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LOL ICP forgot to book concert , Blames “cops” – washington gang march concert cancelled



The free concert scheduled to follow the Juggalo March in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, September 16, 2017 will not happen due to the Prince William County Sheriff’s Department expressing “concerns” about Juggalos coming to the area where the event was originally to be held.

Psychopathic Records is currently examining its options and has contacted the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia requesting their assistance in this matter. It is Psychopathic Records’ full intent that a free concert will still take place following the Juggalo March, which is scheduled for noon in the National Mall.

Today, Psychopathic Records released this statement concerning the unwarranted cancellation of the concert:

“Here’s the simple fact: A law enforcement agency has told thousands and thousands of people that they are not welcome in their community simply because they identify as Juggalos, which is a music-based subculture and nothing more. And this PRECISELY reflects the purpose of the Juggalo March – to call attention to the kind of casual discrimination, profiling, and bigotry that Juggalos face every day throughout these United States. This is why we are marching and also why we are calling upon fellow music artists, social activists, and public servants to join us at the March – because the basic civil liberties of thousands of taxpaying American citizens are being abused…simply because they listen to a certain type of music. To our Juggalo brothers and sisters, rest assured we are looking into all options to ensure a free concert following the Juggalo March on September 16 goes on as planned. Stay strong and remember…we are family, NOT a gang or public menace and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

