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Insane clown posse – Juggalo Racism – Jail Bird Man

jail bird man

Beginning (1983-1986)

Utsler began wrestling alongside his brother John and his friend Joseph Bruce. The three got involved in backyard wrestling, and created two backyard wrestling rings for their made up promotion Tag Team Wrestling, later renamed National All-Star Wrestling.[21] The trio staged National All-Star Wrestling’s first show, NAW Wrestling Extravaganza, in front of friends and family. Among others, the show featured Bruce wrestling under the moniker Darryl “Dropkick” Daniels, and Joey Utsler wrestling as both Rhino, and the masked NAW World Champion White Tiger.[21] Utsler stopped wrestling after becoming involved in gang life and forming Inner City Posse.

This wrestler is called jail bird man and dipicts a African American making a stupid face as a jail bird – well done icp.

Racist Juggalo does Blackface – racism in juggalos

A juggalo dresses in blackface and posts on youtube – what is the world coming to, he must be part of the UNJF or one of those racist juggalos which do not exist according to the thousands of emails i get .

Shame on you and your true juggalo family , you are nothing but a racist and you should be disowned by your juggalo family – which wont happen as the majority of juggalos are racist.

More Juggalo Racism

1 hour ago

@buttsecksJNW are you fucking stupid? thats esham you stupid fucking nigger.

this is a white juggalo calling esham and other people the N WORD ,  this is how the majority of juggalos are racist and hate filled.