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Juggalo cult members rant about satanism , insane clown posse , dark carnival and demons

everyone shut the fuck up we’re all the same person just a different shade of brown and a different view of things. NO i’m not just saying this because i’m a juggalo not one juggalo holocaust person knows why we went off into the family no real ass juggalo is going to say i just like their music. Me personally when i was in the early years of my life i was suicidal and never fit anywhere then i found icp then twiztid and so on so forth the music and the juggalos i were around taught not to give a fuck. It taught me just to worry about me and my own(juggalo family), but when i was a kid i was an atheist but then i turned to satanism in the dark times and it took over my body i knew i had a second skin basically of a demon itself how i knew? I was always hot as fuck in the warm weather but then i was fine in the 90′s wearing a jacket, i had murderous thoughts in my head about my mom and dad and shit like that and i knew i was losing my mind slowly but surely and then one day i heard about ICP and i have always liked evil clowns so i was like that sounds badass. I liked them and it came down to me listening to the whole wraith album and it converted me and then the next i was never so happy and relaxed and calm so the dark carnival actually helps people.

Violent J stole the idea for a dark carnival from DESTROY ALL MONSTERS + Niagara – DARK CARNIVAL BORED

This is where violent j stole the concept of the dark carnival from i hope DESTROY ALL MONSTERS will sue for the intellectual property stolen from their song DARK CARNIVAL BORED.

Esham Is the dark carnival thy unveiling / the unveiling

Lets check these lyrics
All we’re doing is pointing shit out to you, we in this together!
They’re saying who’s behind the Dark Carnival, the Gatherings and the Hatchet?
Who’s behind Dark Lotus, the Circus and everybody at it?
Who invented Juggalos and Juggalettes and fuckin Faygo showers?
What about that feeling you get when bumping our shit,
Who’s behind the Juggalo powers?
This ain`t no fuckin fan club, It aint about making a buck!

Who inveted Juggalos and Juggalettes and fuckin Faygo showers?

clearly someone invented juggalos but icp does not admit to who it was that person was the dark carnival …..

The first time the word Juggalo was used to describe a fan of The insane clown posse was by esham on the song CHOP CHOP – from the album Beverly Kills 50187.
The song opens to some stupid audio recording but then proceeds with esham saying JUGGALOS JUGGALAS JUGGALOS…
The way the word juggalo was invented all begun from the esham verse of that song “If I juggle then call me a juggla” .. he then recorded the intro when mixing the album – notice some older lyric sites have eshams opening line as juggles ,juggles ,juggles as the word juggalo was non existant at that time.
From that moment on juggalos have been synonymous with insane clown posse as fans took the name esham gave them as their own.
Juggalos owe their name-right to esham .

therefore esham is the dark carnival .

Another Ex Juggalo – Dear Juggalos….

Another Juggalo quits being a juggalo…..

So yes. I am done. Done being a juggalo. Being a juggalo originally was to just be yourself. Now, it is some kind of crazy ass cult-like gang thing. Do you really think a group of people dressing the exact same represents individuality? Also, it isn’t a family. IT IS A GANG. I realize the fact that you all care about each other and think of each other as family, but that doesn’t make it any less of a gang. And believing that you can actually get to heaven/whatever by believing and following the Dark Carnival….if you actually believe this, then you truly are psychopathic. I can’t stand the unbelivable level of stupid that 99.9999% of juggalos bring. I’m not into the music and I can’t relate with most juggalos. So therefore, I bid you all adieu. It’s been fun, I regret nothing.

Juggalo cultist comments about satan

so juggalos are not a cult , again please tell this guy

Somebody said we’re brainwashed by Satan…”The Great Deciever.” Let me let you in on a little something.
We believe in this “Great Deciever.” We call him The Great Milenko. We know he exists. and we know he is pretty much in control of the world. Honestly, I doubt many of us could give a fuck less.
We all await the day that God comes and destroys this pile of shit and all of it’s filth, hate, and dumb fucks that judge people. You say we’re brainwashed, we say your brainwashed. At least we don’t give all our money to a child molester standing behind a pulpit. You honestly think that because I’m not sitting in a pew letting some other DUMB human tell me right from wrong and how to live my life, that I’M brainwashed? HAHAHA
Not one of you fucks was there to take the headphones out of my ears when I needed somebody and found ICP. So what if I want to subject my brain to subliminal messaging and violence? None of you care until it effects YOUR precious existence.
This world is now ending. Juggalos are just a byproduct of this revelation. Get used to it, we aren’t the only thing that the Dark Carnival has to unleash upon the world.