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Juggalos / Insane clown posse – Possible gang affiliation casts new police light on these clowns

OGDEN — Juggalos are the fastest-growing gang in Ogden, police officials say. But are all those with painted faces and an appreciation for Insane Clown Posse considered gang members?

Hundreds of area law enforcement officials met Wednesday at the Ogden Megaplex Theater to learn the ins and outs of the Juggalo lifestyle during the Northern Utah Gang and Youth Violence Conference.

“It’s a major concern,” said Ogden Police Lt. Scott Conley. “We have individuals (dressed like Juggalos) congregating and people asking about them.”

A Juggalo is defined as an individual who is a fan of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse, who started calling their fans Juggalos after performing a song titled “The Jugglas.”

Followers often wear distinct face makeup and certain symbols, such as the hatchet man, the logo of Psychopathic Records, the record label of ICP.

The keynote speaker for Wednesday’s presentation works with law enforcement and Juggalos in Texas. He asked not to be identified because he wasn’t approved to talk to the media and he didn’t want his investigations to be compromised.

He painted a picture of Juggalos as people who often feel alienated or left out of their communities.

“It’s really a fun, interesting subculture,” he said. “It’s designed around reaching to those who feel like they don’t belong.”

The speaker said group members identify themselves as a family.

The music from ICP and Psychopathic Records often has extremely violent undertones.

“What we have here is a genre that has blended old school rap with horror movies,” the speaker said, referring to the genre as “horror core.”

While being a fan of ICP, or even dressing as a Juggalo, does not automatically make a person part of a gang, many of the Juggalos have committed crimes — as simple as graffiti and as serious as murder — in groups.

“Just because you’re a Juggalo doesn’t mean you are a gangster,” the speaker said. “There just happen to be Juggalo gangsters.”

Conley said police have seen an increased presence of Juggalos in the Ogden community, which prompted the decision to make Juggalos a gang conference topic.

“We have had incidents with threats with a weapon. We’ve stopped them when they’ve had weapons,” he said. “We’re concerned about activities.”

Conley said police also have seen an increase in violent activities and crime from the Juggalos in the area.

Who are Juggalos?

Juggalos and Juggalettes (female Juggalos) are fans of Insane Clown Posse, the hip-hop duo of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope who perform a style of hardcore hip-hop that often has extreme violent undertones.

Juggalos often wear face paint, wear images associated with ICP, such as the hatchet man and evil clowns, and are fans of the soft drink Faygo.

While not all Juggalos are gang members, some do commit violent acts in groups, which qualifies them as a gang.

Source: Northern Utah Gang and Youth Violence Conference



Chapter #1: The Insane Clown Posse & Juggalo Rappers…

I’m sick of Juggalos. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a juggalo and always will be. But it’s just the fact of every single Juggalo I meet or talk to always wants to be just like the Insane Clown Pussies!! They all want to be rappers just like everyone else and they always rap about the same thing, over and over and over!! They sit there and claim to be ‘rappers’. They rap about the same thing, death this, kill that and how they’re all ‘outsiders’!! YEAH FUCKING RIGHT! It is basically impossible for these juggalo rappers to write a song about anything else but these few topics, and it just sickens me. I will admit, I used to be just a juggalo rapper with a dream to be a famous rapper…way before anyone else wanted to do the same.

I realised that a majority of juggalo rappers will say the exact samething in almost every song they write and will represent for they’re ‘juggalo family’ and them only. Truth is, that’s all they can think of. I mean, not all juggalo rappers are this way though. I mean, Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung and others. I just get sick of juggalo rappers sticking to ICP’s nuts and that only. Look at my old homie, Brotha Scrub Da Sik aka Brotha Scrub the Bitch…he is super stuck behind these clowns and that’s all he will ever be!! Another old homie of mine, MC Glitch aka MySpace Bitch the Rapist, he’s stuck on Eminem’s nuts like crazy. All these people will never make it anywhere if they stick to one type of style.

