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Juggalo parent swares at children

At least the child is eating healthy while the mother rots his mind with vile icp music

Bad mother gets child to fight online battle – gets baby to say shit etc

The poor baby does not even know how to speak yet and his juggalo mother is making him say words like shit to fight a youtube battle.

Words cannot even begin to describe how mind numbingly stupid juggalos are. Please give up your child immediately so he has a chance at a decent life.

Bad Juggalo Parents strike back – tattoos on toddlers

A lovely comment posted by bonnie

Yes i would. Im 13 my mom let me get 4 icp tattoos. Now. Say when you was a kid and your mom told you that you cant go or do something. How mad was you? Do you want your kids to feel like that.


Your mother should be ashamed and you should be taken away – what a poor exuse for a mother – since you would of got mad she took you to get 4 tattoos ??? either you are a liar or your mom is a mental case or both .



Juggalos Should not be allowed to raise children

Someone get child services over there now as these juggalos need some serious help

As said thousands of times CHILDREN SHOULD NOT LISTEN TO ICP

when will juggalo scum learn

The only solution for these juggalos parents castration or sterilization