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More news on juggalo getting poisoned by faygo – juggalo cult

Juggalos drinking poisoned faygo ..

juggalos now giving each other a drink of the mighty death pop – and we told you that they will be impersonating jim jones in their juggalo death cult .


Juggalo Gang Mighty Death Pops Juggalos make an assassination attempt on JH member, fail miserably

This afternoon, 4 Juggalos affiliated with a southwest gang known as “The mighty deathpops” attempted to invade a JH members home and assassinate him. The Juggalos have been detained and shipped to a waterboarding facility.


Methodman Redman and tila tequila – Honorary members of the Juggalo holocaust

Methodman ,Redman and tila tequila have now been named as Honorary members of the Juggalo holocaust. Keep up the good fight guys and lets finish this juggalo problem once and for all.