Chapter #2: Juggalos In General…

Do you know how humiliating it is to tell someone that your favorite band to listen to is the Insane Clown Posse?? It fucking sucks!! But the one thing I love more than anything in this world that ICP has created for me and my homies…Making fun of Juggalos!! Me and my homies are all Juggalos and Thuggalos alike…but the funnest thing in the world to do is to cruise to the local hang out where you know where all the Juggalos are and just sit there in a car and bump Eminem rolling passed them screaming fuck Juggalos!! It’s fucking hilarious!! I will say this and only say this once to all you Juggalos…

When it comes to the real world, involving the real shit, ICP can’t and will NEVER save you!! Your so-called ‘Juggalo Family’ won’t bail your ass either…cuz they’re too deep in their own shit already!! Their always poor, bumming money off people, claiming to be ‘INSANE” when in reality they just wanna be cool, they wear the same clothes and look disgusting, they hardly ever take showers, and they just are the wrong people to hang out with in general. I hate hanging out with any other Juggalos than the ones I’ve known for years!!

“Juggalos are insane people who can’t do anything!” That’s a lie. I’ve heard this for years. People won’t hire juggalos. They’re considered GANG MEMBERS!! You’d be better off being a Crip or a Blood. At least you get money, hos and respect from them. Now they are really crazy…not this fake ass bull shit called juggalos!! The only reason teenagers and youth become juggalos in the first place is to ‘fit in’. They only do it because certain people think it’s cool.

It’s really not that cool to be homeless, claim to be insane, constanly be dirty and nasty, having people stab you in the back when you say “I like Eminem!”, smoking pot, being lazy and not having a care in the world. Trust me, I lived this life for years before realizing that Juggalos are a bunch of fake people who only care about what other people think. You may think it’s backwards…but in fact, Juggalos care about what people think. That’s why most of them cut themselves, they cry when their so-called friends start beating your ass for talking shit about the so called ‘hatchet’. Fuck. Soon, on YouTube, I will have an interview with a bunch of my homies that I’ve known for years and years about why they think Juggalos suck and why they don’t do that anymore. One of them, Joker, the most gothic juggalo in the state, is now a Hollister wearing preppy boy! He’s still my nigga and I kick it with him…but it’s the fact of it’s not something you actually want.

My girlfriend’s older brother, claims to be a juggalo, he has a new Juggalo at least once a week sleeping on his couch and eating his food for free!! He says “That’s what family do for each other!” NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE! If it came down to it, her brother would beat the fuck and kill anyone who did something tragic to him or his family. I just can’t stand it anymore. It’s bull shit.

Chapter #3: Jugga-Lettes…

Juggalettes…they always look the same to me. Either tweaker ass bitches who would do anything for drugs, or fat ass nasty hos who would fuck anyone for no reason!! They always get pregnant some way or another and get pissed off and cry when someone says they hate them. Truth is, no female looks hot in facepaint!! It’s just not healthy!!

That’s it on this guide for now…will be posting up more here in the next few weeks!!

Have a nice gangsta filled day…LOL!

