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Crazy Juggalo Spams death threat …..

He Spammed this 50 times

Dear Sir/Ma’am:
Please disregard any and all documentary-style videos of Juggalos. These videos are generally mock-umentary. They are also to be enjoyed by their friends, family or Fam (Fam as in the Juggalo community) as something to relate to, laugh at or just as a something out there in the world. As always Juggalos follow a different code of ethics, honor and life in general. As this may seem as strange, unruley and uncomprehensible, do please try and not understand what we do unless you want your face slapped too. Sorry that last sentence had a lyric from an ICP song in it, I couldn’t resist. Again, no docu-mocku-mentary is to ever be taken seriously by those outside of the Fam, if you find yourself confronted with one such video, please stop the video and pray to your god to save you from the clowns. Thank you this has been a Public Service Announcement. Good bye…….BEEP!

Juggalos issue death threat to job corps over racism

“leave us alone u will get hurt”

Juggalos now attacking schools
If you like to fight – then come on through – what the juggalo family is about

More reasons to ban the gathering of the juggalos 2011

The sooner this “gathering” is banned the better for all those concerned. A juggalo does not agree with this statement and now making death threats about this…..

Fuck all you haters, The Gathering is the shit. This is something Us Juggalo’s and Juggalette’s look forward to every year. You ban this and I will personally make sure that you get the biggest beat down that ever took place, I raise my hatchet high and walk proud to be a Juggalo.


Juggalos might have a toy drive but they are criminals.


MONTANAJUGGALO expresses his views on life

sometimes the best things are comented here by juggalos – heres montanajuggalo getting upset with us exposing hatchet gear and the racist juggalo logo – anyway.

juggalos will kill you all we arent a gang we arent a cult so stop saying things that you dont know we will kill you all with axes and hatchets watch your back we might be comin’ we are a juggalo family