List of Juggalo gang subsets

Historical gangs[edit] The Inner City Posse (ICP), a now defunct gang founded by Insane Clown Posse member Joseph “Violent J” Bruce in the late 80s. The gang became the original name of the “I.C.P.” rap group, before the members decided to go with a horrorcore element to their stage presence.[1] Arizona[edit] Maricopa County[edit] The Juggalo Rydas Bitch (JRB) gang in Phoenix, Arizona.[2] The East Side Juggalos, a gang in Phoenix, Arizona.[2] The Red Hatchet Representing gang in Phoenix, Arizona. The gang is allies with the Bloods.[2] The Rez Life gang in Fort McDowell, Arizona. Pima County[edit] The Krazee Juggalo Mafia, a gang in Tucson, Arizona. California[edit] Solano County[edit] The 45’z[2] San Joaquin County[edit] The Homies for Life[2] The Lotis Pod Family[2] Stanislaus County[edit] The Modesto Family Klowns, a gang in Modesto, California[3] The Pyschopathic Criminal Klowns, a gang in Modesto, California[3] The Juggalo Rider Bitch gang, a gang in Modesto, California[3] The Down 2 Party gang, a gang in Modesto, California[3] The Nothing 2 Lose gang, a gang in Modesto, California[3] El Dorado County[edit] The Hangtown Klownz[2] Colorado[edit] Aurora[edit] The A-Town Voodoo Clowns[2] Denver[edit] The Denver City Killaz (DCK) The Denver’s Most Hated Juggalos (DMHJ) The Eastside Juggalos (EJ) The Kritikal Klique Souljaz (KKS) The Suicidal Killaz (SK) Garfield[edit] The Juggalo Rydas[2] Pueblo[edit] The Pueblo Clown Posse, a gang allegedly linked to the West Side Crips in Pueblo.[2] The Pueblo Town Juggalos, a gang allegedly linked to the West Side Crips in Pueblo.[2] Florida[edit] Lake County[edit] The Kotton Mouth Kings (KMK), a gang named after the rap group of the same name.[2] Iowa[edit] Dubuque[edit] In Dubuque, the Juggalos are allegedly allies of the Gangster Disciples.[2] Illinois[edit] Jo Daviess County[edit] The West Syde Clown Ryders[2] The Juggalo Rydas Bitch (JRB) gang[2] The Juggalo Street Crew (JRC)[2] Kansas[edit] Sedgwick County[edit] The Juggalo $treet Mafia (J$M), a gang with ties to the Folk Nation[2] Wichita[edit] The Juggalo $treet Mafia (J$M)[2] The Kotton Mouth Klick (KMK)[2] The Northend Villains[2] The Juggalo Rydas Bitch (JRB) gang[2] Prison system[edit] The Juggalo Ryda East Coast prison gang. The gang has ties to white supremacist prison gangs.[2] Michigan [edit] Emmet County[edit] Juggalo Minish Boys (JMB)[2] Missouri[edit] The Juggalo Rydas Bitch (JRB) gang. On September 2008, gang member Dewey W. Dixon was arrested for shooting a vacant house with a Mac-10 semiautomatic machine gun. The failed drive-by shooting was intentionally for a rival.[4] North Carolina[edit] Statesville[edit] The Juggalos of Statesville, is a gang with ties to the Sureños.[2] Oklahoma[edit] Tulsa[edit] The Juggalo Ryders, a gang allies with the Piru Bloods.[2] The 3 Ring Clique, a gang allies with the Piru Bloods.[2] The Juggalo Gang, a gang allies with the Piru Bloods.[2] Norman[edit] The Juggalo Ryder Bitch (JRB) gang.[2] Pennsylvania[edit] Lackawanna County[edit] The Juggalo Rydas Bitch (JRB) gang. The gang is affiliated to both the Bloods and the Crips locally[2] Tennessee[edit] Knoxville[edit] The Three Star Ninjas[2] Sumner County[edit] The Juggalo Rydas[2] Texas[edit] Prison[edit] The Juggalo Rydas, a gang affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan, and the peckerwood gangs Aryan Circle, and Aryan Brotherhood.[2] The 3-11 Mafia, a gang affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan, and the peckerwood gangs Aryan Circle, and Aryan Brotherhood.[2] Utah[edit] Salt Lake County[edit] The DownTown Clowns[2] The East Side Juggalo Crew[2] The Kearns Town Juggalo Crew, a gang in Kearns, Utah affiliated with the Kearns Town Bloods.[2] The Juggalo Killers (JK) in Kearns, Utah (a gang that originated in Ogden, Utah – see below).[2] The Magna Town Wicked Clowns, a gang in Magna, Utah[2] The Juggalo Killers (JK) in Magna, Utah (a gang that originated in Ogden, Utah – see below).[2] Weber County[edit] The original Juggalo Killers (JK) in Ogden, Utah. The gang is the result of incarcerated Juggalos aligning with the Aryan Brothers Liberation gang in prison.[5] Virginia[edit] Fairfax County[edit] The Gangster Disciples in Rose Hill, Fairfax County, Virginia. Members reportedly “consider themselves Juggalos.”[3] Washington[edit] King County[edit] The Downtown Juggalos, a gang in Seattle, Washington. On April 14, 2008, gang member Steven Bauder was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the murder of homeless man Noel Lopez.[6] Pierce County[edit] The 253 Wicked Klowns, a gang allies with the Piru Bloods.[2] The Tak Town Klowns, a gang allies with the Piru Bloods.[2] The Juggalo Empire gang, a gang allies with the Piru Bloods.[2] The Psychopathic Juggalos, a gang allies with the Piru Bloods.[2] Prison system[edit] The Tac Town Klowns, a gang affiliated with white supremacist prison gangs.[2] The Juggalo Rydas Bitch (JRB) gang. The gang is affiliated with white supremacist prison gangs.[2] The 420 Goon Squad, a gang affiliated with white supremacist prison gangs.[2] Wisconsin[edit] Sheboygan County[edit] The Big Money Hustlas Sheboygan (BMH$), a structured gang in Northeast Wisconsin. In 2008, it was reported that the gang contains 8 members and 6 associates – ages 14 to 21. The gang was said to be implanted by Chicago Juggalo members whom were recruiting. The same report stated that the gang had been, “linked to crimes such as graffiti, possession of narcotics, and theft.” The gang’s colors are red, black, and white; and the gang’s hand sign is the gang’s traditional “WC” for “wicked clowns”.[7] In 2008, it was reported that the gang contains 8 members and 6 associates – ages 14 to 21. The gang was said to be implanted by Chicago Juggalo members whom were recruiting. The same report stated that the gang had been, “linked to crimes such as graffiti, possession of narcotics, and theft.” The gang’s colors are red, black, and white; and the gang’s hand sign is the gang’s traditional “WC” for “wicked clowns”.[7] In 2008, it was reported that the gang contains 8 members and 6 associates – ages 14 to 21. The gang was said to be implanted by Chicago Juggalo members whom were recruiting. The same report stated that the gang had been, “linked to crimes such as graffiti, possession of narcotics, and theft.” The gang’s colors are red, black, and white; and the gang’s hand sign is the gang’s traditional “WC” for “wicked clowns”.[7]

Two Juggalo gang members face Fresno firearm charges

Two men Fresno police say are members of the Juggalo street gang face felony firearms charges in separate cases.

The Juggalos are fans of the music group Insane Clown Posse and sometimes wear face paint and clothing with an emblem of a running man carrying a hatchet. In 2011, the FBI designated them a “loosely organized hybrid gang” that commits assaults and vandalism. That prompted the Insane Clown Posse members Joseph Bruce (Violent J) and Joseph Utsler (Shaggy 2 Dope) to file a lawsuit against the FBI, according to Law Enforcement Today. A judge dismissed the suit in 2014.

Fresno police Lt. Burke Farrah of the Street Violence Section said Juggalos are not major players among local gangs. The gun charges the two men face arose out of “interpersonal disputes,” he said.

Police say Daniel Casanova, 30, was arrested on suspicion of cutting a man across the face in August and then firing a handgun at a relative of the victim who was chasing him. Casanova was arrested last month and is charged with assault with a firearm.

