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UNJF (united nazi juggalo front ) Lette

Juggalos stooping to even worse levels – juggalos are supposed to be against bigotry and racisim but another juggalette shows her true UNJF colors.


United Nazi juggalo Front – Leaders exposed

3 of the leaders of the juggalo nazi group have been exposed by jh member boy blue aka buttsecks.

Juggalos – Don’t stop believin’ in the UNJF

Reppin’ wicked county it’s the 936 Juggalos. SIEG WOOP!
Don’t stop believin’, the UNJF is gaining numbers.

UNJF – United Nazi Juggalo Front

Be on the look out for a group of super juggalos the  UNJF or United Nazi Juggalo Front.

UNJF is a bunch of juggalos who are nazi sympathizers .

Can juggalos sink to a new low after their action at this years gathering with the stoning of tila tequila?

Juggalos want to murder haters and use Nazi imagery

we must rise againt those who hurt us!

Juggalos now wish to murder everyone who hates them and use nazi symbols like the swastika to get their point across.

The truth seems clearer a real Juggalo is a racist nazi juggalo.