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Another Nazi juggalette – UNJF MEMBER SEIG WHOOP

nazi juggalette

For all this talk about anti racism and juggalos not being racists , theres is a hell of a lot of nazis running with the hatchet.
Once again another UNJF (united nazi juggalo front) member posts their pic and the other juggalos pretend she isnt really down when

United Juggalo Extermination Group

this group was made to end the UNJF united juggalo nazi front
United Juggalo Extermination Group all juggalos must join to save their image.
Juggalo wars are running wild whos the real juggalo the nazis or the non nazi juggalos ????

New Hatchet Gear Belt Buckle – Hatchet Man Nazi

hatchet man nazi
New hatchet gear has 4 hatchet men whose feet go and form a swastika
now icp is catering for the nazi juggalos like the UNJF. Swastikas now make it look like juggalos support the holocaust.


UNJF (united nazi juggalo front ) Lette

Juggalos stooping to even worse levels – juggalos are supposed to be against bigotry and racisim but another juggalette shows her true UNJF colors.