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Members of the Juggalo and Insane clown posse arrested

juggalo gang keeps getting more rampant
look at this article , they have no respect for the legal system and would hiss at a judge after going to a court in some ratty hatchet gear.

4 admit to charges in Modesto assault case

One Juggalos defendant to serve 7 years in prison

The Modesto Bee

MODESTO — Four followers of the band Insane Clown Posse admitted in court Monday to acting as members of a criminal street gang that police call Juggalos when they assaulted a man strolling with his daughters through Graceada Park a year ago.

Brandon Ferrell, 19, Kurt Petersen, 23, and Larry Williams, 20, pleaded no contest to a felony charge of assault likely to produce great bodily injury in addition to a gang enhancement. Joshua Huggins, 18, pleaded guilty to the same charge and enhancement.

A judge sentenced Williams, who has a previous conviction under the state’s “three strikes” law, to seven years in state prison.

Petersen, Ferrell and Huggins each got a year in county jail. Ferrell and Huggins were expected to be released from jail Monday because they have served their time. Petersen still must serve several months of his 365-day sentence.

All four waived their right to appeal their convictions.

“For me, it wasn’t an easy call,” Deputy District Attorney Marlisa Ferreira said of offering the plea deal. “The defendants were very young, but (the victim) was critically injured. In the end, I think justice was served.” Monday morning, the courtroom gallery was filled with young people, some in Insane Clown Posse clothing. A few hissed and scoffed as victim William August, 54, called Juggalos “dangerous, malevolent gangbangers” and detailed the pain he’s been through since the March 7, 2009, attack.

“The injuries I sustained in the mob attack were grievous,” August said, after limping to the front of the courtroom to address Judge Nancy Ashley. “I’ll never walk normally again.” August, who is 6 feet 8 inches tall, said he tried to do the right thing by walking away but fears what he might do if attacked again.

Ferreira acknowledged that not all people who listen to Insane Clown Posse are gang members. But she said the men are more than fans of the band, whose lyrics are so raw they wouldn’t be heard on mainstream radio, because they travel in a pack, share a common sign or symbol — the cartoon hatchet man associated with the Detroit-based band — and commit crimes.

Defense attorneys said their clients are just young men who got drunk and behaved badly.

Ferrell, Huggins and Petersen each could face seven to 10 years in prison if they violate the terms of their felony probation.

Read more: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/2010/03/24/1360708/4-admit-to-charges-in-modesto.html#ixzz0j9ZusOId

justice for all

Juggalos face gang charges


A judge had ruled that the Juggalos from Modesto, California that are accused of beating a man severely in front of his two daughters will also face gang charges. Those accused are 22-year-old Kurt Petersen (pictured), Brandon Ferrell, 18; Joshua Huggins, 17; and Larry Williams, 20.

Juggalos are so tough ,what did this guy do to be attacked violently ,did he say he wasnt down , was he a Richey and not a scurb … but what provoked the juggalo family gang attacks him in from of his two daughters.

Maybe he told the juggalo to watch his ride ?

icp told their followers what to do in these circumstances.

“Watch My Ride”

So there i am, right?
Standing in front of the store
And this motherfucker wants to pull up
And has the gall to say to me..

Watch my ride, while i’m inside

This bitch is new, worth more than you
Don’t stand too close, just stand on post
And watch my ride, while i’m inside (fuck you)

Watch my whip, don’t even trip
It’s cherry-dipped, so save that lip
Eyes on them spokes, i’m grabbing smokes (hahaha)
Watch my ride, while i’m inside

[chorus 2x]
And that’s when we fuck him up
Fuck him up, fuck him up, fuck him up

Well i took his life and i took his ride
And i took ’em both to the echoside
The cops ain’t on to me yet in this big city
Down a back road pushing 150
Surfing on the roof of his sweet-ass car
Wicked clown alive with no driver
Ghost rider, jump off into the night
When the car wraps up around a street light

[chorus 2x]
And that’s when we fuck him up
Fuck him up, fuck him up, fuck him up

Watch my ride, while i’m inside
You see them wheels? electric eels
My shit is rare, you barely there (i’m everywhere)
So watch my ride, while i’m inside (blow these nuts)

You nobody, i throw money
You might get some, so don’t be dumb
I’ll hold the keys (fuck you) still rollin d’s (fuck you)
Watch my ride (kiss my ass) while i’m inside (fuck you)

[chorus 2x]
And that’s when we fuck him up
Fuck him up, fuck him up, fuck him up

This is grounds to not only ban icp , but also to classify all juggalos as a gang.

Discuss your views on juggalos or give us some reports of juggalo crimes here