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Juggalos: Not All Of Us Are Violent – Yet Most Are

REDDING, Calif. — A group of Juggalos tell us they don’t deserve negative attention and that the group actually prides itself on family and belonging.

KRCR News Channel Seven ran a story a few weeks ago about the “Juggalos,” people who follow the band The Insane Clown Posse.

Law enforcement considers them a gang and a recent murder in Redding has been tied to a Juggalo.

The Insane Clown Posse started out as hip-hop duo out of Detroit. Their lyrics are often violent and explicit. Radio stations won’t play their songs and MTV won’t show their videos, but they have developed a large group of very loyal fans. Some of them dress up and paint their faces like the two band leaders.

Our Juggalo story hit the internet and we’ve had people from all over the world e-mailing us, saying not all Juggalos are bad. Many also stressed that not all Juggalos treat the group like a gang.

Joseph Herinck is a Juggalo and Lacy Tomas is a Juggalette.

They tell us they grew up as outcasts until they got their hands on Insane Clown Posse CD’s. That’s what led them to the Juggalo community, where they say they are constantly surrounded by love and acceptance.

They admit that some Juggalos might commit crimes, but say a few bad apples shouldn’t ruin it for the whole bunch.

They tell us, “we are part of this community. We have families, we have jobs, we pay our taxes, we go to work everyday and it’s just kind of prejudice to me to be able to just sit there and say that every Juggalo is the same. People are gonna do what they’re gonna do regardless of what religion or you know, thing they’re a part of. We all might be Juggalos but we still make decisions that aren’t the best, individually.”

They tell us their figure, a hatchet man, symbolizes their Juggalo community. They say just because they have a symbol, doesn’t mean they’re a gang.

Herinck and Tomas tell us they like being Juggalos because it allows them to be around other people who share the same interests and taste in music.

They want to prove to the community that not every Juggalo is about violence. Herinck and Tomas say they even have plans of organizing some community clean-ups.

Lovely how the icp and juggalo media unit work , maybe if juggalos were not commiting murders , attacking people , drawing gang tags and making threats online and offline the police and media would leave them alone.

This site alone gets 2 threats a day from juggalos wanting to meet us and kill us


Juggalos passing violence to the next generation

Nice to be against gangs , but to get your point across , dont brainwash a little 6 year old kid , and make them do gang signs .LMFAO

My lil sister decided she had enough of the same shit I was having a problem with so she made her own video for you. She asks all Juggalos that want to act like gangsters a good question and then gives a good reason as to why that is wrong. She’s only six but she does a damn good job of getting her point across when she wants too. I don’t have a problem with real gangsters. I hate when someone acts like it to be cool. I don’t like fakes and I don’t like posers. I have a shitload of problems with the gangster wanna be’s and posers on here. the one’s who ACT like gangsters are the one’s I have a problem with. If they are real gangsters that’s great, if they just act like that to be cool it’s not ok.

Juggalo Claims ” At Least 2 % of Juggalos commit murder”

listen to what this juggalo claims at around 1 minute in- 2% of juggalos commit murder

if theres 1 million juggalos world wide that would make minimum of 20,000 juggalos who commit murders world wide.

Also juggalos are not a race so in no way are any juggalo haters racist..

Juggalo Band Twiztid – monoxide child Attacks Female Fan at concert

Original video taken down as juggalette was harrased by juggalos. Reuploaded many times now – Fair use policy.

We can see now where juggalos get their violence from – heres monoxide child attacking a innocent fan at a concert . The Female fan had her phone damaged and her arm badly hurt by the violent action of Twiztid member monoxide child.

As one juggalo says Monoxcide child did NOT have a right to kick someone’s personal PROPERTY out of their hand and INJURE a BODY PART. She had a right to film, seeing as the venue allowed it. Most venues determine whether or not people are allowed to film or take pics at request of the PERFORMERS BEFOREHAND. If they didn’t want it to be filmed so badly, they would have mentioned that to the venue management.

What surprise? It’s always the same damn thing.

Paul Methric you should be ashamed and to the poor fan attacked at the concert i hope you also learned that the juggalo family is not real.






Juggalo Gang Street Fight

What is it with juggalos and violence ?