Your homie,
– Jim

Typical Juggalettes/Ninjettes Drinking Faygo

Your typical juggalettes and their drink of choice. FAYGO


Page 1
Date 07-06-06
This group (Juggalos) has recently surfaced… where they attacked 23 people in three separate attacks the week
of June 19th
. There were 7-8 men in their late 20s, claiming they were “Juggalos”. The victims were beaten
with sticks, threatened with a machete or robbed of cell phones, shoes, and wallets. ICP (Insane Clown Posse)
graffiti has also been present in the area… They are tagging, wearing black bandanas, and fighting with the
Surenos (Hispanic street gang). There have been fights, cross-outs of graffiti, and forcible taking of black
bandanas. In February 2006, an Insane Clown Posse follower, Jacob Robida, 18, used a hatchet and gun to
attack three patrons in a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and then fled. He was later captured in
Arkansas after a 16-mile police chase, but during the capture, he killed his female passenger, then killed a
police officer. He was then shot by police and later died. Although this group has not yet been labeled as a
traditional “Street Gang” they are starting to commit crimes (as in above case) where they are claiming they are
Juggalos, which does constitute the labeling of a gang.
The Juggalos and Juggalettes (females) have a heavy presence on the East Coast and rapidly growing across the
US with members in the thousands. They are followers with a true addiction to the Insane Clown Posse (one of
the most hated bands in the world) and have based an entire life style around them. They do not jump in to a
gang, but they are very dedicated to the Insane Clown Posse and each other. They claim no violence, but this is
not true
. The make-up of this group is mainly Caucasian. They have lines of clothing, jewelry, paraphernalia,
etc. Most that claim Juggalo or Juggalette will have tattoos. They also follow other bands such as the Dark
Lotus, Twiztid, Anybody Killa, Jumpsteady, Psychopatic Rydas, etc. These are all violent, sinister and vulgar
rap/rock groups. The Insane Clown Posse began in the early 90s out of Detroit, giving themselves the identity of
clowns to better fit in while preaching the messages of the “Dark Carnival.” The Juggalos can be identified by
heavy clown make-up (sadistic wicked-type faces and jester style), tattoos, clothing, and specific music
possessions. The hatchet man (tattoo above) is the most common tattoo as it is the symbol of the Insane Clown
Posse record label, “Psychopathic Records”. The hatchet can be seen in numerous colors. They also tattoo other
music groups they follow – “ICP”, “Dark Lotus” (tattoo above), etc., along with many other types of tattoos.
They wear dark clothing, but do like to also dress in bright clown colors, dye their hair in bright colors, and
wear Mohawks. They like to stand out and be noticed. They tag areas with “ICP”, “Dark Lotus”, etc. They also
have their own hand signs.
Excerpt from internet: “A Juggalo is someone who doesn’t give a f_ _k what people think about them. They have
entered the world of the Dark Carnival and Insane Clown Posse because they themselves have been considered clowns,
buffoons, idiots, and freaks. Being a Juggalo reflects an entire lifestyle and state of mind… it is something that is
impossible to define, even for a Juggalo. To understand what a Juggalo is, you must truly be a Juggalo.”
There is an ongoing dispute with the Insane Clown Posse and Eminem – you may see reference to him in
graffiti and tattoos. The ICP also references the “Dark Carnival” in their lyrics, which to all Juggalos is
“GOD.” It is the ultimate heaven for Juggalos, “where they will experience paradise and never have to worry.


Prosecutor says suspect in attack part of alleged Juggalos gang

STOCKTON – You’ve heard of the Bloods and Crips, Norteños and Sureños – reviled criminal street gangs known for violent turf wars, graffiti and drugs sales.

But the Juggalos?

While there is no universal agreement, law enforcement officials across the country have begun to tag them as an emerging gang.

Now, the Juggalos, who style themselves after a Detroit-based rap-rock group, are up to no good in Stockton, according to a local prosecutor. He believes one man’s status in the gang played a role in an attempted hatchet murder.

San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Mark Ott – on top of the attempted murder count – has charged Chad Campbell, 21, with a street terrorism for his ties to the alleged gang.

Ott, who offers few details of the case, said that Monday, he will lay out evidence in court and let a judge decide if Campbell goes on to a jury trial.

Ott believes Campbell would be the first Juggalo to be tried in San Joaquin County.

“We believe we have the facts to prove it,” Ott said.

Juggalos – or Juggalettes for women – are devotees of a rock-rap group based in Detroit called Insane Clown Posse. The music group indulges in raw lyrics replete with irreverent profanity and violence.

The group’s fans – mostly white – wear heavy face paint to resemble sinister clowns. The consider themselves a family. The Juggalos’ uniting symbol is a hatchet man, the insignia of the rap group’s recording label, Psychopathic Records.

Representatives of Psychopathic Records and Insane Clown Posse did not respond to requests for comment.

Police in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Utah have arrested people on gang charges for committing crimes on behalf of the Juggalos. A Modesto judge last year ordered four people to stand trial following a violent attack linked to the so-called gang at Graceada Park.

Campbell was arrested Nov. 8 in Stockton after police said he attacked a man near El Dorado and California streets with a hatchet. The 21-year-old victim was taken to a hospital with serious injuries to his head.

The man survived the attack, but prosecutors also charged Campbell with mayhem for permanently disabling the victim, said Ott. The prosecutor said he believes the law is on his side, especially when it comes to the gang charge.

Ott wouldn’t say if Campbell was dressed in Juggalo clothing, has tattoos or wore a painted face during the alleged attack. He prefers to present his evidence in court.

But Ott explained that a criminal street gang by definition is an ongoing association of three or more people with a common sign who actively engage in criminal behavior.

“We have that pattern,” Ott said. “We’re going to put that on in the preliminary hearing.”

Contacted at the San Joaquin County Jail, Campbell declined a request for an interview. His attorney, San Joaquin County Deputy Public Defender Michael Moore, did not return repeated calls.