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National report (LOL) Juggalo gang now hurting and abusing animals at the gathering of the juggalos 2015

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COLUMBUS Ohio – Police at the state and local level in Ohio have reported numerous accounts of cruelty and inhumane conduct toward animals attributed to Juggalos within a ten (10) county area in the middle of the state. According to the Washington Post Dispatch, the incidents range from cow tipping, sheep shaving, and in worse cases, ritual sacrifice and other unspeakable acts that this news outlet will not reveal in any specific detail.

Police have no leads other than the reports of witnesses and in the refuse found at the locations. Empty plastic bottles of Faygo Grape Flavoured soft drink, clown makeup dispensing paraphernalia, and piles of miscellaneous garbage and marijuana “roaches” are being found strewn about the numerous crime scenes, all of which have occurred within a 40 mile radius of an upcoming Juggalo Riot scheduled for this weekend.

Juggalos are the deranged followers of the rock band Insane Clown Posse. Their primary objective is to wield hatchets and frighten normal people wherever they go. Juggalos feel that if they can make people concerned for their own safety, people would leave them alone and the Juggalos could be free to “party” until they vomit or pass out. Juggalos are concerned only with gathering supplies and drugs for the next party and planning hedonistic fornication with willing or unwilling sorts. 50% of knockout games are attributed to Juggalos.

Unspeakable incidents of animal abuse are common among Juggalos. Their instructions from the Insane Clown Posse band members tell them to wreak havoc and mayhem wherever they go. Part of their “party” is black satanic masses that include having their way sexually with other Juggalos and unfortunately, with any poor animals that may be in the immediate vicinity. This behavior is considered a sacrament that Juggalos must perform to “earn their hatchets,” or patches that they wear on their jackets and hats.

 (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Juggalos wear a specific hatchet man (or woman) patch which is colored to indicate specific acts perpetrated by the Juggalo. Stars are awarded for “five-timers.” A red hatchet man patch means the Juggalo has ritually killed an animal. A blue hatchet man patch means the Juggalo has rendered an animal helpless and had perverted relations with it. A green patch means the Juggalo has tormented an animal to the point where it has been driven nuts and fled or killed itself.

  • Outside of Columbus, the Davison Family Farm was ransacked and befouled in an manner that caused Mr. George Davison to call local authorities in to investigate. Juggalos, in an apparent state of inebriation, allegedly broke down the wire fence housing the family’s chicken flock. Feed stolen from the barn was dumped in a line leading the fowl onto the street. Many birds perished in the road as oncoming traffic could not stop in time. The grizzly sight of feathers and chicken carcasses was disheartening to say the least. The Davison family plans to move to the city where George will attempt to find a manual labor job to support the family…another family uprooted by Juggalos.
  • In Newark, OH, evidence of ritual satanic sacrifice was found along with caches of Faygo Grape Soda bottles and other trash indicating a bonfire rampage. Almost 50 dead racoons, squirrels, and stray cats were found burned and mutilated in a large dugout. Veteran cops were sickened by the discovery. One officer had to be helped from the scene as the carnage was too graphic to witness with his own eyes. Another policeman said this crime scene was the worst he had ever laid his eyes upon in over 14 years on the job.
  • A sheep herder in Darbyville reported that 28 of his sheep were shaved completely of their wool and most of them are now easily spooked when approached by humans. Two sheep were found dead, also shaved, and clearly having had suffered unspeakable abuse before their passing. Faygo bottles were again discovered nearby as was a burned patch of land. It is believed the scorched earth was the result of carelessly thrown lit marijuana cigarettes.

Hellish mosh pits, similar to those found inside the venues at Juggalo rock concerts have been reported at farms and residences in the areas surrounding the Juggalo mob gathering place in Thornville, site of the upcoming ICP/Juggalo Riot. Arrests have been made, but police are frustrated to discover that many Juggalos are being released because judges claim they have no jurisdiction to arrest Juggalos just because they have hideous clown makeup on.

Police feel as if their hands are tied. On one hand, the profiling of a group of people based on their appearance or band they might like to follow is against the law in most states, but it is also obvious that the inhumanity done to these animals is the work of Juggalos. One cop, speaking anonymously, told this reporter that he was in favor of throwing handcuffs on anyone he sees wearing hatchet man identifications or adorned in the ghoulish makeup common to Juggalos.