Joseph Thomas, 26, is accused of a shooting Nov. 1 near a market at Fruit and Dakota avenues following a dispute with another gang member. He was arrested the following day on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Farrah said Juggalo gang members have kept a low profile for the past several years. At one time, members would gather at Cary Park near Fashion Fair mall. Juggalos also would sometimes be seen at Eaton Plaza in downtown Fresno. They no longer have a defined area in the city.

The Juggalos were designated by police as a street gang in the mid-2000s. To fit the legal definition of a gang, a group must have at least three members who use a common name, sign or symbol and commit crimes. For an individual to be designated a gang member, there are additional criteria, including tattoos, and how he or she self-identifies when booked in Fresno County Jail.

Juggalo gang member Sentenced to 18 Years in Winlock Shooting

A Winlock man who recently pleaded guilty to shooting his ex-girlfriend in the back on July 18 near Winolequa Park was sentenced to more than 18 years in prison Wednesday.
Joseph M. Lowery, 20, pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree attempted murder in the shooting. His sentencing was scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. The hearing had been rescheduled for 9 a.m. Oct. 1, but was rescheduled again for later in the day Wednesday.
Lowery was sentenced to 220 months, or just over 18 years, in prison with credit for 59 days served. He was also ordered to have no contact with the woman he is accused of shooting after his release.
According to court documents, Lowery shot the woman because she disrespected “the Juggalo family.”
The term “Juggalo” primarily refers to fans of the music group Insane Clown Posse. Law enforcement agencies consider some Juggalo organizations to be gangs.
A 16-year-old Centralia boy was also arrested after the shooting. He was charged in juvenile court with unlawful possession of a firearm and tampering with evidence.

North Carolina Woman Attacked by hatchet Wielding juggalo gang member

The attack happened at 4:30 a.m.

Nightmares can come true: a woman in North Carolina told police she was attacked in her home by an ax-wielding clown.

The victim told the police in Hickory, N.C. that a person wearing a clown mask and a multicolored wig had come by her residence at 4:30 a.m. Friday morning and began to swing his ax at her.

The victim was able to take the mask off the attacker and discover that it was an acquaintance of hers, who then fled the scene. She was not injured in the incident.

Hickory Police Department spokesperson Chrystal Dieter told TIME that there was an “outstanding warrant” against the suspect.

“Any law enforcement officer who comes in contact with the suspect in question will have full ability to arrest him,” Dieter said.

Dieter could not recall any previous cases of attackers masquerading as clowns. But the Hickory attacker would not be the first person to draw on the cultural image of the “creepy clown.” The town of Northampton, England has previously reported sightings of an individual dressed as the clown who roamed the streets and scared citizens.

Greatest day in juggalo holocaust history – Insane Clown Posse loses to FBI: Juggalos classified a gang

A US district court has reaffirmed the FBI’s decision to classify Juggalos—fans of the Insane Clown Posse music group—as a gang. The federal law enforcement agency has considered the followers gang members since at least 2011, when a report revealing the classification was leaked. The band reacted the way any violent gang leader would: by filing a lawsuit. RT’s Lindsay France takes a look at the court’s decision.

FBI and Local police agree – Juggalos are a gang


Over 30 confirmed juggalo gang memebers

Nazi juggalo gangs

FBI and Local Police both agree Juggalos are a gang.

This is too good.

Juggalo gang is Attacking People with Guns and Knives in France


juggalo france
For my entire life, when I’ve met new people and arrived at the point in the relationship where we find ourselves talking about our fears, I’ve come away feeling disappointed. Why? Well, here is a list of legitimate fears: attack dogs, STD tests, that heartbeat moment when you Snapchat your junk to someone and their name begins with the same letter as someone in your family, your house burning down in the night.

Nowhere on that list is the word clowns, because for a long time, being scared of clowns has been the most bullshit fear on Earth. It’s a fear adopted by teenagers who don’t know any better to make them seem interesting by association. It’s a fear sprung from seeing a picture of Pennywise from Stephen King’s It and thinking, Yeah, that seems like a cool fear.

But now I’m starting to think that the clown fearers might have a point, because gangs of young men have been marauding around France dressed as clowns chasing innocent bystanders with pistols, poles, knives, and bats.


Dont Believe ICP seminer – ICP still a gang on the FBI list and an appeal is still happening

Juggalos seem to be overlly excited because ICP said Juggalos aint a gang… But what they really said was very open ended.

Juggalos are no longer on gang list, FBI admitted they never meant to add all Juggalos.  However the FBI does keep an unofficial record that we could very much still be on. – Juggalos still on a gang list.

Appeal ruling about gang list could be announced within a few month. If they don’t win appeal next step is Supreme Court. If that happens ICP organizing march in Washington with free show at the end.  Although we are not on the list, the case does have to do with the included juggalos who were discriminated against. – The court case is still running.




