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true juggalo family truejuggalofamily.com joins JH ARMY


Jhuggalos stand up .


Welcome to our new board
we have a whole group of Jhuggalos – ex juggalos who dropped the hatchet and now work for us providing information .


Juggalo Bail Bonds ………

juggalo crimesjuggalo bail bonds

For all you juggalo criminals – Juggal Bail Bonds and yes this seems legit

P.O. BOX: 23891 DETROIT MI 48223                                                                                313-825-5608
Serving all Wayne, Oakland & Macomb County Courts.Juggalo Bail Bonds offers the most professional bail bonds service in the tri-county area. If your or a loved one has been arrested and requires professional assistance arranging for pre-trial release Juggalo Bail Bonds is the only Bail Agent you need to call.

Our Bail agents will provide courteous and complete bail bonds on all charges from traffic to felonies.  Our agents are professional; courteous and knowledgeable and are available to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let Juggalo Bail Bonds set you free! Call now (313) 825-5608 today!


JHuggalos a new breed of juggalos

welcome to the JHuggalos a new sub group of juggalos .


New Juggalo video Game – Legend of the Dark Carnival LOTDC

Whuddup Ninja(s)! Just wanted to let you know about a new RPG game for Juggalos and Juggalettes called Legend of the Dark Carnival. No downloads or fees. The only requirement is Firefox and a valid email address. Give it a try, maybe you’ll like it enough to give it a shout out on your website 😉


involves Joining a gang ,funny weapons  growing drugs , robbing banks and to top it off Slay The FCC – juggalos

Jhuggalos – A new era of juggalos

Juggalo Vs Blood

This is how the juggalo gang indocrines their youth.

Support the Jhuggalos

Wild juggalo steals and attacks camera with pick axe

juggalos now resorting to stealing cameras and attacking them , listen to his animilistic howls.

Jh giving Support to Jhuggalos – juggalo holocaust insiders

Heartbroken and Homicidal is full of JH references.

The JH is bothering Jamie Madrox

Twiztids new album heartbroken and homicidal is full of juggalo holocaust references .

“Bury me deep where the haters will never bother me.” – haters = JH

fly on twiztids cover

Look closely at the fly on the bottom left it has a very visible JH on its back ,now if you zoom in you will see a distinct design clearly making it a JH or Juggalo holocaust logo.

The spider in the top right is another logo connected to the Jhuggalos (juggalo holocaust Juggalos – insiders ) as they are like spiders to their fellow juggalos .