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Juggalos create wicked clown holocaust – wheres their hate

Come on juggalos , attack this guy , hes also using the word holocaust in his name.


Gathering music festival – no longer gathering of the juggalos

Gathering music festival – no longer gathering of the juggalos.The gathering of the juggalos is now know as The Gathering Music Festival — they dropped the name juggalo due to all the negative associations that word brings including gang violence and attacks of performers such as tila tequila.It’s Not just the banner



Racist Juggalo uses the word holocaust in a song

Where are the juggalos to attack MrSatan3666 for using the word holocaust in a song ???

Because all juggalos are hypocrites .

According to juggalos, even mentioning the word holocaust makes you a nazi. You must be UNJF then.

Ima bring a haulocost to the evil souls of earth I smack u with a sinderblock set a voodoo wicked curse
Im turnin all iniquities into believers, so strive to stay alive cause yall will die before I leave here
Come to me ill make the dead wake, tell you your future, let you know if uve got more years to live or fewer.
Im a higher power like a god, the god of hatred, I was born of fire and torture, humans call me satan.
But relax cuz im not here to bring you damnation, im here to spread the word of the juggalo nation.
That amongst other things like helpin mankind, my name may be Lucifer but theres softer side.
Its time, I take the souls of criminals and rapist, maybe a mormon or two, cuz there the fakest.
I wanted gods thrown he showed jealousy was foolish, so i spread the word to the jealous ones n keep it ruthless

Labotomize me Traumatize me do it with the quickness, cuz im back on the earth’s ground n I brought the sickness.
N nothings gun stop me this time cuz the sicc, infected my blood stream so now im full of it.
I can tell if your infant will grow to be a killa, so you better boil it ina pot of water, let it simmer.
Cuz if you don’t kill that baby xactly how i sed too, ima grab my axe snatch your hair n then be-head you
Im into horrorcore fightin evil as it follows me, I use to be the evil one then saw how evil god can be.
I take the jews that killed jesus christ n then I gobble em, he wasn’t gods son, he was mine but he adopted him.
Murdering the evil isn’t something that we fly thru, we’ll torture too, make u feel the pain n crucify you
When I strike my wrath at the wicked carnie grounds, drop dead do the haters n rise up do the clowns

April 30th 92 a fuckin legend, painted face juggalo demon fell from heaven,
And with the mighty fall came a mighty fuckin sound, a ball of fire struck n shook the motherfucking ground
There was disaster chaos roaming thru the town, manipulation devastation wicked carnie clowns,
Hatchets stuck in faces every corner turned around, cuz they knew what came n slaying evil was aloud.
Be proud, never let the fuckin evil mock you, if you must snap make em feel the pain you’ve gone thru
I know that theres bitches with juggalo hates, come and see ya boy n ill redecorate your face
An axe in your foreheads a good look for a hater, n your brain will prolly look good in my refrigerator.
Marinate the brain with blood let the flavor savor, eat your frontal lobe n then save the rest for later


Merry Christmas From juggalo holocaust and Planet Lotb

Merry Christmas From juggalo holocaust and Planet Lotb in this video we discuss what we achieved in 2010 . Including exposing the truth about the tila tequila attack , having facebooks banned, being mentioned on twiztids album cover and removing racist items from hatchet gear . Merry Christmas From juggalo holocaust and Planet Lotb http://planet-lotb.com

http://www.sendspace.com/file/2xz3wi to download the song by jeff nipples

The Amazing Jeckel Brothers promote holocausts

the amount of juggalos ranting against the word holocaust when icp used it to promote a album makes juggalos look even more stupid.

His evil influence flows from the city streets like red molten ooze, filling every alley and gutter. There are those who are burnt by it, like the charred remains of a napalm strike. He moves in silence, yet with his heat comes ear-shattering screams as the masses are scorched in his choking smoke of corruption. His fire consumes like a lethal injection flowing through the veins of a dying convict. Hosts of small red ants crawl in the wake of his presence, biting and stinging flesh. His holocaust fills the woods of hope and prosperity like a wave of hungry piranhas on a newborn lamb. He goes by many names, but for now let it be spoken like the force of a fireball bursting into a crowd. He’s Jack, pure and simple… Jack Jeckel.

