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Juggalo escapes the evil of the juggalo cult – drops hatchet and burns shirts / cds – WHOOP WHOOP

This brave juggalo has found the light and escaped the evil and non christian insane clown posse cult

Juggalo Chant – More Brainwashing




At least once a week a sheepalo posts this chant / prayer on this site .
There is some serious juggalo brainwashing out there
Save the juggalos – Drop the hatchet

Axe Murder Boys – Amb Drop the hatchet – Planet lotb tattoo ???

The axe murder boys have left psychopathic records after a lot of fighting with them and other artists. Their images and radio are gone , what is weird is why there is no information about this and psychopathic records have not issued a statment .

From what we know the axe murder boys have been having beef and drama over a planet lotb tattoo they received which caused violent j and shaggy 2 dope to get very mad and now fire them.


amb leave psycopathoc records


Planet lotb and Jh causes another causlity and another member to leave psychopathic records.

Juggalos only defense to the Tila attack is “she was warned”

Words of wisdom from the comments

Juggalos only defense to the Tila attack is “she was warned”. By this, you are saying attacking someone for absolutely no reason is perfectly acceptable as long as you warn them first. And her showing up despite the warnings is probable cause to do whatever necessary to run her out. This is really only proving the fact Juggalos are a gang. You are not a Juggalo, or fall under the guidelines of the Juggalo lifestyle, you will be attacked. So Jon, Amber just let you know why we’re “hating”. Because your idea of “enjoying” yourselves, involves among other things, attacking the innocent and stealing from children.


Planet lotb has a new goal , to help deprived and fearful juggalos in dropping the hatchet.

Please visit http://planet-lotb.com
sign up and discuss your problems with being a juggalo and our kind members will help you drop the hatchet or get to stage 6 and stay there for good.

Be aware of juggalos trying to convert you or keep you prisioners – go to http://planet-lotb.com and drop the hatchet for GOOD.

stupid posers who say they “drop the hatchet” – I DON’T FEEL THAT CLOWN LUV NO MORE!

A Perfect example of a before and after juggalo.

Video 1 a bright eyed juggalo comments about other family dropping the hatchet

me talking about and asking ninjas about ppls whom droped the hatchet..etc..watch

She didn’t get a t-shirt and now she is butthurt and don’t trust her “fam”…

you are not feeling the “magic” because some homo clown did not give your poor ass some free stuff ? ROFLMAO GET A JOB AND BUY YOUR OWN STUFF !

Im big game James , A ex Juggalo and im dropping the hatchet – true juggalo family

Hello youtube Im big game James , A Juggalo and im dropping the hatchet.
I used to be down but not anymore
im sick of all your stuff and now i am “worried”
Fock the true juggalo family