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Juggalo Cult

ICP says they follow god and everyone assumes they are christians.

FACT: ICP has never once mentioned Jesus Christ or proclaimed him as their savior.

ICP = Not Christians. I wonder who or what their god is?

Juggalos = Cult

The word of God vs Juggalos and the Dark Carnival

a real christian confronts the fake juggalos with their false juggalo religion i.e Juggalo Faith

Juggalo Insane Clown Posse Street Preaching Part 2

Street Preaching out front of the Insane Clown Posse concert Charlotte nc Tremont Music Hall

More good work and more exposing of the fake juggalo religion .

What juggalos and insane clown posse do to youth – son was brainwashed by insane clown posse

heres a parents comments about their son being a juggalo – it breaks my heart how a good kid can now go on a bad path by following the crowed and becoming a juggalo .

I have a 13 year old son who attends school here on the reservation (no its not a forgien country). These “juggalos” are a huge problem here as well. The Canyon Day junior High School had to take action to completely ban, any type of association with this band/group, “ICP”.
My own child was getting caught up in the situation, he was making self tattoos on his body, wearing the clothing under his uniform, and had his ipod on 24-7. Its almost like he was being ‘brainwashed‘. His grades droped dramatically in school, his entire attitude was negative. I honestly believe listening to this music had a lot to do with it.
As a parent I took responsibility and sat down with my son and listened to the music, from what I could hear and understand the music ‘defies authority’, encourages ‘self mutilation’, and was singing about ‘God’. Ok i don’t think it was gospel music, and don’t think it was our lord and savior ‘God’, that they were singing about.
I have since taken his ipod away and have erased the memory off of our computer. In hopes that this will keep him from listening to the music. 13 years old is a hard age and my son did not need this negative type of influence. As a parents we need to be more aware of what our children are listening to. I did know but did not make an effort to listen, until it got out of hand.

Juggalo gets 100-year sentence with 95 suspended in officer beating

What is it with juggalos and violence ….

HAMILTON – A 17-year-old Hamilton teen will spend the rest of his life under the supervision of the state.

Jacob A. Wilson was sentenced Wednesday to a 100-year commitment to the Montana Department of Corrections for his part in a crime spree that included burglary, escape and assaulting a peace officer.

Ravalli County District Judge James Haynes suspended all but five years of the sentence, with the caveat that should the teen choose not to toe the line, he could end up facing a century behind bars.

“Make no mistake, Jacob,” Haynes said at the end of the two-hour long hearing. “I will do that.”

Wilson and Kagen G. Richardson pleaded guilty earlier to beating a detention officer with a wooden cribbage board before escaping from the Ravalli County Juvenile Detention Center last March.

Richardson’s sentencing hearing will begin Thursday morning.

The two teens met in the detention center.

Wilson had been arrested for breaking into a home last winter and stealing handguns, which he later took to a Hamilton school and pointed at two students.

Richardson was there for breaking into a car and stealing a handgun.

The teens asked permission to leave their cell to retrieve a cribbage board. When Detention Officer Jill Meskimen turned her back, Richardson hit her over the head with the 14-inch hardwood board several times.

Her husband, Craig Meskimen, said Wednesday his wife has suffered migraines, memory loss and energy lapses since the attack.

She sometimes sits up in the middle of the night and starts crying and shaking, he said.

“Sometimes she doesn’t even remember she’s done that. … It upsets me to no end that it’s changed her in that way, both mentally and physically,” Meskimen told the judge.

Wilson’s father, Paul Wilson, said his son’s behavior began to change starting in fifth grade.

“He became defiant and less interested in school,” Wilson said. “We noticed that at home, too.”

Things got so bad at one point that the family had to ask the teen to leave their home.

A new medication that dampens impulsive behavior has made a difference over the past few months, Wilson said.

“He’s much more like the Jacob that we knew before he started to change in fifth grade,” he said.

Wilson asked the judge to give his son a chance to turn his life around.


Ravalli County Deputy Attorney Bill Fulbright recommended a 20-year commitment to the Montana State Prison.

“The state is in no way recommending that we throw this young man’s life away,” Fulbright said.

In five years, Fulbright said Wilson would be eligible for parole. In the meantime, Wilson would be in a secure setting where the community is protected.

“The message to the community needs to be loud and clear that it’s absolutely unacceptable, whether you are a juvenile or adult, to assault people in this way,” Fulbright said.

Wilson’s attorney, Nick Miller, urged the judge to consider 15 year DOC commitment with all but five years suspended, with a recommendation that Wilson serve his first year at the juvenile facility at Pine Hills.

Miller pointed to letters of support sent to the court by teachers, family and friends.

“There is something worth salvaging inside of Jacob,” Miller said.

