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Teach a child to swear , Throw a bottle of soda on them , Happy Birthday you poor child of a juggalo

Happy birthday to this poor child , whos lovely juggalo parents throw soda onto and yell swear words at.

Juggalo Child Abuse – Do juggalos need a license to breed ?

Nice music for a child

brainwash your children

Clean your Floor – Replace your couch and teach your juggalo to read

Get a vacuum
put on icp on your ipod
clean the floor
then read your kid a book

Disgusting Juggalo Mother – Swears infront of children

Listen to her disgusting language – one person says shes a pill popper and uses drugs , while the mother lights up.

Concerned Mother Saying No To Juggalos

My heart Breaks reading things like this .
“I’m a mother of two Juggalos, one 19 and the other 16. I have been trying for a couple of years to get them to quit this “Gang.” It’s been nothing but heartache and trouble ever since they’ve been involved. Everything from fighting to stealing and doing drugs. Their so called “Family” is nothing but a made up group of stoners, drop-outs and thieves (the cream of the crop). A lot of these kids come from disfunctional homes and some are even homeless, they spend their nights begging for money.

It’s really big out here in our community, Santa Clarita, California. There have been reported incidences of Rapes, Kidnappings, Robberies and Drugs. They really are no different from any other gang.

My 16 year old is getting help from a psychologist, but he refuses to leave the Juggalos. It’s a tough road to go down, please think twice before ever getting involved with this gang or any other.”

So for all parents of juggalos SAY NO TO A JUGGALO – http://saynotojuggalos.weebly.com/index.html

juggalo anthem -IS NOT appropriate for a 2 year old

bad parents to no end – notice the other child on the floor while this drug and violent song plays to a 2 year old so their father feels like a big man online , these kids will be messed up to no end and someone needs to get in contact to make sure these poor children have a safe home.

heres the fathers myspace http://www.myspace.com/zombiethyundead

here are the disgusting lyrics they had playing to 3 year olds

Juggalo Anthem Lyrics (Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
feat. Insane Clown Posse
(Violent J)
Killas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this bitch, up in this bitch
Killas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this biiiitch, blaze

(Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
G’s up, ridin’ from the cradle to the casket
And beyond, recognize thug shit
Poundin’ out the trunk bitch
Runnin’ wit’ a mother f**kin’ hatchet
you haters, you suck dick was a thug, became a G
B to the L to the A, Z, E, still dead
Still don’t give a f**k (give a f**k)
Sportin’ all black kahkis with the mother f**kin’ cuffs up
Smokin’ Hella trees, tryin’ to make a couple G’s
So a thug can get back on his feet
Mean muggin’, steady thuggin’
And I’m tryin’ to find the hoodrat’s all about f**kin’
Still loked out
All my dawgs from the past, dead or smoked out
Still tryin’ to come up on a lick for a phat ass ride
So I can drop the top, and parlay through the east side

Chorus(Monoxide Child)
Niggas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this bitch, up in this bitch! x 4

Bitches freeze, you aint a thug or a G or a banga’
[ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.org/vPk ]
You’s a studio gangsta
You aint about shit, scared to pull the trigga’
That’s what we call, a real bitch nigga’ (bitch nigga’)
Sneekin’ through the hood, throwin’ up a set
Hangin’ out the window, yellin’ idol threats

Check this out, I’m a check your chin
Close your mouth, ‘fore I put the barrel in
Dumpin’ clips in yo ass is what I’m all about
Straight G from the clique on a paper route
Still slappin’ off fake bitches with the Louiville
Beat a nigga’ to the pavement, another bitch killed

Chorus(Monoxide Child)

(Jaime Madrox)
This is the battle for the planets
We bring the thunder, givin’ half the advantage
F**k a style and a status
Half of y’all hummin’ off a half ass deal
And got the nerve to tell a mother f**ker ‘keep it real’
We see through y’all fools, like
cellophane on the square pack
You bite our shit, you can keep it, we don’t want it back
We don’t give a f**k, east side for life
And if you aint got heart, don’t
expect to have your shit tight
There aint no room for the hoe-hearted
We give a f**k where you at, or who you
wit’, or how you got started
F**k you and everybody in yo clique
If you don’t run wit’ a hatchet, or claim the Psychopathic
I aint got time, to say no names
It’s only 8 rhymes, no holla’, we been in the game
Besides f**k it, no speakin your name
You’re just a bitch in the game
And y’all niggas gone’ always be the same

Chorus x8


Juggalo children indoctrinated into juggalo cult

Juggalo children indoctrinated into juggalo cult

Another Juggalo brainwashes children

its not cute , its not funny , its pathetic and wrong to brainwash children to sing rude icp songs . Bad juggalo parents strike back.

Bad mother gets child to fight online battle – gets baby to say shit etc

The poor baby does not even know how to speak yet and his juggalo mother is making him say words like shit to fight a youtube battle.

Words cannot even begin to describe how mind numbingly stupid juggalos are. Please give up your child immediately so he has a chance at a decent life.