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First Juggalo Comments of 2012


ima sexy lette and fam is fuckin al i got kiss my ass haters we are awsome and im going to juggalo isand hehe peace out mmfwcl if u dont know what this means ur not a juggalo so fuc off mcl

Alex Knight

Suck my motha fuckin dick I am a proud Juggalo
Im not a gang member so you can fuck the fuck off bitches and yall aint fixin to do shit about it so shut the hell up about ending juggalos cause you never fuckin will. WHOOP WHOOP MMWKCL

2012 is going to be one hell of a year

Are the Insane clown posse , Twiztid and Abk and all Juggalos targeted in the end of detroit rap – dmt sessions – esham

End of the world May 17 2011 – May 21 – Esham DMT SESSIONS


The end of the world is happening in 2011 , the end of the Detroit and Michigan rap world , therefore Michigan rap is dead . Judgment Day may 17 2011.The bomb will be dropped and rappers including Insane clown posse , Twiztid and Abk  will be targeted on a DMT ATTACK.
Esham is dropping the last great album dmt sessions before may 21st 2011 which some christians believe is the end of the world -so you guys only have 4 days to listen to this album before the end of days.
Dmt sessions is 26 tracks , comes with dlc and custom cover and a link to a 1 hour concert .

Icp – Worst album of the Year – Bang Pow Boom

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Music  carries many different meanings; some people prefer country, while  others prefer rock. However, I am not sure there are words to describe  Insane Clown Posse’s newest album <em>Bang! Pow! Boom!</em>, which  surprisingly is not part of a cereal’s slogan.

The album  exhibits many genres of music, from rap to rock, and then a double-shot  of downright awful. This album is already in the running for worst album  of the year in my opinion, and it’s only the beginning of April.

The  album starts off with a track of a demonic-sounding voice talking about  someone coming to perform a cleansing. The third track, “In Yo Face,”  includes thought provoking and clever lyrics such as, “Phonies out there  posing as Juggalos/But see it as a demographic to push what-have-it/In  yo face!” They do, however, let the listener know that they are  delivering “something special for you” and that “they have you covered,  homie.” Apparently, they went to the cemetery and resurrected the word  “homie” from 2001.

If I had to pick one good song on the album, I  couldn’t. It is terrible from start to finish. The beats are amateur  and at times have absolutely zero rhythm to them. The lyrics sound like a  sixth-grader just figured out he could curse and is throwing out as  many words as possible to impress his friends. Half of them make no  sense at all and the other half are just self-indulgent. Rapper Shaggy  does throw a shout out to his mother and thanks her for his time on the  Earth. You have to give credit to a guy for knowing his roots.

Overall,  <em>Bang! Pow! Boom!</em> is just a terrible album. It isn’t even one of  those records where it’s so bad it’s good. Don’t waste your money, and  don’t buy this album. If you do, you will wish that the song “Imma Kill  You” carried a little truth in advertising.