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Crazy Juggalo Cult Comment

WOW 9th jokers card album has more meaning to some people then others……

Welcome to the begining of the end. The coming of the Nine will mark the end. Lo and behold, none of this matters. So good luck and god speed, I’m waiting for the wagons to come and take me to Shangri-La. Whether or not anyone really believes it, is trivial. I believe. So while ya’ll are still bitching about the stupid shit, I will be ready. For my death and the death of all. I feel the light upon me, I can only hope that others see the light and accept it to fill them with warmth to take them from the cold embrace of nothingness. Look upon me for I have no doubt in my heart, your hate cannot touch me, your pain saddens me, your sadness I can feel, your heart I wish to hold to warm with my love I have for all and you still hate me. I may be a juggalo, I may want the world to burn, but I love all people. There is just alot that people do that disapoint me, my heart aches with the knowledge that they know no better, but ignorance will only go so far. When you look the end in the eye you must ask yourself one of two things; What is waiting for me? or Is this it? Mine will always be the latter, I have no fear. Can anyone else say the same? I doubt it. I stand for I fall for nothing, I am light, fear for me is nothing more than my heart fluttering. If the world lasts another 10,000 years after this, I will be forever grateful. Thank you all and may light shine on your soul to take away the darkness. MCL.