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Juggalo mad at gathering music festival name change

What up y’all? I just made this video after watching several videos on the topic of The Gathering no longer being “The Gathering of Juggalos,” but “The Gathering Music Festival.” I don’t know why this struck such a nerve with me…well I do because I love my Juggalo family. Please fam, I encourage y’all to watch and comment on this vid because I would like your opinions. MMFWCL Whoop Whoop!

This video is proof icp are mad with their own fam and dropping the name juggalo .




JUGGALO – YOU MAD – http://www.planet-lotb.com/forum/index.php

So, I was litteraly just looking up backrounds for myspace and came accrow this crap about a Juggalo Holocaust. Well it kind of makes me a little upset, and thats pretty hard to do, I am a juggalette. I am a calm person, I never really get mad. but when I read something like this I cant even really cogitate words. I dont understand why there is so much hate. I have gone my whole life never really getting made or hating people because thats not what I grew up with, best part about it is that my real family isnt the one that taught me how to live this way, my juggalo family is. And I know there is a lot of juggalos out there that give us a bad name but why judge eveyone for something only a few of us do. I have friends in like every state its not like we have to conform to just juggalos and juggalettes and like 80% of my friends are not in the fam, but we are real people and we are not a cult. We just choose to live our lives a little different from the average person. I have been in the fam for around 19 years, and I know what the family is about it is not everyone looking and acting the same and conforming to the same things we are all just conected by a common bond. That bond is that we just want acceptance for everyone. And the whole juggalos and lettes are retarded thing is starting to irritate me. I graduated on high honors at the top of my class and two years early from Calvary Chapel Christian Academy. Oh and my favorite color is pink, I listen to all music, just thought I would throw some random crap in there. Oh and for kicks, I go to church like 3 times every week, and my family (blood relatives) dont even believe in God, but my juggalo family well we all go and I could probably tell you more about the bible than anyone else. So please if you have a problem with juggalos and juggalettes please get ahold of me I am not saying I would change your mind about all of us but maybe you could make a new friend, and not be so judgemental. Thank you for your time. Hope you had fun reading this randomness. Keisha.
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