In a letter to the court, Wilson apologized to those he’s hurt, including the detention officer and his family. He said he wanted to become a productive member of society.

Haynes wasn’t so sure.

The judge told Wilson he had concerns over his extensive juvenile criminal history and the fact he was the apparent leader in escape that left the detention officer severely injured.

Considering his youth and unusual religious beliefs, Haynes said he didn’t believe sending Wilson to prison was the best option.

Wilson had explained his religious views were that of a “juggalo,” which is a name given to fans of the hip hop group, Insane Clown Posse. Juggalos sometimes compare themselves to a family.

Haynes said Wilson would likely befriend people of a like mind in prison and that “would absolutely would corrupt you.”

Wilson was sentenced to a total of 100 years for felony counts of conspiracy to assault a police officer, conspiracy to assault with a weapon, aggravated burglary, criminal endangerment, possession of a firearm in a school and assault on a police officer.

“For the rest of your life, you are going to be under someone’s view,” Haynes said.

Bad Juggalo Parents Strike Again

bad juggalo parents

Bad Juggalo parents forcing child into their brainwashed ways.

juggalo who supports the JH juggalo holocaust

My name is Jokers Smile and these are my thoughts on and issues with Juggalos and the JH Juggalo holocaust. So listen up juggalos, you might just hear somethin you won’t like.
juggalo cults , juggalo gangs and violent j and shaggy beat downs get discussed


today i saw a juggalo and im with my bro another jh member we chased the fucker down he ran like a faggot lols clown pussys

your group is separating as we speak


“Popular” schoolgirl dies in ‘juggalo sucide cult’

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Popular and fun-loving (Yeah fu*king right) schoolgirl killed herself after becoming involved in a self-harming youth cult which glamorises death, an inquest has heard.

Hannah Bond, 13, hanged herself from a bunk bed in her bedroom with a tie believing her death would impress fellow followers of the “Juggalo” movement, it was said.

The teenager, who left a suicide note and used the nickname “Living Disaster”, committed suicide after flippantly telling her parents, “I want to kill myself”, when she returned late from a friend’s house.

They dismissed the comment and said “don’t be silly” but an hour later found her suspended an inch from the floor.

They dialled 999 and paramedics battled for over an hour to save her but she had lost consciousness and died.

Roger Sykes, the coroner who recorded a verdict of suicide, found aspects of the youth movement, which began in America, “very disturbing”.

He said: “A girl of 13 years old has taken her own life for no reason that by anyone could be found to be justifiable.

“It is a terrible and tragic explanation to what happened. It is not glamorous, just simply a tragic loss of such a young life.”

Maidstone Coroners’ Court heard that Hannah, of East Peckham, Kent, had lived a double life, outwardly a bright fun-loving family-orientated schoolgirl, but inwardly a devotee of “Icp” which owns the Juggalos.

She had secretly chatted to “Juggalo” followers online all over the world, talking about death and the glamorisation of hanging and speaking about “the Carnival” – a place where “juggalo” believe they go after they die.

She had even scratched her wrists in a form of self-harm often seen as a form of initiation into the popular fashion and lifestyle fad followed by young people who dress in clown make up like their older “Goth” crowd.

On her page on Bebo, the online networking site, she told friends with names like Sam Suicide, that she was obsessed with the American band Insane Clown Posse.

In a tribute book dedicated to Hannah at her school, one of her friends wrote, “I hope you enjoy the Carnival in the sky”, and it emerged another “Juggalo” girl at Hannah’s school, Mascalls Secondary School in Paddock Wood, Kent, had tried to kill herself a year ago.

Her mother Heather, a housewife, told the court how she originally thought “Jugaglo” was a harmless youth movement.

She said: “She called Juggalo a fashion and I thought it was normal. I didn’t know about the cuts. She used to wear bracelets so her wrists were concealed.

“Hannah was just a normal girl. She had loads of friends. She could be a bit moody but I thought it was just because she was a teenager. In the months before she had become obsessed with the internet.

“But there were no signs this was going to happen. She had everything to live for.”

Her father Raymond, a martial arts instructor who broke down as he gave evidence, said he had noticed the marks on her wrist.

He said: “We discussed it when I noticed the marks. When I was younger I was a punk and we used to do tattoos and things, but I wasn’t angry with her because she promised me she would never do it again.

“Although she was in touch with Juggalos all over the world, particularly in America, she was still in touch with the same girl she always was.

“The night before she died she came into my room and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said ‘I love you dad.’”

Vanessa Everett, her headteacher, told the inquest that none of her teachers felt she had any issues.

“She was a popular and bright girl who had achieved merits day in and day out right up until the day of her death,” she said.

She said they had been aware of “superficial self-harm” among younger students who had joined the Juggalo clan, but said it was difficult to determine those intent on harming themselves and those using it as “a fashion statement.”

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