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Twiztid.com hacked – official twiztid website taken down


Go to the url… It says “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED”
Our internet account has been hacked! Therefore our account has been suspended. Welcome to cyber hell llal working relentlesly to fix it.
Juggalos are already blaming esham for the hacking…..

Juggalo does what Icps lyrics tell him and stabs teacher

I couldn’t stand the pressure, not another day
I didn’t like the f_cker Mr. Johnson anyway
I sat up in his class, he hung a rebel flag
I cut the bigot’s head off and I stuffed it in my bag

Insane clown posse sings about hurting people in education , this leads to Juggalo gang member actions while he pleads not guilty to stabbing Flathead High teacher

KALISPELL – The teenager who allegedly broke into a Kalispell family’s home in December and stabbed a Flathead High School teacher pleaded not guilty Thursday to three felony offenses, including attempted murder.

Dante Kirpal Kier, 19, appeared for the arraignment hearing in Flathead County District Court. The hearing had twice been postponed until Kier could be evaluated by a mental health professional, who recently determined that he is competent to stand trial. Kier faces charges of attempted deliberate homicide, aggravated burglary and assault with a weapon.

The charges relate to a Dec. 12 home invasion in southeast Kalispell, during which high-school teacher Brian Bay was stabbed. According to court records, Kier admitted to the crime, telling investigators with the Kalispell Police Department that he broke into the residence intent on killing the homeowner because “it felt good.”

Records state that Bay was fixing a dishwasher at the time of the burglary and went into his garage to retrieve a tool; when he went back inside the home, he found Kier in the hallway holding a wooden-handled steak knife.

The homeowner confronted Kier but the intruder allegedly stabbed him in the upper arm and inside the mouth. He also tried stabbing Bay in the ribs “numerous times,” but the man wrestled Kier to the ground while his wife called police. The couple’s children were also home but were not injured. Bay was treated at Kalispell Regional Medical Center and released.

Kier grew up in the Kalispell area, but until recently had been living in Santa Barbara, Calif., where he has a criminal conviction for entering a non-commercial dwelling in 2010. He returned to the Flathead Valley last fall to reconcile with his mother.

Kier’s father, George Kier, said his son has a history of mental illness and was living at a psychiatric hospital in California shortly before returning to Montana. ( WHY ARE HIS PARENTS LETTING A PERSON WITH MENTAL ILLNESS LISTEN TO ICP – BAD PARENTS)

In the weeks leading up to his arrest, Kier’s psychotic behavior had been escalating, his father said, and resulted in a 72-hour commitment to Pathways Treatment Center in Kalispell. He was also arrested for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Kier’s mother and stepfather obtained orders of protection against the teen because he threatened to kill them, according to Kier’s mother, who asked that her name not be published.

Police officers canvassed the neighborhood after the home invasion and spoke with several neighbors who reported finding notes on their windows that stated “your house is being watched tonight by … the creeps.”

Kier also claimed to be a member of the Insane Clown Posse gang and referred to himself as a Juggalo, court records state. According to the FBI’s 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment report, the Juggalos pay homage to the Detroit-based hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse and have recently been classified as a gang. The band is not associated with the gang.

Kier, who was staying at the Outlaw Hotel in Kalispell at the time of the alleged offense, remains in custody at the Flathead County Detention Center.

If convicted of attempted deliberate homicide, he faces a maximum punishment of life imprisonment.

Reporter Tristan Scott can be reached at (406) 730-1067 or at tscott@missoulian.com.

Read more: http://missoulian.com/news/local/juggalo-gang-member-pleads-not-guilty-to-stabbing-flathead-high/article_00da1e44-58fa-11e1-8389-001871e3ce6c.html#ixzz1npQKs9B8

Juggalos and Japan

Some Juggalo decided to visit lotb forums today talking about how jh can keep making posts against juggalos while there is a tragedy in japan.
Please note so far none of the major juggalo website including faygo luvers , true juggalo family or juggalo news have mentioned this tragedy on their websites .
while lotb had a thread worried about members and the japenese people as soon as it happened.

Violent Js last tweet – what about your juggalo fam in japan ??
“Mu Fukas on Twitter wait for a ninja to slip and say some dumb shit so they can attack! But I gives no fuck what I say bitch I eat poop whut”

Text the word “REDCROSS” to 90999 to give a ten dollar donation. Charges will appear on your next wireless bill.

Juggalo / Juggalette criminals – Three Females Arrested in Grisly Gallup Slaying

Once again juggalos are caught and they allegedly commit vile crimes and not one juggalo website reports them . Lets have some fairness in the juggalo media .

Three female suspects, including one adult and two juveniles, have been arrested for the brutal murder of a 19-year-old woman whose charred remains were found in a ditch near Gallup’s Stagecoach neighborhood on Feb. 16, the Gallup Herald said in a story on Facebook this week.

Marris Yazzie, 17; Larita Smith, 21; and a third suspect who is 18 but whose name hasn’t been released, all are facing charges of first-degree murder in the death of Colleen Lincoln, which police believe occurred on or about Dec. 23, 2010, according to arrest warrants in the case.

Gallup police learned on Feb. 16 that the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been looking into a missing-person report filed on the Navajo Nation and had received a tip from a female who said she had information on how Lincoln had been killed in the Gallup area and her body possibly had been burned, the Herald said.

Investigators went to a field south of Arnold Street where they found a human skull in a ditch, along with human hair and a leg bone, remains which were determined to be Lincoln’s, Gallup police Sgt. Matt Wright told the Herald.

Lincoln’s skull appeared crushed with a rock and her body was set on fire, the paper reported.

Although the three female suspects appeared to be associated with a “social movement” known as the Insane Clown Posse, according to investigator John Yearley, the District Attorney’s Office believes the killing was the result of a robbery gone violently wrong and not gang-related, the Herald said.

Read more: ABQNews: Three Females Arrested in Grisly Gallup Slaying