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Juggalos Rip off Shirt and hurt little girl – then brag about it online

Looks like juggalos dont support free speech
According to this guy , him and his friend saw a girl in a juggano shirt so they hurt her and tore it off.
Juggalos support violence against women – if they aint down with the clown.

tshirts = criminal fine – juggalo gang member

Round of applause for the teacher taking a stand
ban the juggalo gang.

XXXXXXL sized shirt on hatchetgear O_O

Holy shit theres a XXXXXXL sized shirt on hatchetgear


Violent J needs clothes too.

Juggalo Holocaust Bans ICP Shirts In School

Grand Junction, Colo (KKCO)-“You know I think the most important thing is that students need to dress comfortable, they need to be ready to learn,” says Christy McGee with School District 51.
McGee says, “It may be slotted as a back to school fashion item but it may not actually fit the guidelines in the parent student handbook.” She says the dress code is mostly common sense, but there are a few things to watch for. “No gang paraphernalia, no drug paraphernalia,” says McGee. That also includes clothes with alcohol or tobacco adds on them. And like McGee said before, just because you see it on the mannequin doesn’t mean it’ll work in class. “No hats in school is another common one,” she says. Insane clown posse t–shirts are also not allowed in school, either are spaghetti strapped tank tops or tube tops. One thing that is ‘in’ right now are the prices.

“Parents should really be looking for those sales and promotions to help save a little bit of money because they’re everywhere right now,” says Jammie McCloud with the Mesa Mall. McCloud says many stores are getting ready for cold weather, something Grand Junction doesn’t usually see till late in the season. “Right now stores are starting to clearance out there summer merchandise and a lot of these items are great for back to school,” says, McCloud.

Clothe shopping is also just like grocery shopping, don’t forget the coupons. McCloud says the mall offers special deals at that can be picked up at Guest Services. “We have all kinds of deals and coupons in our savings guide that parents can take advantage of,” she says.

Another good tip to keep those new duds from wandering off is to write you information on the inside of them. “So make sure names are in the jackets so that they don’t get tossed in the lost and found because we always have a bunch of lost and found jackets at the end of the semester,” says McGee.

When in doubt err on the side of caution, it’ll keep your kids looking like scholars all year long.

Shout outs to all JH members working behind the scenes to help end this plauge of Juggalos

Ban Icp Shirts – T-shirts fit for sale, but not to wear at Cape mall

T-shirts fit for sale, but not to wear at Cape mall

HYANNIS — An argument raging over a controversial band T-shirt is hitting sour notes this week at the Cape Cod Mall.

A Hyannis teenager shopping earlier this week at the mall was forced to flip inside out what security officers deemed to be an “inappropriate” T-shirt minutes after he purchased the shirt at a mall retailer.

Richard Gould, 18, bought the “Psychopathic Records” shirt, featuring the musical act the Insane Clown Posse, among others, Monday from Hot Topic, a music, clothing and merchandise chain.

He quickly put on the shirt, which depicts a cleaver-wielding silhouette on the back. But within minutes, a mall security guard forced Gould to turn it inside out and threatened to expel him from the building, citing the shirt as a gang symbol.

Gang shirts should be banned

Burning Juggalo Tshirts

A great move , we would have recommended they give a shirt to charity … however due to the nature and message of this article of clothing and the damage it could do to youth .. this was the best result. well done sir.

Hot Topic threw this shirt out after it didn’t get picked up on clearance…wonder why.
I never thought I’d ever have the chance to burn ICP shit before, since I never plan on ever supporting this trash, but the stars aligned and it happened.