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Bad Juggalo Parents strike back – tattoos on toddlers

A lovely comment posted by bonnie

Yes i would. Im 13 my mom let me get 4 icp tattoos. Now. Say when you was a kid and your mom told you that you cant go or do something. How mad was you? Do you want your kids to feel like that.


Your mother should be ashamed and you should be taken away – what a poor exuse for a mother – since you would of got mad she took you to get 4 tattoos ??? either you are a liar or your mom is a mental case or both .



Juggalos – the Argument in Favor of Involuntary Sterilization

hilarious post

Argument in Favor of Involuntary Sterilization

One might think that a sufficient punishment for being a Juggalo is, well, being a Juggalo. I mean, lord knows that most people who one day find themselves surrounded by grease-painted morons swilling off-brand corn syrup would wonder what they did to deserve such a fate. And yet, sometimes it doesn’t seem like enough.

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