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Juggalo gang in sandy – SALT LAKE CITY

More and more concerned residents are speaking out about the juggalo gang problem in Sandy – Salt lake city. More and more police call outs and reports are occuring at a Sandy park and concered residents have had enough. A Juggalo by the Name of Katrina Lette has told planet-lotb news that “yeah we more then a gang , we more then a cult wes a family” . Juggalo gang is wide spread in utah with reports of the juggalo gang in Draper, Murray, South Jordan, Herriman, and Salt Lake. A local resident Bruce irving living near the park has told of their disgust “sure some are innocet but the others do some crazy things its like some sort of jones town rituals taking place yelling stuff about carnivals while throwing bottles around , its disgusting “.

After the attack on Tila Tequila at the gathering of the juggalos , more and more reports of the juggalo gang are surfacing , please be on the look out for some common gang paraphenlia such as a hatchet man – a logo of a clown carrying a meat cleaver , face paint , faygo bottles , gang hand signs in the shape of a WC – for wicked clown and the juggalo gang call sign Whoop Whoop.