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Calls to ban the gathering of the juggalos at cave in rock

Police and locals Call to ban the gathering of the juggalos at cave in rock

Juggalos upset cave in rock – drugs , dead bodies and chaos – end of the gathering

CAVE-IN-ROCK, Ill. — Police said the Coast Guard pulled the body of 24-year-old Jesse Waters of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, out of the water in Union County, Kentucky, in the Sturgeon Island area.

That’s just about 100 feet from the Gathering of the Juggalos. Police have since confirmed Waters disappeared from the gathering Friday night before his body turned up on the Sturgeon Island. Police said they don’t suspect foul play.

Sheriff Lloyd Cullison said the event Waters was attending is bringing more trouble than it’s worth.

The Insane Clown Posse’s Gathering of the Juggalos is over and the cleanup process has begun. The Juggalos are leaving town until next year but Sheriff Lloyd Cullison wishes they would leave and not come back.

“A lot of drug arrests,” Cullison said. “A couple firearms taken off of people. We had one guy that was high on drugs and tried to stab a couple people with some glass.”

Any town would love for 10,000 people to come and visit, right? Well, not Hardin County, Illinois. Cullison said it’s not worth the trouble.

“I’ve been a policeman for 36 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. Just so out of control,” Cullison said.

He said to gain control of any situation is tough because the lack of manpower his department has.

“For a police department to not be able to handle it and do anything about it, just makes you feel helpless.”

Although Illinois State Police did assist his department, it still puts a strain on resources that are sparse.

“Without them guys, I would have been in a lot of trouble,” Cullison said of ISP’s help.

He said the trouble only grows year after year. With a jail that only holds eight and arrests in the hundreds, he said enough is enough.

“It seems like every year it gets a little worst,” he said.

If he had any choice in the matter, he never wants them to return.

“Have it somewhere else,” he said. “We can’t handle it in Hardin County.”

Local 6 tried to talk to event organizers and the owner of Hog-Rock Campgrounds. They said they don’t speak to the media and asked us to leave the property immediatly.

Again, police say they don’t suspect foul play in Waters’ death. They’ll release the official cause of death after an autopsy and toxicology reports.

Feel Safe Juggalos – Gathering of the Juggalos — LESS Security This Year

After last year’s attacks of Tila Tequila and Method Man, you’d think the Gathering of the Juggalos would INCREASE security. Not only would you be wrong, but they’re doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.

Violent J from the Insane Clown Posse (the group behind the annual festival) tells TMZ … ICP feels the TALENT was to blame for last year’s violence … because they incited the crowd while onstage.

Mr. J believes the performers lined up for the 2011 festival have “mad respect” for the juggalos … and won’t make the same mistake.

In fact, the group is SOOOOOO confident the juggalos will remain peaceful, they’ve only booked a small group of private security guards to work the event … and have NOT asked for help from local police.

The event is scheduled to go down from August 11-14 in Cave-In-Rock, IL — and the lineup includes Charlie Sheen, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

What are the chances all 3 walk away from the event unscathed?



Are juggalos threatening to attack Mc Hammer like they Did to Tila Teqila at the gathering?

Juggalos have been talking about throwing stuff at mc hammer on various websites and now tmz is reporting it
i would not be supprised if mc hammer and mick foley are the targets this year.


MC Hammer — Juggalo Death Wish
6/7/2011 12:45 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

MC Hammer is risking serious bodily injury — because the rapper has agreed to perform at the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos … just one year after TWO performers were brutally attacked by fans.

The Insane Clown Posse — the group behind the GOJ — just announced the return of the 4-day concert via YouTube … with a line-up that includes MC Hammer, Psycho Jesus, and Lil Wyte.

Tila Tequila and Method Man were featured performers at last year’s Gathering — but each left the stage dripping with blood after fans went ballistic … and pelted them with rocks and beer cans.

The concert is set to go down in August — leaving Hammer with a whole 2 months to change his mind … unless he really needs the money.

Allegedly underground concert Gotj on SNL

the so called underground concert the gathering of the juggalos is again parodied on SNL – ICP IS STILL REPPING THE UNDERGROUND YO

Juggalos are played for fools.


Charlie sheen at the gathering ???

The current rumer is charlie sheen will be attending the gathering. I hope they give him a tila tequila welcome.

Juggalos planning to go to Gathering of the juggalos

Just saw this cool comment so i will repost it , it complete destroys the notion of juggalo family , the gathering of the juggalos and the so called myth of juggalo population world wide.

