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Juggalo holocaust – The album H8 Club


h8 club kill everyone back on top
h8 club kill everyone back on top back

shout outs to the crime family

Killa mo 187 , Rob D , King Rage , Critty , 2.F.A.C.E , Big Kurt , Rancid Child , EkX, Legend Kontract Killas and MiStA_mEnAcE

One of the biggest supergroups to hit rap since the Wu Tang Clan and La Coka Nostra.
The H8 Club mixes all styles of Hip Hop music and have banded together to bring Hip Hop back to it’s Roots

On a short video clip posted on YouTube, Killa mo took time out
from a studio session to speak on the upcoming
collaboration, entitled Hyrule Hyphy. “It’s
official, I got the album coming this summer,” he said.
“H8 Club Juggalo Holocaust,Kill Everyone Back on top. gonna be
crazy, y’all gonna love it like my step dads blazer.

Its out

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Track Listing

01 01:04 H8 Club – Warning to Juggalos
02 01.16 H8 Club – Rob D and Rancid Discuss Album
03 01:35 H8 Club – Kill the Server
04 00:08 H8 Club – Dont Mess With JH Ft. King Rage
05 01.08 H8 Club – Cowardz Juggalo Holocaust Remix
06 00:43 H8 Club – Juggalos on youtube ft. King Rage
07 02:47 H8 Club – Race war Ft Killa mo 188 and 186
08 04:02 H8 Club – Volume 1 Sampler