His glow of compassion kindles the heart, like a campfire on a cold winter’s eve. His embers burn eternally, spreading the flame of mercy like a warm blanket over the shoulders of a vagabond. His kindness is fueled by sympathy for human suffering, but his inferno of righteous cause, incinerates creatures of sin to ash. The torch of his salvation guides wanderers in the dark abyss to freedom. Its flaring sparks float on the winds of change, like soaring birds recently freed from a dreary cage. Laughter explodes forth from the essence of his being, radiating the land with childish joy. He has many names, but for now let it be spoken like melodic music drifting through the air. He’s Jake, true indeed… Jake Jeckel.

Emerging from the Dark Carnival like phantom smoke drifting into the minds of men, they are the Amazing Jeckel Brothers. A chaotic duo of juggling masters, Jack “the sinister” and Jake “the just” juggle the sins of mortal men. The price of admission to their show is a mere human soul.

When death creeps around and life decays, the departed spirit will begin its journey. A vision of a candle will begin to form like a distant dream with billowing smoke rising from its eternal flame. In this thick haze the deceased will begin to see an image of Jake and Jack Jeckel juggling red balls between themselves. Each ball soaked in fresh blood and pulsating like an erratic living heart. For every sin committed in a mortal’s life another ball is added to their unearthly performance and the harder it becomes. The deceased will witness sinister Jack throwing Jake curves in a vile attempt to see a ball drop. For if they should fumble in their act, a pit of infinite evil shall open beneath the feet of the viewer and cast the soul into an eternity of pain and suffering. Success on the other hand, opens the gates of Shangri-La and grants one ascension into pure enlightenment and peace.

Jack and Jake Jeckel rest in all of us for they are the very fabric of our being conscience and soul. There is no escape from their Juggling act because there is no way to escape from ourselves. Only in death will we realize this as we twist and spin to the other side?


First Church Of The Juggalos-Southside Carnival – Juggalo holocaust church

The juggalo cult is getting more exposed, now the juggalo church is preaching to kill us.

Ashley I felt that these people are worth talking about for the stuff they do. The Juggalos and Juggalettes in the group will know about the guys all too well, they are known as the “Juggalo Holocaust”. They are a group of anti-Juggalo extremsts who have killed Juggalos and Lettes because of who we are. Yes, the Insane Clown Posse’s lyrics ARE violent and perverse, but if you actually listen to the lyrics they actually make sense. They show the horrors of what society has become. If you ask me, the Holocaust just can’t handle someone calling them out on their bullshit, so they make things worse by killing us. I am teaming up with the First Church of the Juggalos-Southside Carnival to spread word about ths matter. I am a part of the Church, and you can see a link to it on my profile page. Please help us sprad the word about Juggaloism, and what the monsers known as the Juggalo Holocaust. If you all have questions about the Dark Carnival, Shangri-La, Hell’s Pit and the 6 Cards, don’t heasitate to message me!!! I hope you guys will help!

Rapper Blaze Ya Dead Homie aka Chris Rouleau is a Holocaust Denier

Chris Rouleau, also known as Blaze Ya Dead Homie, is an American rapper from Romeo, Michigan. His stage persona is that of a reincarnated gang member killed in the late 1980s, and his music is a fusion of gangsta rap and horrorcore.
Chris has stated on the latest episode of wfuckoffradio that the holocaust is not real and he has not heard of it.
Will we see these nazi lyrics in his latest album Last House On Dead Street??
Only time will tell…


new juggalo holocaust section all the latest news and discussion on the juggalo holocaust


JH JH JH JH Juggalo holocaust @ the land of the banned


the juggalo holocaust hates all juggalos and are not prejudice ….


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what is a juggalo ?

Brainless selfish morons that live under the illusion that the entire world is against them. Fact is, they’re not important enough for anyone to actually care. These people are outcasts because they want to be, my thought is that they think it’s fashionable when they’re really just a small insignificant pimple on society’s ass. T
I’ve had a chance to speak with some of the Juggalos, they, as a group, are so ultra-violent that some (sick as it may be) actually have a plan to systematically cleanse the world of every one that is not “Down with the clown!” As I recall, a little more then 60 years ago a German leader had those same thoughts. Adolph Hitler was the OJ (original Juggalo) .

therefore we need to get them before they get us.


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the juggalo holocaust has been exposed in this radioshow.