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The gathering of the juggalos – costs $10,000 and takes up valuable police and ambulance time

ELIZABETHTOWN — With about three weeks to go, Hardin County officials are once again getting ready for their toughest and most-expensive weekend of the year.

The 2012 Gathering of the Juggalos begins Aug. 8 and ends Aug. 12, lasting one more day than it has in previous years.

This past week, the line-up of acts was released — a large slate of musicians, comedians and wrestlers that includes names including Cheech and Chong, George Clinton and Funkadelic, ’80s rappers The Fat Boys, DMX, Fear Factory, The Game and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

The festival has been held at Cave-In-Rock since 2007 and attracts about 10,000 fans of the Insane Clown Posse, who have a large, loyal group of followers called Juggalos.

Over the years, the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department and Illinois State Police have responded to a number of incidents connected with the Gathering.

In 2010, a man was stabbed at the event and had to be airlifted to Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, Ind. Reality show star Tila Tequila also was the victim of attacks at that event, when several patrons threw items at her on stage during a performance.

At last year’s fest, 24-year-old Jesse Waters of Murfreesboro, Tenn., was found dead in the Ohio River, one of three deaths related to the Gathering in recent years — one apparently from a drug overdose and another apparently caused by heat stroke.

Officials estimated it cost the county more than $10,000 last year to cover expenses of that event alone, which is promoted by Tim York and held on private property.

In addition to law enforcement costs, the county’s cash-strapped ambulance service also takes a hit, as well as Hardin County Hospital. The county rarely sees reimbursement from Juggalos who are treated for injuries or sickness related to the event.

To help offset the county’s burden, State Reps. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, and John Bradley, D-Marion, sponsored House Bill 5479, which would give Hardin County the ability to tax concertgoers 6.5 percent of their ticket price. However, that bill was referred to the rules committee in March.

“That bill is not dead,” said Hardin County Board Chairman Wayne Eichorn, “but there’s going to have to be a lot of compromising. The good news is we’ve dealt with this for a few years now, and we’ve gotten a lot better at planning, and it doesn’t cost us like it used to.”

Hardin County Sheriff Joyce Cullison said her department has been preparing for the event for months. Illinois State Police will again lend a hand.

Cullison said two of her biggest concerns are traffic control and the heat.

“We’re trying to prepare the best we can,” Cullison said. “Just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.”



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Juggalo Problem – Buchanan High School focus of recent violence and vandalism


““As many as five young men asked a 15-year-old on his way home walking north from Garfield Elementary School if he was a Juggalo. He told them he was not,” ”



Clovis Police are starting to increase their security efforts surrounding the Buchanan High School community due to four separate incidents involving assault and vandalism in the past month.

Buchanan High School

The most recent crime was reported this past late Friday night in one of the parking lots on the high school campus, which is located next to the cross streets of Minnewawa and Nees Avenues, in the city of Clovis. That crime saw four different tires belonging to varsity football players being slashed.

The players were away for a playoff game versus Tulare Union High School this past Friday, and took a bus down south. The four cars left behind in the parking lot were vandalized. Police indicated that all four vehicles that had their tires slashed had Buchanan varsity football stickers.

A Clovis PD press release also gave details of a Nov. 12 incident involving a teenage 15-year-old boy getting beaten and having his bicycle stolen, while riding along near the campus tennis courts with some of his friends.

“As many as six young men jumped him and began kicking and hitting him before stealing his BMX bike,” the release said.

Another story reported of a Halloween incident around 9 p.m. south of the tennis courts in a field on the campus, which involved three assault victims ages 16-18.

“Six young men began circling the 18-year-old victim. He told officers they kicked and hit him before spraying him, his 16-year-old girlfriend, and their 17-year-old friend with pepper spray while accusing them of being Juggalos” the police release said.

The 18-year-old was taken to the hospital and was treated for injuries. The fourth and final report also referred to another Halloween altercation.

This one came before 10:00 p.m. near Garfield Elementary School, which is next to Buchanan. A 15-year-old was making his trek home on foot all alone before being approached.

