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Madrox wants juggalos to kill icp and twiztid –

Madrox if he had the chance to kill someone would kill racists or gay haters.
Nice one Madrox – Start with yourself
     whooop whooop but my fuckin question is i know yall r gettn older n shit but if you could fuck anyone up right now who would it be?


It’s hard to say – 1st off I don’t feel old so thanx for pointing out you think that we are (lol) as far as fucking some1 up… Not really sure that there is any 1 special person – but hate groups like racists and gay bashers are hella wack for thinking they are better than every1 – so yeah that’s my answer .

– Madrox

Bye Bye to Gay Haters ICP


Now all you juggalos who dont care that twiztid are hypocrites in their statement .

Juggalo Education – Identify icp members over maths

Juggalo Education: Madrox knows the fam!

“My 2 year old son, Madrox, identifying various members of Psychopathic Records from a collage I made.”

Firstly the son is named after a violent band member then they teach the child to identify shaggy 2 dope and hatchet man over maths or reading … probably the child’s lullabies contain the F word a juggalo education …..


Juggalo Gang Twiztid BANNED from Facebook

Thanks to all the JH members at planet-lotb.com for helping to get twizted banned off face book .

June 18, 2010

As all the Juggalos know, Twiztid recently started up their very own Facebook page that was straight BOOMIN’! In a short period of time they had amassed thousands of friends and it was turning into the hot spot for insider info direct from the demented duo themselves! Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it looks like Facebook just wasn’t ready for the likes of Madrox and Monoxide. It seems sometime throughout the night their Facebook page was disabled due to “explicit content”. When asked about the possibility of it being reactivated it was made very clear that this was not an option. Seems some of these social networking sites just aren’t ready for the wicked shit.

great job facebook and Thanks to all the JH members at planet-lotb.com for helping to get twizted banned off face book .