So out of the entire national population (307,006,550 in 2009) there are more then 153,503,275 juggalos? There would have to be to think that there are more of you then the social norm. If this were so, you would be considered a cult. Or a complete social class like Caucasian and latino. The “huge amount of you” would refer the loose structure of morons who listen to a commercialized band who tell you need to be a family, yet charges you $175.00 to see a shitty concert to which you needed to save your nickles and dimes to go see only to have another $100-150.00 charge for a vehicle. This is for your typical free spot. If you want to be a big spender you can always pay $400.00 for a site. That has one electrical outlet. And a shared source of water. Do you see anyone there performing in those types of places? Of Course You Do Not. They are sitting in their 5 Star rated hotels and multi million dollar RVs that your taco bell wage bought for them. Nor do you not realize that when they want to call it quits, they will be set for life. You on the other hand will still be supporting yourself on welfare and looking back on the good ole days when there was a so called family. But that family will be long gone. They will have all moved on with whatever paths that they will take, whether that is to join the JH that they themselves hated during this period, all because they finally realized that they will not make it in life any other way. We will be there to hire you as the lowest paid person in the building and laugh at the company party when you get too drunk off of our purchased liquor and someone sees your tattoos. It is something we will not relinquish until the day you come in and admit how much of a moron you were in your past. By this point I would have felt sorry enough to let you become my assistant. By doing so and taking the increase in wage of $1.89 will become my slave. You will not leave this job because it is getting you the etra double cheeseburger you want.

Completely destroyed juggalos . JUGGALOWNED

Mongols Motorcycle Club to attend gathering of the juggalos ?? OH HO


And to KM, crack some skulls when you get to the gathering. Throw those ******** out one by one! I’m gonna make it to the Gathering one way or another!

I’m not coming alone. It turns out Esham owes some money to a gang in Cali known as the Mongols over a weed deal that ended with esham underpaying them.

Looks like juggalos have invited the Mongols outlaw motorcycle club to attend the gathering and look for a fight. Have juggalos planned massive violence at this years gathering ????

Ban the gathering

Juggalos gloat over Hardin County new sheriff Lloyd “Smokey” Cullison

juggalos are already gloating over the new sheriff in HARDIN CO

Sheriff-elect Lloyd “Smokey” Cullison

HARDIN CO.—Coming as somewhat of a surprise, albeit a pleasant one, was the emergence of an Independent candidate as sheriff in one of Illinois’ southernmost counties, Hardin.

There, sheriff Tom Seiner was placed into lame duck status back in the February Primary. Running on his party ticket was Jerry Fricker; opposing him was coroner Roger Little.

Over the summer, Deputy Lloyd “Smokey” Cullison opted to run, and threw his hat in the ring as an Independent.

When Disclosure talked to him last month, Smokey said that, having worked for Seiner, whom he considered a fine sheriff, he wanted to continue on with that administration’s way of doing things.

Apparently, the citizens of Hardin agreed, and of the 2,194 ballots cast, 949 of them voted for Smokey (who got his nickname after working for the Forestry Service a few decades back, appearing at area schools in a Smokey the Bear costume), solidly placing him in office. Fricker garnered 802 votes; Little, whom the more vocal of Hardin’s residents declared for months was THE candidate to take the election, obtained only 424 votes.

Perhaps several hundred voters remembered the little incident a few years ago involving Little and another man, who allegedly threw Mark English and another boy into a basement hole of an abandoned house…bound and zipped up in the coroner’s body bags…after the boys allegedly came across some pot plants being grown by the then-sheriff and coroner (shades of Raymond Martin…lotsa that going on in deep South Counties, just sayin).

So, congratulations to Hardin! Smokey is well-liked and will make a fine sheriff.

Check out juggalos gloating about the appointment of Lloyd “Smokey” Cullison – hopefully he will help stop the juggalo problem from spreading.

”  Local Sheriff of Hardin County Tom Seiner was someone who was always against the event.  Well he is no longer the sheriff after this last election.”  

So what does this mean to the average juggalo?

When Disclosure talked to him last month, Smokey said that, having worked for Seiner, whom he considered a fine sheriff, he wanted to continue on with that administration’s way of doing things.

Juggalos gloat over new Sheriff in town! (GoTJ 2011)

12 Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial 2011 Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial

12 Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial 2011 Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial

dont listen or watch if you aint a juggalo – this aint for you!!!!!!!
What you need to know about the Gathering Of The Juggalos 2010 lineup and so much more.
Secret Information by Violent J on the plans for the 2010 and 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos – GOTJ2010 GOTJ2011