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Juggalos burning people in denver – Police say The Juggalos are a headache to me.

Wow this news needs to get out into the public , 8 juggalos set fire to a boy in Denver this February . Was this horrific juggalo crime some ritual sacrifice , juggalo gang revenge or did they want to recreate some scenes from the wraith.
The longer i investigate juggalos the more i am disgusted.

A crime in February at a house party elsewhere in the city served as one catalyst for the newly reinitiated patrols, said Tony Lopez, commander of Denver Police Department District 6, which includes the mall. In that incident, eight men are accused of setting a 14-year-old boy on fire in the 500 block of South Decatur Street.
All eight are Juggalos, a name given to followers of the hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse. Though many Juggalos are simply fans, a number have been linked to criminal activity throughout the country.
Though the crime occurred outside of downtown, police found and arrested most of the suspects on the mall, where many Juggalos hang out, Lopez said.
“That showed us the challenges that we have down there,” Lopez said. “The Juggalos are a headache to me.”
The arrests, coupled with complaints that “perceived” behavior among some of the mall’s denizens makes many people uncomfortable, led to police looking at what could be done to improve the environment, Lopez said.

Read more: Denver police revive foot patrols on popular 16th Street Mall – The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/commented/ci_17967639?source=commented-#ixzz1LKqTQu5Q
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In the words of the ICP song the wraith “Three little kids caught inside a burning home
he’ll just sit there and wait for ’em ,leave ’em alone!”

What juggalos and insane clown posse do to youth – son was brainwashed by insane clown posse

heres a parents comments about their son being a juggalo – it breaks my heart how a good kid can now go on a bad path by following the crowed and becoming a juggalo .

I have a 13 year old son who attends school here on the reservation (no its not a forgien country). These “juggalos” are a huge problem here as well. The Canyon Day junior High School had to take action to completely ban, any type of association with this band/group, “ICP”.
My own child was getting caught up in the situation, he was making self tattoos on his body, wearing the clothing under his uniform, and had his ipod on 24-7. Its almost like he was being ‘brainwashed‘. His grades droped dramatically in school, his entire attitude was negative. I honestly believe listening to this music had a lot to do with it.
As a parent I took responsibility and sat down with my son and listened to the music, from what I could hear and understand the music ‘defies authority’, encourages ‘self mutilation’, and was singing about ‘God’. Ok i don’t think it was gospel music, and don’t think it was our lord and savior ‘God’, that they were singing about.
I have since taken his ipod away and have erased the memory off of our computer. In hopes that this will keep him from listening to the music. 13 years old is a hard age and my son did not need this negative type of influence. As a parents we need to be more aware of what our children are listening to. I did know but did not make an effort to listen, until it got out of hand.

Methodman Redman and tila tequila – Honorary members of the Juggalo holocaust

Methodman ,Redman and tila tequila have now been named as Honorary members of the Juggalo holocaust. Keep up the good fight guys and lets finish this juggalo problem once and for all.