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Juggalo Claims ” At Least 2 % of Juggalos commit murder”

listen to what this juggalo claims at around 1 minute in- 2% of juggalos commit murder

if theres 1 million juggalos world wide that would make minimum of 20,000 juggalos who commit murders world wide.

Also juggalos are not a race so in no way are any juggalo haters racist..

BabyAxe – a Juggalo who approves juggalos commiting murder

lovely comment from a juggalette

hey probably diserved to die. i give NO fucks. whoop whooop. call me fucked up all you want. i’m twiztid ass bitch, and theres to many fukken people in this world anyways. ahahah. mmfwcl

this is the type of rubbish we deal with daily – shame on juggalos.

How a juggalo defends a murderer because he is a juggalo

A lovely comment by a juggalo defending a murderer who just got locked up for life , it doesnt get any lower then this juggalos where a criminal gets defended because he likes the same music as you SHAME ON YOU

By the way why the fuck is my boy Spader on the front page? Yea what he did was wrong, but Im tired of hearing all the bs about his case, I knew him personally and dont need to hear more about it. How about ya’ll move on with ur pointless lives and shut the fuck up about him or juggalos cuz we dont need it and neither does his family who have to suffer 4 shit they didnt even do.

notice he refers to him as his boy , what he did was wrong but he says we can ignore it , he then has a problem with people commenting about him and juggalos and his “Family” most likely his juggalo family are sick of it.


Victims Of Juggalo Cult Terrorism Part 2.

More pictures of innocent people lost to the violent cult/gang knows as Juggalos.

All of these people were killed for not being Juggalos.

Rest In Peace.