Are some of you still convinced that Juggalos are just a misunderstood segment of society, people just a little bit different from you and I that deserve to be treated just as we would normal people? Are you sick of the self-aggrandizing nature of Juggalos who scream of stereotyping and profiling each time their actions are questioned? Are you as enraged as I that such degenerates are allowed to walk freely among us?

You have to ask yourselves if the FBI’s classification of Juggalos as a violent street mob is accurate. The more evidence you find, the more convinced you will become that the FBI is correct in their assertions. Even liberal groups are taking action against Juggalos.

I have used the gifts that Almighty God has given me to document many of the failings that the entertainment industry has thrust into our youth, and the ICP Juggalo crowd is right up there with the worst of them.

I will continue to investigate and document the social rot spewed forth by the ICP and their Juggalo followers despite the backlash I have and will receive after my ground breaking journalistic achievement. I expect awards and salutations from family and church groups as well as conservative media outlets as I did in my unparalleled coverage of the jamband menace. Despite this, please know that I am unable to perform my duty to inform without generous donation from you, the silent American that is as fed up as I am with counter-cultural decay. Your gift ($20 suggested) can be given to me, Cassidy Pen in care of the National Report.

– See more at: http://nationalreport.net/reports-of-animal-abusemutilations-around-gathering-of-the-juggalos/#sthash.2uHlkpYX.dpuf

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juggalo anthem -IS NOT appropriate for a 2 year old

bad parents to no end – notice the other child on the floor while this drug and violent song plays to a 2 year old so their father feels like a big man online , these kids will be messed up to no end and someone needs to get in contact to make sure these poor children have a safe home.

heres the fathers myspace http://www.myspace.com/zombiethyundead

here are the disgusting lyrics they had playing to 3 year olds

Juggalo Anthem Lyrics (Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
feat. Insane Clown Posse
(Violent J)
Killas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this bitch, up in this bitch
Killas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this biiiitch, blaze

(Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
G’s up, ridin’ from the cradle to the casket
And beyond, recognize thug shit
Poundin’ out the trunk bitch
Runnin’ wit’ a mother f**kin’ hatchet
you haters, you suck dick was a thug, became a G
B to the L to the A, Z, E, still dead
Still don’t give a f**k (give a f**k)
Sportin’ all black kahkis with the mother f**kin’ cuffs up
Smokin’ Hella trees, tryin’ to make a couple G’s
So a thug can get back on his feet
Mean muggin’, steady thuggin’
And I’m tryin’ to find the hoodrat’s all about f**kin’
Still loked out
All my dawgs from the past, dead or smoked out
Still tryin’ to come up on a lick for a phat ass ride
So I can drop the top, and parlay through the east side

Chorus(Monoxide Child)
Niggas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this bitch, up in this bitch! x 4

Bitches freeze, you aint a thug or a G or a banga’
[ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.org/vPk ]
You’s a studio gangsta
You aint about shit, scared to pull the trigga’
That’s what we call, a real bitch nigga’ (bitch nigga’)
Sneekin’ through the hood, throwin’ up a set
Hangin’ out the window, yellin’ idol threats

Check this out, I’m a check your chin
Close your mouth, ‘fore I put the barrel in
Dumpin’ clips in yo ass is what I’m all about
Straight G from the clique on a paper route
Still slappin’ off fake bitches with the Louiville
Beat a nigga’ to the pavement, another bitch killed

Chorus(Monoxide Child)

(Jaime Madrox)
This is the battle for the planets
We bring the thunder, givin’ half the advantage
F**k a style and a status
Half of y’all hummin’ off a half ass deal
And got the nerve to tell a mother f**ker ‘keep it real’
We see through y’all fools, like
cellophane on the square pack
You bite our shit, you can keep it, we don’t want it back
We don’t give a f**k, east side for life
And if you aint got heart, don’t
expect to have your shit tight
There aint no room for the hoe-hearted
We give a f**k where you at, or who you
wit’, or how you got started
F**k you and everybody in yo clique
If you don’t run wit’ a hatchet, or claim the Psychopathic
I aint got time, to say no names
It’s only 8 rhymes, no holla’, we been in the game
Besides f**k it, no speakin your name
You’re just a bitch in the game
And y’all niggas gone’ always be the same

Chorus x8