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Jh comander wishing all juggalo holocaust members and juggalos a merry christmas and a happy new year

the juggalos numbers are dwindling.
we will end the juggalo before obamas out of office.
merry last Christmas juggalos

juggalos are a gang a cult or both?

whats the real answer?

juggalos follow crazy new age cult religion which forces them to paint there faces whilst spending millions on rubbish music.

whilst on the other hand they vandalize houses , hurt the public and paint racist images on walls?

juggalos are both a cult and a gang.

juggalo holocaust will stop you


Twiztid Talks about the Juggalo Holocaust

Video of twiztid talking about the juggalo holocaust , juggalo hate and land of the banned

<a href=”http://landofthebanned.com”>Land of the banned</a>
We aint going to bow down to gangs especialy those wearing face paint

Sacrifical Juggalo Holocaust

DOWN!!! with the CLOWNS!!!
help end the era of the juggalos
they are nothing but gang members so we have made our own fix……

has the juggalo holocaust been exposed


the juggalo holocaust has been exposed. hear the radio show exposing us.

you want news you need to hear this, you want to be safe you need to hear this.


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