“As many as five young men asked a 15-year-old on his way home walking north from Garfield Elementary School if he was a Juggalo. He told them he was not,” the release stated. “Then, one of the suspects punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground. While the suspects ran off, the victim got up and walked toward Buchanan High.”

Officers are beginning to believe that all four incidents are not only gang related, but also may have ties to a gang called the Juggalo gang, who are known for wearing black and white paint on their faces to resemble the hip-hop music group Insane Clown Posse.

Typical Juggalo Makeup

According to a Nov. 2 story from the Los Angeles Times, only four states so far have recognized the Juggalo gang; California, Utah, Arizona and Pennsylvania. But as many as 21 states have recognized criminal Juggalo subsets according to that same report.

Clovis Police officials have confirmed that the victims have no affiliation with a Juggalo gang and that they were wearing Halloween costumes before being assaulted.

The police department is increasing patrols around the campus at night. Anyone with information on the suspects of interest is being urged to call the Clovis Police Department at (559) 324-2800, or Crime Stoppers at (559) 498-STOP.

Dont Be A Juggalo – Maxim – alternatives to juggalos

Maxim magazine has joined the JH and posts alternatives to being a juggalo they include hardliners , crust punks ,lolitas , otherkins and pokemones. Once again juggalos are a joke by the media and a threat when they group up , juggalos are one group that will be laughed at and banned out of existance in the next few years.




First Report Of juggalos Being A Gang

juggalos became a gang in the eyes of the news and media was in 2003.


The first person to start calling themselves a juggalo gang was
Email: madbaby4@aol.com

whose website states

yo this is the juggalo gang page join us give me a holla..u no u wanna join

r.i.p. to these juggalos

* crip clown
* hatch
* dark angel
* carnival clown
* weedy

The First News Report of Juggalo Gang Violence was also in 2003

INSANE CLOWN POSSE fans were banned from Wasson High School on Thursday (Nov. 4) “due to recent events surrounding the group’s followers. On [Nov. 5] at approx. [1:00 a.m.] two students spraypainted the exterior of the school with ICP logos and writing consistant with the gang’s following,” a Nov. 5 entry in the blotter reads. “The students were identified and felony charges are pending. At approximately [9:00 a.m.] students decided to protest the decision of the school staff to ban ICP. The protest resulted in 6 students getting suspended for disruptive behavior. During the protest the school received word of a pending gun threat from the ICP/Juggalo gang. The threat did not materialize into any active threat. Further information was received about ICP/Juggalo from around the city arriving at the school at approx. [3:00 p.m.] to protest the school’s actions. No incidents were reported at [3:00 p.m.]. Numerous officers from the Stetson NPU unit remained in the area of the school to insure the students’ safety throughout the day.”

Juggalo Circle of Violence

teaching kids to get violent
dressing them up in face paint
forcing them to listen and sing violent music

Insane clown posse / Juggalos Brainswash Children

juggalo parents
Juggalos are brainwashing their children
this child should be taken away from his idiot parents asap

‘Juggalos’ are a local concern – Native american juggalo Gang

“They are everywhere, but not all Juggalos are gang members.”

With these words, Det. Michelle Vasey with the Arizona Department of Public Safety began her discussion with School District staff about Juggalos and the Insane Clown Posse, the hip hop group from which the term was coined.

So, what is a Juggalo?

“About 75 percent of (Juggalos) are just fans of ICP,” she said.

It’s how some are evolving and starting to live the ‘gangster lifestyle’ that makes us want to keep our eyes on them.”

The trend of seeing more and more “Juggalos” tied to violent crimes is a nation-wide occurrence and, according to Vasey, signs of their existence have begun to pop up in Fountain Hills and Fort McDowell.

Law enforcement authorities said during a Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition meeting last week that it’s believed some Juggalos who have been banished from Fort McDowell are living in northeast Fountain Hills.

During the Aug. 27 staff development session, Vasey and Sheriff’s school resource officer Deputy John McAtee spoke with educators about what to be on the lookout for in the classroom as a precautionary measure.

