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Mialette – why juggalos lie about their lives – gathering of the juggalos sucide cult

Another juggalette that needs some professional help and her child removed from her MiaLette aka  teo_inspiresme@yahoo.com

I went to the gathering 2010- My first one and you know why? To run away and get a break- its a FAMILY REUNION with live music! The first thing they told me when I got there was “Welcome Home”, thats all i NEEDED at the time – which might I add I hitch hiked 60 miles after taking a grey hound all the way across the country so I could be with My FAMILY

she hiked 60 miles – sob story

During my hard time. I found support, love, fun, and so many cool people with cool stories from everywhere. The grey hound bus took all my luggage before I could even get there- I had nothin when I got there.

but now somehow she was robbed then bus driver wanted her nasty clothes and copy of behind the paint

The amount of love at the gathering was enough to take care of me make me re-think my suicide I had initially planned out for my return home!

an explication point she planned to commit suicide but it was the juggalo love that stopped her ending it all when she came back from the gathering – something is clearly wrong here and its just another juggalo lie.

I just want stupid people to realize WE ARE NOT A CULT, we are a family who just take care of eack other.

sounds like a juggalo cult to me deary you were going to commit suicide after the gathering of juggalos .

I have a two year old son that says whoop whoop in pride,

i can see why you wanted to end it all now you failed your child

husband who is Juggalo straight up who (Oh MY GOD, Imagine that)

so the father is also to blame

Just enlisted into the military to fight for you biggets.

really now im a bigot because i dont like juggalos what are you a race or religion.

Juggalo holocaust my ass-when i was a kid and those stupid little kids would beat my ass in the locker room, guess who stood up for me?

i dont know but i bet it was the juggalos in 3rd grade

It sure as hell wasnt no fuckin honor roll student(that was the bitches  against me)

i believe that statement

and I never did anything for that,

I never gave them a reason to fuck with me- you cant help being the ugly fat girl nobody wanted around.

maybe if you tried out for a sport or studied harder you could of fit in instead you dont nothing and became a juggalo who wants to commit suicide after the gathering.

Juggalos stood up for me!

When I went to school with broken ribs an black eyes from my dad- Juggalos saved my ass, babied me an put a stop to the abuse.

hahahahahahahahaahahahah really you got beat up by your dad and your school then those who picked on you at school got a change of heart – you are a liar .

And When I took a bad turn, Juggalos helped me see the light an clean up.

so juggalos helped you so much you were contemplating suicide after the gathering .

So for all you dumb ass judgemental people- Fuck off-

dont judge a juggalo who is a bad mother , a slob , teaching her kid nothing but rubbish then going to off herself after a concert – you are scum .

You’ll never know love till you know what a real juggalo is!

what a bad juggalo parent who wants to off herself after a concert she attended while leaving her young child at home – true juggalo family right there.

Its too over you close minded stuck up heads. Just trying to think down to your level of judgementation gives me a migrane headache!

judging bad mothers is allowed


we are the 6th and 7th jokers card to you

And to the Fam-See you next year!

if she doesnt off herself first or her child gets taken away

WHOOP WHOOP! MCL! An straight up thank you!
MiaLette–an proud of it!
PS Its not like none ya’ll havent ever heard of Vanilla Ice, Coolio or Ice T- guess what they are on our side bitches!  We are everywhere!

Another Juggalo or juggalette that needs mental help – she wanted to go to the gathering , commit suicide afterwards but was a juggalo all her life so it looks like juggalos dont really have the love she claims . She also wants to go to next years gathering .

What is it with juggalos making up lies .

ICP recommending Suicide – proof and Lyrics

A Juggalo Claims “N icp’s lyrics say absolutely nothin bout killen urself, or anything even close to tht!!! Fuck all u juggalo haterza, we dnt have time to listen to ur bullshit, by the way country is actaully considered the most suicidal muzik there is, fuq u!!! Mmfwcl… ”

Lets post some Lyrics where icp recommends and promotes suicide to juggalos

Please see a depression center in you nearest state if you want to take your life , we at JH dont condone the message given by icp and other bands in their group.

Lyrics are only posted for parents and welfare groups to see the damage icps music can do to innocent lives.

ICP – Aint Your Bidness

Maybe i’m upset that you left me, i‘ll hang myself right above your bed ” you should try suicide”

Icp – Piggy Pie

Skit at the end of song has one of the insane clown posse taunt someone into committing suicide.

