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Juggalette Anti Meth Ad – Meth Not even Once

Hilarious Anti Meth Ad Featuring Female Juggalos know as juggalettes.

Ninjette/Juggalette defends here parenting

What a great mother twizted lette is ….. MOTHER OF THE YEAR

“ay yo bitch really??? i got fuckin kidz there aint shit you can say bout that shit cuz i have very honestly met some dumb asses that cant even fuckin take care of cats. i am a fuckin juggalette and i say that shit loud and fuckin proud if you wanna fuckin step to me and my family e-mail me and ill give you my address bitch come try and fuck with me i fuckin dare you bitch like it doesnt even make any fuckin sense to say that juggalettes and juggalos are fuckin ignorant or unfit to take care of a fuckin kid or fuckin dog like seriously????? i have met people that arent juggalos or lettes and they got their kids and shit taken from them for neglect and abuse so you and your fuckin ignorant close minded bitch ass needs to shut the fuck up you dont know shit you really fuckin dont and im going to be fuckin honest here the only reason you said some shit like that was probably because you got your fuckin kids taken away because your bitch ass was to busy fuckin worryin bout the next fuckin gram of fuckin meth while your fuckin kids were probably sitting at home and if you dont have any fuckin kids your probably like 12 and dont even fuckin know shit so why dont you grow up mature hit puberty then fuckin at least say shit that fuckin makes sense at least in the mediocre sense on some real shit you sound just flat the fuck out ignorant dude like really?? if your gonna try and dis people for just flat out bein themselves at least sound like you had 1.0 GPA in high school your ifnorance honestly astounds me grow up and get off it it you dont it i got 4 fuckin words for you FUCK THE FUCK OFF and news flash bitch the world doesnt revolve around you and your frendz opinions dont mean shit and im going to speak for all the juggalo family when i say this BRING IT BITCH YOU CANT FUCK WITH US AND WIKKID KLOWNS NEVER FUCKIN DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Ninjette – What is a Ninjette , typical Ninjette comment

Fuck all of you juggalo haters. We give you kno reason to hate us. So we dont dress like all of you or listen to the same music as all of you that doesnt mean we arent human beings. Im tired of seeing these damn websites with all this bullshit so what if you dont understand what we believe in does that mean you have to go around killing us and saying every rude ass comment that comes to your mind about us i mean seriously you call us a gang because we dress alike and listen to the same music and yeah i will admit some of us do get in legal trouble but i mean if we wanna get technical we could call “preps” a gang. they dress alike. basically all of them wear hollister, aeropostale, and american eagle and all those other shitty stores like them. they also listen to very similar music and some of them too get in legal trouble.so just stop with all this bullshit and move on

 Hate haters , hate rich people and hate rude people while being rude and hateful – juggalettes and ninjettes

Miss Juggalette Pageant

What is the miss juggalette pageant ?

the miss juggalette pageant is a when a group of juggalettes run a “beauty” pageant to be declared the queen of juggalettes .

Who can enter the miss juggalette pageant ?

Any Juggalette , Ninjette or anyone down with the clown WHOOP WHOOP

Where can i sign up ?

Currently you must join http://www.planet-lotb.com

where you will be given all the information you need after posting a thread in the introduction section Introductions

What can i win?

The prizes are the title of miss juggalette 2010 and a wide selection of psychopathic records merchandise

Typical entrants of the 2009 miss juggalette pageant

The Juggalo holocaust is Not Real , FAKE , LIARS

Juggalo holocaust has a meeting with this juggalette and her friends

so we aint real …

shout outs to NappyJosh777

juggalo gang in denver malls

from some hypercritical juggalo http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_15129863

Last night, I went around holding a sign that said: “Free Hugs!” But that is not what moved me.

There is a group of kids who come to Sox Place called the Juggalos. They don’t consider themselves a gang. Rather, they consider themselves a family. While they aren’t the most conventional of people, when it comes down to it, they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

One of them even offered to find and “take care” of the person who slashed my tires. I refused, but was told: “You’re family. You don’t mess with family.”

