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Esham calls insane clown posse judas , says he will create a suicidial juggalo

Esham calls insane clown posse Judas , says he will create a suicidial juggalo

Juggalo Falls down overpass while another throws rocks

TOLEDO, OH (WTVG) — A 51-year-old Toledo man fell head first off of a train overpass. Police call the fall accidental saying he was drunk. It happened around 7:30 Friday night at Detroit and Dura.

Police say Joseph Nurkiewicz, 51, was breathing when they found him in the street, but it appears he has severe head injuries. Sgt. Mark Evanoff of the Toledo Police Department says, “He didn’t know where he was going .”

Toledo police say they were first called to Detroit and Dura Friday night because of a report of a kid throwing rocks. It turns out it was a 51-year-old man who just got kicked out of the Insane Clown Posse concert at Headliners. Sgt. Evanoff says, “He brought some beer with him and they don’t allow any beer here.”

Sgt. Evanoff says officers told Joseph Nurkiewicz to leave and shortly after he fell 25 feet head-first off the bridge over Detroit. “He fell twice, from one level to another, hit his head both times and wound up in the street on Detroit,” says Sgt. Evanoff.

Police say the victim’s son witnessed the fall. “His son was supposedly trying to catch up with him and seen him go over,” Sgt. Evanoff.

There is no word on Nurkiewicz’s condition at this time.

Joseph Bruce – Violent J – Two Face Racist

Classic moment in detroit rap – esham calling out violent j for racism and shady business dealings.

“Still Running in this race
running against these racsits
treat you like joe bruce
with 2 faces” – Esham Devilshit

Member of the Insane clown posse Joe bruce , his shady past and dealings have been exposed by numerous artists here is esham telling fans about violent j and his racism on the song devil shit.
Shout out to big mike we knew you would come back to your juggalo holocaust family .



King of the detroit rap scene and quite possibly the best natas song torutre dice is back also some other rappers like boss or is it b0$$ , poe hussian and unhappy they all will be king of detroit dices opening act.

Hopefuly someone gets some news on his album morefien…..

Juggalo Holocaust At Hallowicked Detroit 10/31/2010

hallowicked tickets 2010

juggalo holocaust hallowicked

dont go to the fillmore on halloween aka punch a juggalo day……….

Icp – Worst album of the Year – Bang Pow Boom

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Music  carries many different meanings; some people prefer country, while  others prefer rock. However, I am not sure there are words to describe  Insane Clown Posse’s newest album <em>Bang! Pow! Boom!</em>, which  surprisingly is not part of a cereal’s slogan.

The album  exhibits many genres of music, from rap to rock, and then a double-shot  of downright awful. This album is already in the running for worst album  of the year in my opinion, and it’s only the beginning of April.

The  album starts off with a track of a demonic-sounding voice talking about  someone coming to perform a cleansing. The third track, “In Yo Face,”  includes thought provoking and clever lyrics such as, “Phonies out there  posing as Juggalos/But see it as a demographic to push what-have-it/In  yo face!” They do, however, let the listener know that they are  delivering “something special for you” and that “they have you covered,  homie.” Apparently, they went to the cemetery and resurrected the word  “homie” from 2001.

If I had to pick one good song on the album, I  couldn’t. It is terrible from start to finish. The beats are amateur  and at times have absolutely zero rhythm to them. The lyrics sound like a  sixth-grader just figured out he could curse and is throwing out as  many words as possible to impress his friends. Half of them make no  sense at all and the other half are just self-indulgent. Rapper Shaggy  does throw a shout out to his mother and thanks her for his time on the  Earth. You have to give credit to a guy for knowing his roots.

Overall,  <em>Bang! Pow! Boom!</em> is just a terrible album. It isn’t even one of  those records where it’s so bad it’s good. Don’t waste your money, and  don’t buy this album. If you do, you will wish that the song “Imma Kill  You” carried a little truth in advertising.



Page 1
Date 07-06-06
This group (Juggalos) has recently surfaced… where they attacked 23 people in three separate attacks the week
of June 19th
. There were 7-8 men in their late 20s, claiming they were “Juggalos”. The victims were beaten
with sticks, threatened with a machete or robbed of cell phones, shoes, and wallets. ICP (Insane Clown Posse)
graffiti has also been present in the area… They are tagging, wearing black bandanas, and fighting with the
Surenos (Hispanic street gang). There have been fights, cross-outs of graffiti, and forcible taking of black
bandanas. In February 2006, an Insane Clown Posse follower, Jacob Robida, 18, used a hatchet and gun to
attack three patrons in a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and then fled. He was later captured in
Arkansas after a 16-mile police chase, but during the capture, he killed his female passenger, then killed a
police officer. He was then shot by police and later died. Although this group has not yet been labeled as a
traditional “Street Gang” they are starting to commit crimes (as in above case) where they are claiming they are
Juggalos, which does constitute the labeling of a gang.
The Juggalos and Juggalettes (females) have a heavy presence on the East Coast and rapidly growing across the
US with members in the thousands. They are followers with a true addiction to the Insane Clown Posse (one of
the most hated bands in the world) and have based an entire life style around them. They do not jump in to a
gang, but they are very dedicated to the Insane Clown Posse and each other. They claim no violence, but this is
not true
. The make-up of this group is mainly Caucasian. They have lines of clothing, jewelry, paraphernalia,
etc. Most that claim Juggalo or Juggalette will have tattoos. They also follow other bands such as the Dark
Lotus, Twiztid, Anybody Killa, Jumpsteady, Psychopatic Rydas, etc. These are all violent, sinister and vulgar
rap/rock groups. The Insane Clown Posse began in the early 90s out of Detroit, giving themselves the identity of
clowns to better fit in while preaching the messages of the “Dark Carnival.” The Juggalos can be identified by
heavy clown make-up (sadistic wicked-type faces and jester style), tattoos, clothing, and specific music
possessions. The hatchet man (tattoo above) is the most common tattoo as it is the symbol of the Insane Clown
Posse record label, “Psychopathic Records”. The hatchet can be seen in numerous colors. They also tattoo other
music groups they follow – “ICP”, “Dark Lotus” (tattoo above), etc., along with many other types of tattoos.
They wear dark clothing, but do like to also dress in bright clown colors, dye their hair in bright colors, and
wear Mohawks. They like to stand out and be noticed. They tag areas with “ICP”, “Dark Lotus”, etc. They also
have their own hand signs.
Excerpt from internet: “A Juggalo is someone who doesn’t give a f_ _k what people think about them. They have
entered the world of the Dark Carnival and Insane Clown Posse because they themselves have been considered clowns,
buffoons, idiots, and freaks. Being a Juggalo reflects an entire lifestyle and state of mind… it is something that is
impossible to define, even for a Juggalo. To understand what a Juggalo is, you must truly be a Juggalo.”
There is an ongoing dispute with the Insane Clown Posse and Eminem – you may see reference to him in
graffiti and tattoos. The ICP also references the “Dark Carnival” in their lyrics, which to all Juggalos is
“GOD.” It is the ultimate heaven for Juggalos, “where they will experience paradise and never have to worry.