“The fact that most are not actually affiliated with the gang lifestyle is what makes this tough for us to handle,” Vasey said.

“But, in Arizona, Juggalos have been designated as a gang and that’s why a lot of schools are banning things associated with the group.

While the group itself is not race specific or gang affiliated, many gang members have adopted the Juggalo beliefs and coupled it with their own.

It’s these more dangerous members that worry law enforcement. From graffiti to tattoos, many of the Juggalo trademarks mirror those of gang society, with the violence aspect ramping up in recent years.

In 2006, a Massachusetts Juggalo attacked a subject with a hatchet, then later killed an officer at a traffic stop, along with his girlfriend.

This case brought the gang aspect of Juggalos into the public eye, with additional murders popping up countrywide since.

Locally, 20 percent of Arizona Juggalos are Native American with Juggalo gang activity (often under unique names) reported on six separate reservations, including Fort McDowell.

Here, the Rez Crew has made itself known, the first validated gang that was established in Fort McDowell.

The leader of the group was 14 when she assaulted a local boy with an axe and, in 2008, was involved with a dog mutilation case, the first gang prosecution on the reservation.

Many violent Juggalos have actually been banned from their own reservations, leaving them to move to surrounding areas.

It’s the potential for future activities, according to Vasey, that has law enforcement acting preemptively to identify and handle possible threats.

Vasey shared Juggalo symbols, sayings, logos and more with local educators, explaining what to be on the lookout for in the classroom and beyond.

She also stressed the difference between most Juggalos and those likely to be a part of the gang lifestyle, and the difficulty in making that distinction.

Clown Posse

Back in the early ‘90s Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler became known as the Insane Clown Posse, a hardcore underground rap duo in a genre that has become known as “horrorcore” for its exceptionally violent references.

“These songs deal with murder, rape and necrophilia, so they get no radio play, hence the ‘underground’ distinction,” Vasey said.

“But, to a Juggalo, the words of these songs are as profound as those found in the Bible.”

It’s this strong belief system and devotion to the lyrics and lifestyle that makes Juggalos a greater concern than most fan bases.

The real trick, according to Vasey, is that despite the content of the lyrics, the true Juggalo lifestyle is about family and acceptance.

“True Juggalos understand the meaning of the messages and their lessons,” Vasey said.

“It’s essentially about family for the true Juggalo, a way they can be who they are with like-minded people.”

Given ICP’s lyrics, however, the more casual fans may be prone to misinterpret the message and, in some cases, react with violence.

The first six albums by the group are known as Joker’s Cards. According to what Juggalos believe, these cards tell of the Dark Carnival, a spiritual force that, in the end, governs whether a person goes to heaven or hell.

According to the group, each “card” tells a series of stories about how to change one’s evil ways before the end times come.

According to Bruce and Utsler, the content is used as a way to open up listeners to their message before teaching them about God and how to avoid going to hell.

With such a religious backbone driving the duo’s music, their fan base of Juggalos quickly grew to thousands worldwide, at least 450 of which active members of the community are known to live in Arizona.

So now native Americans are becoming more juggalo gang affiliated , maybe it has to do with ABK……

Ban the juggalo gathering – GOTJ Petition

Tila tequila has started a Tila Army
Planet Lotb has started the JH
this is the end of juggalos as we know it
Help sign this petition to end the juggalo gathering


Ban the Juggalo Gathering.
This year 2 innocent artists – tila tequila and method man were attacked by juggalo idiots throwing rocks and bottles.

If you are a resident of Cleveland near cave in rock you know the trouble that juggalos cause.

This is why the JH along with http://planet-lotb.com have decided is enough is enough and we are starting this petition to ban the gathering of the juggalos or GOTJ.


Another juggalo stabbed at this years gotj – gathering of the juggalos

I waz at the gathering this year, and had to leave early because some idiot stabbed me with a fuckin’ fork in my tent… Is that what family is alll about? Fuck all the bullshiiit and fuck all you “down ninja’s”… I still like some of the music, but anyone that thinkks that a juggalo is anything more than a fan can gtfo of my face…