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Juggalos are a gang – FBI

Tucked in the FBI’s 2011 gang-intelligence report, between ominous write-ups on cross-border human trafficking and organized crime in the Caribbean, was a short section warning about the growing menace of the Juggalos.

The facepaint-wearing, Faygo-drinking followers of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse were a “loosely-organized hybrid gang,” the FBI said. Though their crimes were “sporadic” and “individualistic,” the report claimed, their “gang-like criminal activity” seemed to be on the rise. Law enforcement should be wary, the FBI said.

On Monday, Insane Clown Posse, better known as ICP, and a group of self-proclaimed Juggalos, who derive their name from an ICP song called “the Juggla,” experienced what could be a fatal setback in a years-long legal battle to shake the FBI’s designation.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that the FBI’s decision to call the Juggalos a gang wasn’t a “final agency action” — government jargon for an official, legally binding rule — and therefore couldn’t be challenged in court.

The ruling threw out a lawsuit brought by ICP frontmen Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope in 2014 alleging that the FBI’s findings trampled their constitutional rights and caused a venue to cancel one of their concerts at the request of law enforcement.

They were joined in the case by two Juggalos who claimed that the gang designation had gotten them in trouble with police and two others who said it jeopardized their military careers. All the plaintiffs said they had never knowingly been involved in a criminal gang.

The appeals court found that the Juggalos failed to show that the FBI’s label had resulted in legal consequences. The FBI report was just an annual gang-activity report presented to Congress, the three-judge panel wrote, and did not contain any marching orders for other law enforcement agencies.

“The various reputational and personal harms suffered by Appellants in the present case may be the practical consequences of the Juggalo gang designation,” the court wrote, “but they are not a direct or appreciable legal consequence of the Juggalo gang designation.”

FBI and Local police agree – Juggalos are a gang


Over 30 confirmed juggalo gang memebers

Nazi juggalo gangs

FBI and Local Police both agree Juggalos are a gang.

This is too good.

Dont Believe ICP seminer – ICP still a gang on the FBI list and an appeal is still happening

Juggalos seem to be overlly excited because ICP said Juggalos aint a gang… But what they really said was very open ended.

Juggalos are no longer on gang list, FBI admitted they never meant to add all Juggalos.  However the FBI does keep an unofficial record that we could very much still be on. – Juggalos still on a gang list.

Appeal ruling about gang list could be announced within a few month. If they don’t win appeal next step is Supreme Court. If that happens ICP organizing march in Washington with free show at the end.  Although we are not on the list, the case does have to do with the included juggalos who were discriminated against. – The court case is still running.




Why juggalos are a gang and should be treated like one by the FBI.

The FBI has as much right to express their opinion, based on observable behavior,. of any Group that draws the attention of Law Enforcement while dressed in the Colors/costume of their Group. Motorcycle Clubs go through much worse because thay are all categorized in negative terms unless and until their law Enforcement comes to know that a particular Club is or is not worthy of LEO Scrutiny.
This Group has one characteristic that would give pause to law enforcement most anywhere, and that is their Costume is a Functional Disguise of the Person. With Tattoos and Body Paint which makes Identification Difficult, at best, and mostly impossible at at any distance. If the Members of any of the associated Groups are committing Crimes under Club Costume/Colors, they have no one to blame but them selves for the developing negative opinion of Law Enforcement who , for good Reason pay particular attention to self Identified Gangs, Cartels, Clubs etc. That is one of LEO’s specific duties.
The Mafia were not Choir Boys, the Crips & Bloods are not Social Clubs, and the Hell Angels, Free Souls, Bandiditos etc… are not akin to the Shrine Temple Motorcycle Clubs.
IMHO this group has filed a nuisance law suit against the FBI for doing it’s job. Part of which is Vetting Recruits for Military Service, Sometimes the choices we make in life have unplanned consequences.

ICP fans exact Gang and street justice on suspected thief – and his car

CAVE-IN-ROCK, Ill. — The Juggalos served up a shot of vigilante justice Saturday.

It was a moment that even veteran festival-goers described as shocking: hordes of fans destroying the car of a suspected thief at Insane Clown Posse’s Gathering of the Juggalos.

With cheers and chants of “FA-MI-LY,” the charged-up mob ultimately lifted the stripped Grand Am onto a Uhaul trailer and carted it half a mile to the festival’s main stage, where security demanded they tow it backstage.

Hours earlier, the suspected thief had been chased off the fest site by a posse of more than 50 fans.

“We police our own,” said an Ohio fan who called herself Red.

•MORE PHOTOS: The Free Press blogged on Instagram from The Gathering; go to freep.com/thegatheringphotos to see the pictures!

It all had started Friday night when a Michigan couple – identifying themselves as 23-year-old Angelina and 24-year-old Marty – arrived at their campsite to find their tent ransacked. As they later recounted to the Free Press, a fellow camper fingered the unidentified Ohio man as the culprit.

On Saturday morning the Michigan couple entered the suspect’s Grand Am only to find he’d removed the trunk release button. They said they opened the trunk by hotwiring it, finding their stuff among a batch of goods stolen from other Juggalos, including shoes, shorts, electronics, jewelry and bottles of medicine.

“We started smashing the front window,” said Angelina.

Others soon joined in, and within hours the car was an empty, dented hulk. Juggalos could be spotted parading pieces – bumpers, doors, engine parts – around the Gathering site.

At one point the suspected thief was spotted nearby. Dozens of fans set after him, chasing him to the festival exit, where security staffers stopped the mob.

“We’re family,” said an Arkansas fan who said he helped lead the chase. “You don’t steal from your family.”

The fate of the car, thief and vigilantes was unclear Saturday evening, day four of the 13th annual Gathering, which has drawn more than 8,000 fans of Detroit’s ICP to southern Illinois.

“I was there when they threw things at Tila Tequila (in 2010), and even I’m more shocked at this,” said Red, the Ohio fan. “We’re not usually this feral.

But dude – don’t steal.”


Juggalos a gang in 21 states and nationwide via the fbi and a happy new year to our fine members

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment, law enforcement in at least 21 states have identified criminal Juggalo sub-sets.

Congratulations to all jh members for the fine work , we have taken the gang tag and got it expanded , so if juggalos are not a gang in your state write to your congressman , write to the police , write to judges and lets get rid of the plague .

JH has had a very successful year in 2011 and hope to be back in 2012 bigger and badder then ever.