart, right?

So please Fam,

watch out for these imposter profile’s!

Love and Respect ya’ll, always. ❤