As I passed their usual hangout, I heard “woop WOOP!” and knew I was being greeted. After hugs and smiles, I noted my roommate was hanging out with them, too. He wasn’t dressed in Juggalo black, but he sports a Mohawk that may get him labeled as a “deviant.”

Other than being loud, the Juggalos did not seem to be bothering anyone. Now, I realize that not everyone has the same tolerance level for unexpected behavior as I do. But what happened next didn’t surprise me, yet disturbed me all the same.

Some police officers that patrol the mall pulled up right next to the group of kids. Uniformed officers got out and told them all to sit on the ground. The officers said they were receiving complaints about noise and “deviant behavior.” All the kids were ordered to provide their IDs.

I was told that I couldn’t stay unless I wanted to join them. Part of me wanted to say, “These are my brothers and sisters. If you frisk or arrest them then you’re going to arrest me.” But I didn’t. I obeyed.

Four of the kids ended up in handcuffs. The rest were told to get off of the mall for the night.

Now, I’m not mad at the police for doing their job. While I know that cops are people, too, and make mistakes, I don’t blame them for doing what they’re supposed to do.

Likewise, while I don’t condone some of the behavior of the kids, I can understand why they do it. If I experienced abuse and got told I was worthless, I might do the same things, too.

What I am disturbed about is that cops had to be there in the first place to deal with the kids who were on the streets. I read somewhere that every day, 12 street kids die. Where are these kids’ parents? I know that some circumstances can’t be helped, and I know there are places for kids to go and programs to use.

But when are we going to start doing something about it? What about suffering with them? What about putting ourselves second?

I’m not saying we should all go out and become missionaries to the homeless. But if we see a need and neglect it, who is being the jerk?

Edmund Burke said, “The only way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” When are we going to start caring for each other? How many people have to suffer before we take it seriously?

Chase Glantz is an intern at Sox Place, a Denver drop-in center for youth located at 20th and Larimer Street in downtown Denver.

Member of the juggalo family Tess Damm

Tess Damm, the Lafayette teen convicted of helping to kill her mother more than three years ago, will remain an inmate at a juvenile corrections facility rather than being transferred to an adult prison, a judge ruled this afternoon.

Boulder County District Judge James Klein concluded that state officials did not sufficently demonstrate that Damm was no longer benefiting from the programs offered at the youth corrections facility in which she is housed.

The ruling, which happened behind locked doors at a hearing that was not open to the public, was confirmed by Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett.

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office recently requested to transfer Damm to an adult facility in part because she allegedly hatched a plan to strangle a guard as part of an attempt to escape.

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office objected to a transfer because it believed that doing so would shorten the amount of time Damm will have to serve on her sentence.

Damm was sentenced in 2008 to 23 years in prison – with the first five to be served in a juvenile facility – for her role in helping her boyfriend, Bryan Grove, murder her mother, Linda Damm, in her Lafayette home in February 2007.

She was 15 at the time of her mother’s murder.

Garnett declined to say anything further about Tuesday’s hearing because of Klein’s order to close it to the public and the media on the grounds that Damm has the right to keep discussion and testimony about her clinical and therapeutic evaluations private.

Klein, in denying the Camera’s request Tuesday to open the proceedings, called the hearing a “juvenile matter” that is governed by the “Children’s Code” under Colorado state law.

It’s not clear why the court considers Damm a juvenile when she turned 18 last summer.

I say send her! Like I said before, if she can do an adult crime, let her do adult time!! She should get a taste of “Big Girl” prison life. And with that “trademark long blonde hair”, I bet she will make all sorts of new “special” friends! I’m guessing it is much different that the slumber party she has been living!

And a little girl trying to strangle a guard with a shoelace? Might as well have been a piece of spaghetti! Come on! Did she really think that would work?? LOL Go back to kindergarten honey!! Opps! Sorry!! You can’t!! LOL

Tess Damm Juggalette – plot to murder guard with shoelace

typical juggalette / ninjette behavior

juggalette criminal

Tess Damm, Insane Clown Posse fan and convicted slayer

Right now, Tess Damm, eighteen, is a resident of a state youth facility, having been convicted of helping boyfriend Bryan Groves murder her mom three years earlier. Linda was stabbed eighteen times.

