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The gathering of the juggalos – costs $10,000 and takes up valuable police and ambulance time

ELIZABETHTOWN — With about three weeks to go, Hardin County officials are once again getting ready for their toughest and most-expensive weekend of the year.

The 2012 Gathering of the Juggalos begins Aug. 8 and ends Aug. 12, lasting one more day than it has in previous years.

This past week, the line-up of acts was released — a large slate of musicians, comedians and wrestlers that includes names including Cheech and Chong, George Clinton and Funkadelic, ’80s rappers The Fat Boys, DMX, Fear Factory, The Game and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

The festival has been held at Cave-In-Rock since 2007 and attracts about 10,000 fans of the Insane Clown Posse, who have a large, loyal group of followers called Juggalos.

Over the years, the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department and Illinois State Police have responded to a number of incidents connected with the Gathering.

In 2010, a man was stabbed at the event and had to be airlifted to Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, Ind. Reality show star Tila Tequila also was the victim of attacks at that event, when several patrons threw items at her on stage during a performance.

At last year’s fest, 24-year-old Jesse Waters of Murfreesboro, Tenn., was found dead in the Ohio River, one of three deaths related to the Gathering in recent years — one apparently from a drug overdose and another apparently caused by heat stroke.

Officials estimated it cost the county more than $10,000 last year to cover expenses of that event alone, which is promoted by Tim York and held on private property.

In addition to law enforcement costs, the county’s cash-strapped ambulance service also takes a hit, as well as Hardin County Hospital. The county rarely sees reimbursement from Juggalos who are treated for injuries or sickness related to the event.

To help offset the county’s burden, State Reps. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, and John Bradley, D-Marion, sponsored House Bill 5479, which would give Hardin County the ability to tax concertgoers 6.5 percent of their ticket price. However, that bill was referred to the rules committee in March.

“That bill is not dead,” said Hardin County Board Chairman Wayne Eichorn, “but there’s going to have to be a lot of compromising. The good news is we’ve dealt with this for a few years now, and we’ve gotten a lot better at planning, and it doesn’t cost us like it used to.”

Hardin County Sheriff Joyce Cullison said her department has been preparing for the event for months. Illinois State Police will again lend a hand.

Cullison said two of her biggest concerns are traffic control and the heat.

“We’re trying to prepare the best we can,” Cullison said. “Just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.”



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more harassment and plotting by juggalos against hardin county and sherrif

Hardin County – New Sheriff

Wow juggalos at true juggalo family will swoop to lower levels calling police and the fine people of Hardin County racist then crying about police presence at the drug and violence fueled event, keep it up juggalos , the fine police allow your stupid gathering to go on , soon however it will be banned.

Hardin County – New Sheriff

Juggalos gloat over Hardin County new sheriff Lloyd “Smokey” Cullison

juggalos are already gloating over the new sheriff in HARDIN CO

Sheriff-elect Lloyd “Smokey” Cullison

HARDIN CO.—Coming as somewhat of a surprise, albeit a pleasant one, was the emergence of an Independent candidate as sheriff in one of Illinois’ southernmost counties, Hardin.

There, sheriff Tom Seiner was placed into lame duck status back in the February Primary. Running on his party ticket was Jerry Fricker; opposing him was coroner Roger Little.

Over the summer, Deputy Lloyd “Smokey” Cullison opted to run, and threw his hat in the ring as an Independent.

When Disclosure talked to him last month, Smokey said that, having worked for Seiner, whom he considered a fine sheriff, he wanted to continue on with that administration’s way of doing things.

Apparently, the citizens of Hardin agreed, and of the 2,194 ballots cast, 949 of them voted for Smokey (who got his nickname after working for the Forestry Service a few decades back, appearing at area schools in a Smokey the Bear costume), solidly placing him in office. Fricker garnered 802 votes; Little, whom the more vocal of Hardin’s residents declared for months was THE candidate to take the election, obtained only 424 votes.

Perhaps several hundred voters remembered the little incident a few years ago involving Little and another man, who allegedly threw Mark English and another boy into a basement hole of an abandoned house…bound and zipped up in the coroner’s body bags…after the boys allegedly came across some pot plants being grown by the then-sheriff and coroner (shades of Raymond Martin…lotsa that going on in deep South Counties, just sayin).

So, congratulations to Hardin! Smokey is well-liked and will make a fine sheriff.

Check out juggalos gloating about the appointment of Lloyd “Smokey” Cullison – hopefully he will help stop the juggalo problem from spreading.

”  Local Sheriff of Hardin County Tom Seiner was someone who was always against the event.  Well he is no longer the sheriff after this last election.”  

So what does this mean to the average juggalo?

When Disclosure talked to him last month, Smokey said that, having worked for Seiner, whom he considered a fine sheriff, he wanted to continue on with that administration’s way of doing things.

Juggalos gloat over new Sheriff in town! (GoTJ 2011)

Shane Barnett a victim to society or other causes

Concert-goer’s body found in dry creek bed

LAMB – A Hardin County search party found the body of Raymond Shane Barnett, 30, Indianapolis Thursday in the area of Hillcrest Baptist Camp, on the same road as the Hog Rock Campground, according to Barnett’s mother, Debbie Hanks.

