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Ex Juggalo exposes truth about Juggalo Gang

This ex juggalo has escaped the juggalo gang / cult and exposes the truth – i found out after hanging with juggalo’s for a while i realized they wanted me in the gang with them any ways watch and learn

stupid posers who say they “drop the hatchet” – I DON’T FEEL THAT CLOWN LUV NO MORE!

A Perfect example of a before and after juggalo.

Video 1 a bright eyed juggalo comments about other family dropping the hatchet

me talking about and asking ninjas about ppls whom droped the hatchet..etc..watch

She didn’t get a t-shirt and now she is butthurt and don’t trust her “fam”…

you are not feeling the “magic” because some homo clown did not give your poor ass some free stuff ? ROFLMAO GET A JOB AND BUY YOUR OWN STUFF !

Less and less People calling themselves juggalos

another group of juggalos dropping the hatchet
this time putting a knife into the hatchetman logo
ICP have sold out and now become a joke amoung its bigest fans
Bring on the juggalo holocaust.