But officials went to court yesterday to ask that she be transferred to an adult jail. Among their arguments, as reported by the Boulder Daily Camera: She planned an escape attempt last year that involved strangling a guard with a shoelace.

It’s the latest nasty twist for Damm, whose crime has been linked since the beginning to the music of the rap-rock group Insane Clown Posse: Groves was a juggalo, while she was a self-declared juggalette.

After Linda Damm was slain, ICP was effectively made a co-conspirator in the crime by the media. Take the Rocky Mountain News article “Music May Ignite Mayhem,” which quoted ICP lines such as “Me and my axe will leave your head outlined in chalk,” from “My Axe.”

The association of ICP and murder ratcheted up fears so high that in 2008, one area mall, Colorado Mills, effectively banned anyone wearing juggalo gear.

tess damm photos from myspace.JPG
Photos from Tess Damm’s MySpace page.

Today, Damm’s MySpace page remains eerily preserved. It features plenty of ICP photos and lyrics, plus a bio filled with mixed messages. For instance, she calls herself a Christian and writes, “My family means a lot to me.” But at the top of the page, she declares, “A fucking bitch is what I am.”

State officials probably wouldn’t object to this last characterization.

More juggalos riot then bloods or crips


Seven inmates at the Larimer County jail, six of whom are known gang members, possibly face charges after a “large fight” broke out at the detention center Wednesday night.

Among the suspected participants is Adrian Rodarte, a Loveland man known to be a member of the Sureño gang, who pleaded guilty earlier this month to murder.

“Deputies believe that the release of several Sureños from the (detention center) precipitated the action on the part of the Norteños,” Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Eloise Campanella said in a statement. “Within moments, deputies on duty were able to quell the disturbance. No deputies were injured during the incident. However, the involved inmates received minor cuts, scrapes and bruises.”

The incident occurred in a general population area of the jail.

Campanella said at least one of the participants confirmed speculations that the motive for the fight was gang related.

In the statement, Cam-panella reported that Sheriff Jim Alderden is concerned the fight, along with three other incidents at the jail since Wednesday evening, are the result of overcrowding.

A capacity at the jail has been set at 460 due to a lack of funding, but Campanella said there were 503 inmates in the jail Friday. Some housing areas at the jail have been closed down because of budget restrictions.

“Alderden expressed complete confidence in his jail staff but is concerned about employee safety with increased level of violence at the Larimer County Detention Center due to the overcrowded conditions,” Campanella said.

When the fight occurred Wednesday, there were 499 inmates incarcerated and 59, or 12 percent, of those inmates were known gang members, according to Campanella.

The Sheriff’s Office reported that of the 59 incarcerated gang members, 19 are Sureño, 16 are Norteño, 14 are Juggalo, four are Aryan, one is Blood, five are Crips and 10 are affiliated with various other gangs.


Do NOT leave your children with a juggalette

Juggalettes are female juggalos … have a look what this one did

Three felony charges have been filed in Muskogee County District Court against the woman accused of taking an 11-year-old boy from a Muskogee apartment complex Monday.
Bond has been set at $150,000 for Felisha Marie Wilham, 21. She will be in court April 15 for a sounding docket. At that time, a date will be set for a preliminary hearing.

She is charged with:

• Abduction of a person under 18.

• Child abuse by injury.

• Contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

All three are felonies, carrying penalties ranging from one year to life in prison and fines, or both.

The charges allege Wilham lured Jacob Southern to go to Tulsa with her and “to be a member of or in furtherance of the Insane Clown Posse gang.”

The child abuse count alleges she endangered the child’s health and safety by hitchhiking to Tulsa with him, allowing him to sleep in an abandoned house in Tulsa “with the homeless and others of a questionable backgrounds and involved in gangs” and that he contracted scabies while in her company.

Scabies is a contagious skin disease caused by a species of a very small mite.

In addition to being held on the charges stemming from the abduction, the bond Wilham posted less than 30 minutes before the abduction on a burglary charge has been revoked and she is being held without bond on that count, according to court records.

She also is charged in a third case, a charge of grand larceny from 2009, accusing her of having stolen a motorized shopping cart from a local store. She has waived preliminary hearing in that case.