Hanks notified the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department after Barnett had not returned home with his friends after The Gathering of the Juggalo’s music festival ended Sunday.

He was found in a dry creek bed about two miles from the Saline River, Hardin County Coroner Roger Little said. He was sitting in the creek bed and had taken off at least some of his clothes, indicating he might have been trying to cool off, Little said.

“They told me he just laid down and took his shoes off and his shirt off like he was trying to get cooler,” Hanks said.

Barnett had been taken from the festival grounds by ambulance to Hardin County Hospital for treatment of heat exhaustion on 1:42 p.m. Saturday.

Hanks said hospital staff used IVs to rehydrate Barnett, and he was released about two hours later after telling the staff he felt better.

Hardin County Sheriff Tom Seiner had one of his deputies pick Barnett up at the hospital and return him to the festival where his friends and his ride were, but Barnett never made contact with his friends.

Seiner said the deputy dropped Barnett off at the Hog Rock gate with a security guard with Tenable Security. Hanks understands Barnett did not enter the festival grounds, but instead walked up the road.

“A guy did say yesterday he saw the sheriff drop him off at the gate, then he walked up the road,” Hanks said.

She believes Barnett was in a state of delirium due to heat exhaustion.

Although an autopsy had not been performed by press time, Hardin County Coroner Roger Little indicated it looks as though dehydration and heat may have played a factor in the death. He is not yet sure whether heat is the sole factor.

The autopsy was to take place 1 p.m. Friday at the Vanderburgh County, Ind., morgue.

“The sheriff said he had to tell him four times to buckle his seat belt and he was mumbling to himself under his breath on the ride. That says to me he wasn’t in any shape (to be released from the hospital),” Hanks said.

Illinois State Police are investigating Barnett’s death, Hanks said.

Hanks said it was out of character for Barnett not to have buckled his seat belt when told by the deputy because he was always cautious and compliant when interacting with authority figures.

Barnett indicated at the hospital he had not eaten in three days, Little said.

Barnett was a musician performing in at least three dark metal bands, according to Barnett’s Web site. Hanks said one of his bands was Block-head, based in Indianapolis.

“He had a big heart,” Hanks said.

Illinois Police Investigating Tila Tequila ‘Attack’

Great news , i hope juggalos and icp  are charged for this – especialy how tila was set up as this years bubba sparxxx award winner .

Illinois police are investigating allegations TILA TEQUILA was attacked while performing at a music festival in the state, after the reality star accused revellers of pelting her with beer bottles and fire crackers.

The star, real name Tila Nguyen, recently released pictures of her bruised and bloodied face, claiming the injuries were the result of a prolonged attack when she was rapping at the Gathering of the Juggalos event, which began on Thursday (12Aug10).

The 28 year old, who is reportedly planning to file suit against event organisers, told TMZ.com she fled the stage only to be followed by several revellers who were “trying to kill” her.

Hardin County police were called to calm the situation, and Sheriff Tom Seiner admits “things got out of hand” during the festival.

Seiner tells the website deputies were not on scene at the time of the star’s reported incident because they were already responding to reports of a stabbing.

TMZ.com has obtained a video of the incident, in which Tequila is seemingly being protected by four security guards as members of the crowd hurl liquid-filled bottles and other missiles at her during the set.

A spokesperson for the event had not returned requests for comment as WENN went to press.

Juggalo Gathering Turns Violent

HARDIN COUNTY–For thousands of fans of the Insane Clown Posse, the gathering of the Juggalos is a once a year event that brings followers together like a family.

“We all have each other’s back you know,” said Juggalo Kay Senenorai. “If any of us have any problems, we’re all there for each other, and that’s what its about, it’s about support and showing love to anyone.”

But it doesn’t have the same meaning for local law enforcement, who are always busy when ten-thousand Juggalos are in town.

“The population is tripled, that’s why we have to beef up the policing that we do, and we have to hire other officers from surrounding communities,” said Hardin County Sheriff Tom Seiner.

Within the last three days, Seiner says authorities have made twenty-five arrests of people in the area for the gathering. And to make matters worse, they’ve had to cut back this year due to finances.

“We’ve had a mobile command center near the Hog Rock Campgrounds in years past, and this year just because of financial constraints, we were not able to have a command center there, so we’ve been working out of the sheriff’s department throughout the event this year,” Seiner said.

According to the sheriff, many of this years arrests have been drug related, but Friday night things got physical. Seiner says just after midnight, 49 year old Mark Rice of Georgia stabbed a man in the abdomen at the campgrounds. From there, the situation got even worse when police arrived on scene.

The concert goers were shouting obscenities toward the police as we went into the campgrounds,” said Seiner. “The security guards, they surrounded the patrol cars, they kept the fans at bay during that time so we could extricate the victim.”

Rice is in custody for aggravated battery with a weapon, and the victim is in an Evansville hospital in stable condition. And although this isn’t the first act of violence at the gathering over the years, Juggalos say it’s not what they stand for.

“Unfortunately you’re always going to have some people who just follow the herd or whatever, and don’t really get what it’s actually about,” Senenorai said.

Another interesting note that Seiner shared, is that one of the concert performers, reality television star Tila Tequila even filed a complaint.
Stating that when she got on stage, members of the crowd threw not only rocks at her resulting in an injury, but feces was thrown as well.