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Juggalo ‘Clowns’ Terrorize Children In Neighborhood

MANCHESTER, N.H. — A group of people wearing face paint and “Insane Clown Posse” T-shirts chased children around a Manchester neighborhood and fired a gun into the air Thursday, police said.Manchester police said they were called to the area of 297 Central Street at 6:40 p.m. Thursday, where about a dozen children reported being chased by a group of people. An adult witness also reported seeing four people chasing children in an apparent attempt to scare them. Mug Shots: 4 Dressed As Clowns Terrorize Kids, Police Say “It’s just these two guys, this Juggalo thing,” said resident Holly Dusseault. “They dress up in makeup and talk about it. They are an underground group.”Juggalos are a self-proclaimed group of people across the nation who dress up like the Insane Clown Posse, a hardcore hip hop duo that wears face paint at performances.Witnesses said that after the group chased the children, they got into a small white car parked nearby. One of the members of the group took a silver handgun from his waistband and fired a shot into the air, police said.A 9-mm shell casing was found in the area where the shot was reportedly fired, police said.”I don’t want my kids out here now,” resident Melissa Goodell said. “It should be safe for them to play.”A short time later, security at the Mall of New Hampshire reported that a group of people was causing a disturbance in the food court.”They began to shout obscenities at the security personnel, as well as public patrons in the mall,” said Lt. Maureen Tessier said. “A crowd started to gather and caused a disturbance.”They were described as a woman and three men wearing face paint, and they were seen leaving in a small white car. Police said mall security officers were able to get a license plate number.An officer spotted a car with the license plate on South Willow Street. Police said that inside were four people wearing face paint.Adam Leard, 20; Chelsea Leard, 20; Zachary Lyle, 17; and William Chapdeline-Comptois, 21, were arrested and charged with two counts of riot. The Leards were also charged with being minors in possession of alcohol.Police said they found a pistol in the car that was designed to fire blanks. Investigators said they believe Adam Leard fired a blank round from the gun on Central Street.

Band Holy F#ck Diss juggalos

If you ever want to gather Toronto’s Holy Fuck into a cozy label office before noon to chat, and they’re just coming down from post-tour jet lag, be prepared for much more than idle chatter about their music. When we met to talk about their bangingly optimistic new album, Latin, hilarity ensued, likening them, in my mind, to a warm, Kids in the Hall-styled, experimental music-creating beast.  (And without a doubt, I mean “beast” in the most flattering way). If you’ve seen Holy Fuck perform, you know the kind of off-the-charts, raw energy they cook up, capturing everyone in the room.  Listen, and be warned.

It makes for more of a visual, all-out show.
Graham: Exactly!

At this moment, Brian walks into the room and joins in. Graham jokes, ‘just give him one question.  He has to work for his label paycheck.’  He laughs, saying that I should ask him about the band name. ‘I would never!,’ I insist, sneeringly calling it lazy journalism.  He continues on that thread, despite the fact that I wouldn’t have asked him That Question.

Brian: You don’t know how many times people have asked about that!  It’s easy to see it coming now, sometimes we start to answer that question even before someone asks.  They usually do in foreign countries… [laughs]  I wonder what happens with other bands? What about Insane Clown Posse?  So you’re clowns, and you’re a duo, but you call yourselves a posse.  How many guys does it take to constitute a posse? Wouldn’t that be more than two, like, several? And how insane are you? Or do you just like wearing the makeup? [laughs]

another juggalo gang attack – JH is a group willing to stop the crimes …

juggalos gang

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Two teens arrested for beating homeless people are members of an emerging street gang known for painting their faces like clowns, say police.

Jonathan Appelt and Robert Griffin told officers they were “juggalos” when they were arrested for three violent attacks on the homeless, said Lt. Tim Brewer

Juggalos have their roots in a rap group called the Insane Clown Posse. They paint their faces black and white, like ICP members, and sometimes wear clothing or have tattoos of the Hatchetman, an ICP logo.

Appelt had a hatchet similar to one carried by the Hatchetman when he was arrested, said Brewer.

Brewer said the suspects were known to paint their faces black and white, although they were not painted when they allegedly attacked homeless men in October and twice in January.

Corvalls Police Capt. John Sassman classifed Appelt and Griffin as the gang’s ringleaders. He estimated the Corvallis group had anywhere from two to 10 people in it.

“It is kind of disturbing to have an emerging group that is involved in criminal activity,” said Brewer.

The group popped up on the police department’s radar last summer when a young man snatched a woman’s purse in downtown. She described the suspect as a young man with his face painted black and white.

While the majority of ICP fans, who call themselves juggalos, are in gangs, some criminal sects have formed.

Corvallis police believe Appelt and Griffin are involved in one of those sects.

“I think any time you have a group of individuals that have a common ideology or intent to commit crimes and identify themselves with a certain type of appearance or dress or following,” said Lt. Brewe, “and they’re also committing crimes such as these, I do believe that makes them a criminal gang. Not to say that everyone juggalo is a gang.”

On Monday, Benton County Chief Deputy District Attorney Christian Stringer to dismiss one count of robbery in the second degree and one count of intimidation in the second degree against each suspect.

According to court documents, “the alleged victim in counts 1 & 2 admittedly lied about the circumstances of the assault, robbery and intimidation. While the police were learning of this new information, Defendant Robert Griffin asked to contact police officers from the jail and subsequently told the police that he had given a false confession relating to that incident.”

A grand jury is deciding whether or not to charge Appelt and Griffin with other counts.

The suspects were also arrested in December in connection with the theft of $4,000 worth of equipment belonging to the Oregon State University crew team facility.

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ICP and Juggalos 911


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