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Fake Juggalo Police officer threatens site

Juggalo idiots – did you know pretending to be a police officer is a crime ????


Hey, I am JH a big fucking faggot.. Look I ain’t no juggalo not even a juggalette But I know a few, who are very nice, never hurt a fly… They ain’t in no fucking gang, last time I checked they are a family when did the term gang stood for family.. If they are a gang what the fuck ever GANG NON VIOLENT TYPE! I used to hate Insane clown posse, the BIGGEST FUCKING HATER OF THEIRS OUT THERE! Not no more, I found the REAL TRUTH OF THEIR MEANING AND THEIR MUSIC! want the real truth of theirs come message me

a few mintues later from the same ip address….
a fake name from a fake website appears

AJ Pape

I was sent a few reports of your site, and we do not take kindly to threats. I heard about Juggalos and I am a gang-related police officer for 10 years.(NO ONE IS A GANG RELATED OFFICER YOU FUCKING IDIOT YOU DONT RESEARCH OUTSIDE OF ICP) I never believed for a second that a Juggalo or Juggalette is harmful I met a few and I have been researching them to see if they are truly a gang (HES RESARCHING JUGGALO GANGS BUT THEY NEVER HURT ANYONE) , In fort wayne,IN we do not ban them without research and so far I never found any form of gang in anything, Insane Clown Posse’s lyrics terms no form of gang but just crew, and family. I have listened to a song from another artist of Psychopathic Records/ Hatchet house called “Gang Related” not showing any form of violent gangs. I have seen that they were in a gang, they all live in D-town, do you think that they will not mention it? We have not seen anything in our town that screams Insane Clown Posse is telling their family to kill someone this includes all towns. On the other side, the reason I am in this site, we have evidence that claimed Juggalos have been paid or is framing juggalos to make them look bad,(NO ONE PAYS JUGGALOS TO MAKE THEM LOOK BAD) all points to sites like this one, and another major site Landofthebanned.com “jeff nipples” is responsible for murders and claiming to be juggalos while doing it. I will report your site to internet authorities.