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Racist Juggalo uses the word holocaust in a song

Where are the juggalos to attack MrSatan3666 for using the word holocaust in a song ???

Because all juggalos are hypocrites .

According to juggalos, even mentioning the word holocaust makes you a nazi. You must be UNJF then.

Ima bring a haulocost to the evil souls of earth I smack u with a sinderblock set a voodoo wicked curse
Im turnin all iniquities into believers, so strive to stay alive cause yall will die before I leave here
Come to me ill make the dead wake, tell you your future, let you know if uve got more years to live or fewer.
Im a higher power like a god, the god of hatred, I was born of fire and torture, humans call me satan.
But relax cuz im not here to bring you damnation, im here to spread the word of the juggalo nation.
That amongst other things like helpin mankind, my name may be Lucifer but theres softer side.
Its time, I take the souls of criminals and rapist, maybe a mormon or two, cuz there the fakest.
I wanted gods thrown he showed jealousy was foolish, so i spread the word to the jealous ones n keep it ruthless

Labotomize me Traumatize me do it with the quickness, cuz im back on the earth’s ground n I brought the sickness.
N nothings gun stop me this time cuz the sicc, infected my blood stream so now im full of it.
I can tell if your infant will grow to be a killa, so you better boil it ina pot of water, let it simmer.
Cuz if you don’t kill that baby xactly how i sed too, ima grab my axe snatch your hair n then be-head you
Im into horrorcore fightin evil as it follows me, I use to be the evil one then saw how evil god can be.
I take the jews that killed jesus christ n then I gobble em, he wasn’t gods son, he was mine but he adopted him.
Murdering the evil isn’t something that we fly thru, we’ll torture too, make u feel the pain n crucify you
When I strike my wrath at the wicked carnie grounds, drop dead do the haters n rise up do the clowns

April 30th 92 a fuckin legend, painted face juggalo demon fell from heaven,
And with the mighty fall came a mighty fuckin sound, a ball of fire struck n shook the motherfucking ground
There was disaster chaos roaming thru the town, manipulation devastation wicked carnie clowns,
Hatchets stuck in faces every corner turned around, cuz they knew what came n slaying evil was aloud.
Be proud, never let the fuckin evil mock you, if you must snap make em feel the pain you’ve gone thru
I know that theres bitches with juggalo hates, come and see ya boy n ill redecorate your face
An axe in your foreheads a good look for a hater, n your brain will prolly look good in my refrigerator.
Marinate the brain with blood let the flavor savor, eat your frontal lobe n then save the rest for later