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T.H.C / H8 Club / Hate Club – Juggalo haters world wide unite

if you dislike juggalos and icp please join the h8 club .
we are a rap super group featuring The Biggest Hip Hop Supergroup to hit since the Wu Tang Clan and Spanning the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast – with one mission – to end all juggalos.
E2X, Killa-mo 187, Legend, Rob-D, Critty, 2.F.A.C.E Critty, and Mortality Tha Angel Of Death. The H8 Club have been bounded by one goal..Total Hate against the world of juggalo and the insane clown posse. Creepshow is a Sneek Peek of whats to come from the long awaited Debut “H8 Club Volume One” which drops in 2010. Featuring a mashup of sneekpeaks from the album plus a few classics that were “Delackified” for the safety of listeners everywhere. 10 brand new
: “H8 Club is every juggalos worst nightmare, deconstructed and reverse engineered, repackaged as your best friend, H8 Club 4 life”.

Koffinkreep and Killa-mo 187 have resurected the h8 club – with new juggalo diss song death of the family coming soon

Should juggalos be allowed to have children?

Just a quick video showing youtube how juggalos are bad parents
look at how these poor kids are getting treated by parents with violent lyrics , face paint on innocent helpless children and unhealthy faygo poured down their throats , all because some band told them too.
clearly juggalos keep your musical crap from your children and give them a shot at life instead of taking them down to the gutter with you – just look at Anabelle Lotus.
JH will be running a orphanage for all juggalo children.

Juggalo holocaust – The album H8 Club


h8 club kill everyone back on top
h8 club kill everyone back on top back

shout outs to the crime family

Killa mo 187 , Rob D , King Rage , Critty , 2.F.A.C.E , Big Kurt , Rancid Child , EkX, Legend Kontract Killas and MiStA_mEnAcE

One of the biggest supergroups to hit rap since the Wu Tang Clan and La Coka Nostra.
The H8 Club mixes all styles of Hip Hop music and have banded together to bring Hip Hop back to it’s Roots

On a short video clip posted on YouTube, Killa mo took time out
from a studio session to speak on the upcoming
collaboration, entitled Hyrule Hyphy. “It’s
official, I got the album coming this summer,” he said.
“H8 Club Juggalo Holocaust,Kill Everyone Back on top. gonna be
crazy, y’all gonna love it like my step dads blazer.

Its out

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Track Listing

01 01:04 H8 Club – Warning to Juggalos
02 01.16 H8 Club – Rob D and Rancid Discuss Album
03 01:35 H8 Club – Kill the Server
04 00:08 H8 Club – Dont Mess With JH Ft. King Rage
05 01.08 H8 Club – Cowardz Juggalo Holocaust Remix
06 00:43 H8 Club – Juggalos on youtube ft. King Rage
07 02:47 H8 Club – Race war Ft Killa mo 188 and 186
08 04:02 H8 Club – Volume 1 Sampler


Big Kurts Warning to all juggalos in Massachusetts

Attention all juggalos and juggaletees in Brockton , Taunton and Boston Massachusetts.
My Name is Big Kurt – AKA Big HURT Im a loyal member of the juggalo holocaust and im coming for you if i see you im hitting you , wherever at the gathering at your concerts its on at anabel lotus funeral i dont care.
men or woman , boy or girl , invalid or baby i will kick your asses if your a juggalo or juggalette .

big kurt juggalo warning warning to juggalos fight juggalos juggalo gang Boston Massachusetts Brockton Taunton

i aint playin http://www.myspace.com/bigk508

Hate Club / H8 Club – Juggalo hate group

h8 club - juggalo hate

Brand new hate group for all things anti juggalo and insane clown posse. The Hate Club / H8 Club