Icp – Suicide Hotline

Entire song is a fake call to a suicide hotline with lines such as
“Theres so many fuckin reasons why I dont even need to be here anymore, Imma put a slug in my fuckin head” and “I dont wanna look back ’cause its gonna hurt
I slice my wrist and It’s gonna squirt” –

while the song ends with a positive the caller changes his mind it is still scary the message this sends out.

Twiztid – Death Note

Need another second to deliberate another way to go
Something way more artistic and a lot more painful
Sleeping pills, no that’s wack
They can pump your stomach and you’ll come right back ”

Now that you know that it’s time to go (die)
Whatcha gonna write in your death note (suicide)
If you tell me how the story unfolds (die)
Tell me what’s to cause your let go (and they say) ”

and more explicit lyrics from dark lotus song – hurt myself

“If you fail just return to start
Self defecation is a beautiful art”

Again as parents you should be asking yourselves should my children be listing to icp , if your child is moody or depressed please ban them from listing to icp.

Please see a depression center in you nearest state if you want to take your life , we at JH dont condone the message given by icp and other bands in their group.

“Popular” schoolgirl dies in ‘juggalo sucide cult’

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Popular and fun-loving (Yeah fu*king right) schoolgirl killed herself after becoming involved in a self-harming youth cult which glamorises death, an inquest has heard.

Hannah Bond, 13, hanged herself from a bunk bed in her bedroom with a tie believing her death would impress fellow followers of the “Juggalo” movement, it was said.

The teenager, who left a suicide note and used the nickname “Living Disaster”, committed suicide after flippantly telling her parents, “I want to kill myself”, when she returned late from a friend’s house.

They dismissed the comment and said “don’t be silly” but an hour later found her suspended an inch from the floor.

They dialled 999 and paramedics battled for over an hour to save her but she had lost consciousness and died.

Roger Sykes, the coroner who recorded a verdict of suicide, found aspects of the youth movement, which began in America, “very disturbing”.

He said: “A girl of 13 years old has taken her own life for no reason that by anyone could be found to be justifiable.

“It is a terrible and tragic explanation to what happened. It is not glamorous, just simply a tragic loss of such a young life.”

Maidstone Coroners’ Court heard that Hannah, of East Peckham, Kent, had lived a double life, outwardly a bright fun-loving family-orientated schoolgirl, but inwardly a devotee of “Icp” which owns the Juggalos.

She had secretly chatted to “Juggalo” followers online all over the world, talking about death and the glamorisation of hanging and speaking about “the Carnival” – a place where “juggalo” believe they go after they die.

She had even scratched her wrists in a form of self-harm often seen as a form of initiation into the popular fashion and lifestyle fad followed by young people who dress in clown make up like their older “Goth” crowd.

On her page on Bebo, the online networking site, she told friends with names like Sam Suicide, that she was obsessed with the American band Insane Clown Posse.

In a tribute book dedicated to Hannah at her school, one of her friends wrote, “I hope you enjoy the Carnival in the sky”, and it emerged another “Juggalo” girl at Hannah’s school, Mascalls Secondary School in Paddock Wood, Kent, had tried to kill herself a year ago.

Her mother Heather, a housewife, told the court how she originally thought “Jugaglo” was a harmless youth movement.

She said: “She called Juggalo a fashion and I thought it was normal. I didn’t know about the cuts. She used to wear bracelets so her wrists were concealed.

“Hannah was just a normal girl. She had loads of friends. She could be a bit moody but I thought it was just because she was a teenager. In the months before she had become obsessed with the internet.

“But there were no signs this was going to happen. She had everything to live for.”

Her father Raymond, a martial arts instructor who broke down as he gave evidence, said he had noticed the marks on her wrist.

He said: “We discussed it when I noticed the marks. When I was younger I was a punk and we used to do tattoos and things, but I wasn’t angry with her because she promised me she would never do it again.

“Although she was in touch with Juggalos all over the world, particularly in America, she was still in touch with the same girl she always was.

“The night before she died she came into my room and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said ‘I love you dad.’”

Vanessa Everett, her headteacher, told the inquest that none of her teachers felt she had any issues.

“She was a popular and bright girl who had achieved merits day in and day out right up until the day of her death,” she said.

She said they had been aware of “superficial self-harm” among younger students who had joined the Juggalo clan, but said it was difficult to determine those intent on harming themselves and those using it as “a fashion statement.”

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