Prosecutors: Winlock park shooter grew tired of ex-girlfriend disrespecting gang

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CHEHALIS – The 20-year-old who grew up in Winlock is being held on $500,000 bail, accused of leaning into the bushes and taking aim with a pistol – from some 50 feet away – at his former girlfriend as she sat alone next to a stream in the woods.

Shyann Gallimore, also 20, was struck in the back with what authorities believe was a 22 caliber bullet.

But it could be as long as two weeks before the round is removed, and examined.

“It ricocheted off something, and lodged in my shoulder,” Gallimore said yesterday.

The young woman was taken by a friend to Providence Centralia Hospital where she was treated and sent home the same night. Gallimore is home in Winlock, where she lives with friends she said are taking care of her.


The incident took place on the outskirts of Winolequa Park in the South Lewis County community. The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office said it happened about 6:30 p.m. on Saturday.

“This is a safety issue,” Lewis County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Sara Beigh said as she addressed bail for the suspect yesterday afternoon.

Lewis County Superior Court Judge Richard Brosey agreed the amount was appropriate.

The sheriff’s office reported the suspect had threatened violence before against the victim and made reference to an ongoing dispute.

Prosecutors in charging documents allege the suspect told deputies he had become tired of Gallimore disrespecting the “Juggalo family.”

Joseph M. Lowery is charged with attempted first-degree murder.

Prosecutors say he and a 16-year-old boy who was with him that evening admitted they are members of the Juggalo gang. And that on a previous occasion, Lowery had allegedly told the teen if he ever saw Gallimore in “his” woods, he would shoot her.

And that he would “put it on the hatchet,” a Juggalo term meaning promise, according to prosecutors.

Juggalo is a name used by fans of performance artists called the Insane Clown Posse. Federal law enforcement agencies identified Juggalos as a non-traditional type gang in 2011.

Whatever exactly the reason for the weekend shooting, temporary defense attorney Joely O’Rourke alluded to another possibility yesterday afternoon when the suspect was given a court appointed attorney.

“I suspect Mr. Arcuri will be asking for a mental health evaluation,” O’Rourke told the judge.

His mother was among those in the courtroom, to support him, O’Rourke said. And he has absolutely no criminal history, she said.

The sheriff’s office and charging documents give the following account of what took place:

Gallimore was at a mutual friend’s home on Limmer Road earlier on Saturday, and when she learned Lowery was headed there, she called a friend to pick her up near Winolequa Park to make sure she didn’t walk home alone. Gallimore was afraid of Lowery.

She walked to a trail leading to the park and was sitting down and on the phone with the friend when she heard a pop, felt pain in her back, reached around to touch and then found blood on her hand.

The friend, who Gallimore said is a roommate and like a little brother to her, took her to the hospital. That’s where deputies responded to learn what happened.

An X-ray revealed an object in her back consistent with a .22 caliber round. An injury near the middle of her back is consistent with a bullet wound.

When deputies located the 16-year-old later that night at a residence on Sears Road, he told them he and Lowery knew Gallimore was at Limmer Road and were on their way there, but as they got to the park, Lowery asked him for the .22 revolver in his backpack.

They went into the woods and as they walked up the trail they saw her, sitting next to the stream. The teen said Lowery told him to keep walking, and then Lowery leaned into the bushes and aimed the gun.

The teen said he heard a pop, he heard Gallimore yelling, and they ran away up a trail.

The 16-year-old, who also lives in Winlock, was booked into the Lewis County Juvenile Detention Center and yesterday, Judge Brosey found probable cause to hold him, as prosecutors requested, as an accomplice in the crime of attempted first-degree murder.

His bail was also was set at $500,000.

Prosecutors wanted more time to make a final decision, but the nature of the proposed potential charge, a class A felony, made it automatic the 16-year-old be handled in adult court, according to Lewis County Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor Brad Meagher.

However, today, Meagher said further review of the case indicated the more appropriate charges for the teen were only second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm and tampering with evidence. And prosecutors decided not to charge him as an adult.

The charges were filed today.

The 16-year-old, who had been moved to the Lewis County Jail, went before Judge Brosey once again this afternoon, for a juvenile detention hearing.

Deputy Prosecutor Joel DeFazio and a juvenile probation officer urged the judge to continue to hold the teen until his arraignment.

A major concern is the gun has not been recovered, Judge Brosey was told.

The teen was to be sent back to the juvenile detention following the hearing. Court appointed attorney Shane O’Rourke is representing him

The teen’s arraignment is Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. Lowery’s arraignment is Thursday at 10:40 a.m.

For background, read “Sheriff’s Office: Winlock woman shot in back in park by ex, survives” from Monday July 20, 2015, here