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More Juggalo Gang Murders on Trail

Three murder trials have been scheduled for this year in Monroe County.

Adam Lawruszkiewicz, 34, of Lawrenceville, N.J., will be tried March 1 on charges of fatally stabbing Marcin Taran, 23, of Gouldsboro, at a party in Middle Smithfield Township on New Year’s Day, 2010.

Police said Lawruszkiewicz told them the following:

Lawruszkiewicz, his wife and a female friend came to the party at the home of his friend, Adam Faczczewski, on Pepper Road in Monroe Lake. During a conversation in the kitchen, Taran became confrontational and made derogatory comments about Lawruskiewicz’s wife.

Lawruszkiewicz tried to ignore the comments, but Taran did not stop. When Lawruszkiewicz turned away from Taran, he was pushed to the ground from behind.

Everything then went “black” and the next thing Lawruszkiewicz remembered was opening his eyes and seeing blood. Lawruszkiewicz remembered picking up a knife from the kitchen after he saw blood and said he may have had a knife during the fight, but didn’t know if this was the same knife he remembered picking up.

Lawruszkiewicz then fled the home, carrying the knife, with his wife and the friend they came to the party with. His car was stopped by police near the scene and he was taken into custody.

Shawn Freemore, 20, and Ian Seagraves, 18, both of Cresco, will be tried April 26 in the February 2009 fatal stabbing of Michael Goucher, 21, of East Stroudsburg, in Price Township. Seagraves, who was 17 at the time of the murder, will be tried as an adult.

Both call themselves Juggalos, members of what police view as a gang.

According to information and evidence gathered by police, Goucher and Freemore met as friends online prior to the murder and set up a date and time to meet in person. Freemore and Seagraves then decided they were going to rob and kill Goucher when he came to meet Freemore.

Goucher arrived and was murdered, after which his body was left covered under snow in a wooded area. Goucher’s family reported him missing, after which an investigation led to police finding the body and charging Seagraves and Freemore.

The prosecution is seeking the death penalty against Charles Hicks, 36, of Coolbaugh Township, who is charged with killing and dismembering a woman and then scattering her body parts in trash bags along Interstates 380 and 80. The victim, Deanna Null, 36, of Williamsport, was last seen getting into a car with the same description as that belonging to Hicks, in Scranton in January 2008, according to police.

Police said they searched Hicks’ home in March 2008, found evidence and charged him.


Sickening juggalo gang crime , this is just more poof that juggalos need to be classified as a gang in all states, this will help end the problem and offer some more protection to the public at large,