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LetteLove57 – Another Juggalo Who lies about being a juggalo


ICP has been around since 1989.That’s 21 years ago mothafucka.So she ain’t “mad”.Maybe you should do your research before you run your bitch ass mouth.

note to idiot juggalos out there the inner city posse are not the insane clown posse and no one ever listened to the innercity pose therefore you can only claim to have been a juggalo for 18 years , but even then the term did not exist untill much later untill it was made up by esham , therefore you can say you are a juggalo of up to 15 years , even then its because esham made the term up and it was not used by the insane clown pose , and down with the clown for 18.

anything different makes you a juggaho or a ninjette – juggalo words for posers or losers.