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Arizona news “Jared loughner listens to Insane clown posse”

More evidence for the juggalos denying this vile crime was commited by a juggalo
“Jared Loughners myspace discusses icp and the insane clown posse
he talks about a obscure song called the dating game , which probably leads to Jared Loughner being a juggalo – and to what level that played in his horrid crime”

Further evidence arizona shooter jared loughner was a juggalo and listened to Insane clown posse

More proof jared loughner Arizona shooter was a juggalo and that it might of played a part in his vile attack – he liked icp , like rap and metal and was obsessed with hatchets , listen to more evidence from this juggalette.
Major traits of a juggalo fan of the insane clown posse.

arizona shooting / tuscon shooting – shooter is “not” a Juggalo!


Jared Loughner the vile criminal of the arizona shooting / tuscon shooting is now being denied by juggalos on-line
check out the truth with his myspace right here , where jared loughner talks about the music of the insane clown posse , days before his hideous crimes.

The victims of Juggalo Jared Loughner

Rest in peace to all of jared loughers victims.

Six people were killed and 13 people seriously injured after a gunman went berserk with a Glock 9mm pistol in Arizona yesterday.

Ms Giffords, a 40-year-old pro-abortion Democrat whose husband is an astronaut, was holding a constituency meeting outside a Safeway store when she was shot.

She survived is now fighting for life in hospital, after doctors performed emergency brain surgery following the shooting.

Doctors said they were ‘happy and encouraged’ by her progress, adding that she was able to ‘follow simple commands’ by squeezing their hands or lifting fingers.

Federal judge John Roll, 63, and Christina Green, a nine-year-old schoolgirl invited along to the meeting as a treat by a neighbour, were among the dead.

Ms Giffords’ father Spencer J Giffords is the first cousin of director Bruce Paltrow – father of Gwyneth.

The others who died were Ms Giffords’ aide Gabe Zimmerman, Dorothy Murray, 76, Dorwin Stoddard, 76, and Phyllis Scheck, 79.

The gunman, 22-year-old man Jared Loughner was tackled to the ground by bystanders after the shooting.

Jared Loughner is a juggalo criminal – listens to icp and shoots innocent people like Gabrielle Giffords

Juggalo Jared Loughner kills 6 including a young girl and injures Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat Congresswoman from Arizona who was elected to a third term this past November, was shot in the head at point-blank range at a public event Saturday morning.

Jared Loughner is the prime suspect in this case , but what most the media have not yet found and will not discuss is that Jared Loughner is a juggalo , and if that had anything to do with this hideous crime.

jared is a juggalo

This is the blown up version

jared icp

now for all juggalos who deny everything sourced right here


Now dating game is a obscure insane clown posse song and to quote it in myspace would make Jared Loughner at the minimum a icp fan but most likely a full blown juggalo.

Once again juggalos are committing crimes and we have to ask ourselves what % of his actions were because Jared Loughner was down with the clown and a member of the true juggalo family.