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Juggalos who use the terms juffalo or juggaho

“I hear ninjas standin in line, pointin and whisperin, talkin shit, callin this one a juffalo, the other a juggaho, shit ain’t right. You use those words to refer to a fellow fan, you’re not a juggalo, you’re a BITCH.”
Violent J

The Term juffalo or juggaho are very common juggalo insults said by juggalos to other groups they dont like – like the unjf and the 936 juggalos .

your idol calls you all bitches .




Jh comander wishing all juggalo holocaust members and juggalos a merry christmas and a happy new year

the juggalos numbers are dwindling.
we will end the juggalo before obamas out of office.
merry last Christmas juggalos