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Insane clown posse do not follow god , They worship the Devil/ satan (witch)


Most juggalos come here and spout lies about the Insane clown posse and their alleged Christian religious beliefs to try and make us think what they are doing is good.

The truth is the polar opposite but many juggalos do not know the truth. Most juggalos quote the unveyling as some sort or religous song which negates everything the insane clown posse has said in the past .

The true belief on the insane clown posse can be seen throughout their many albums – the very next track after the unveyling is  walk into the darkness….

In the name of the witch I cut the head off a mule / I gutted it out put it on and then I wore it to school

The witch is the juggalos devil , ever notice a whole lot of witchcraft and magic refernces to juggalo music ??? They have alluded to other acts of witchcraft and satanism such as black mirror scrying , back masking and animal worship.

Alot of artists have left psychopathic records due to the satanism and satanic preferences of violent J and shaggy 2 dope , most notably esham who changed his way on his album repentance which cause the insane clown posse to all by force him to leave.